Pronatura Veracruz

Central Veracruz - An Important Migration Flyway

The central Veracruz area is host to one of the largest and most important migration flyways in the world, and Pronatura Veracruz dedicates a significant part of its efforts in the monitoring of this special migration site. The raptor flyway is known as the largest in the world, with over 5 million migrants passing through each fall. Additionally, the non-raptor bird migration has been estimated to be in the range of approximately 13 million migrants, primarily diurnal migrants. Witnessing butterfly and dragonfly migration is often just as spectacular as the bird migration — monitors have had peak days of over 1 million migrant butterflies and dragonflies each!

Eagle Optics supporting Pronatura Veracruz

"Thank you very much Eagle Optics for your generous support of Pronatura Veracruz. Through your generosity, many biologists that work with us have been able to purchase quality optics at a great discount in order to help us complete our work in the monitoring of wildlife and in our conservation efforts here in Mexico. The staff at Eagle Optics has been extremely helpful, supportive, responsive, and friendly. The quality of service at Eagle Optics has been excellent. I wish to especially thank your representatives who have been most helpful with us. It has been a pleasure working with Eagle Optics, and we look forward to the day when we can thank you in person when you comes down here to Veracruz for yourself!"

"I have a pair of 8x42 Eagle Optics Ranger Binoculars with which I am extremely pleased. I find the binoculars to be very comfortable and easy to use. The clarity and brightness of the image is comparable to binoculars that are much more expensive. The binoculars are quite lightweight yet they have been very durable. The binoculars are very versatile as I have used them in a myriad of situations and habitats and they have performed excellently in all situations, whether I am counting 20,000 distant raptors in an hour, watching a brilliant mixed warbler flock in the canopy of the cloud forest, or watching butterflies 5 feet away!"

"In addition to my activities during the monitoring projects, I also guide birding tours with Jaeger Tours and Pronatura Veracruz. Here the binoculars have served me very well while quickly trying to locate a bird for the group while also standing up very well to travel."

—Bob Straub, Tourism Coordinator and Guide

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