Optics for the Tropics

Trading Slingshots for Binoculars

Would you trade in your slingshot for a new pair of binoculars? Children in Nicaragua have just such an opportunity to exchange their slingshots (normally used against birds for entertainment) for binoculars. In an effort to educate while providing hands-on experiences for the kids, this program is aimed at changing their behaviors and attitudes toward wildlife. Programs such as this are only one of the many efforts supported by the valuable work of Optics for the Tropics. This amazing organization has worked tirelessly for seven years to provide quality optics to different individuals and groups in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Biggest Challenge Answered

A desire to improve monitoring, research, and education about birds and their habitats in Central and South American countries led Optics for the Tropics to answer the biggest challenge facing ornithologists and local guides—the need for good binoculars! Optics for the Tropics' support increases the research and observation so critical to management strategies for protecting the migrant bird populations shared across our borders.

President and Founder, Joni Ellis, is the force behind the success of this non-profit group. A call for help to Eagle Optics led her organization to become one of our many partners in vital conservation and educational efforts. Joni points out, "We couldn't have done this without the partnership of Eagle Optics". We salute Optics for the Tropics and other organizations working to safeguard our vital resources.

What can you do?

Visit Optics for the Tropics to learn more about donating to their cause. Another way to benefit their organization is by linking to Eagle Optics through their website. Eagle Optics will donate five percent of sales generated from this link to Optics for the Tropics.

If your organization is interested in becoming an Eagle Optics Conservation Partner, contact us at conservationpartners@eagleoptics.com.

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