Improve Perspective Using the Tripod

Shooting from a birds-eye view

Professional digiscopers use many tricks to achieve their high-quality pictures. One particularly effective method is to reduce your shooting angle. Lowering your tripod to achieve the perspective of wildlife will bring a new dimension to your photography.


Reducing the shooting angle

Tripod manufacturers probably have a name for the 3/8-inch bolt on the triangular stop of their tripods, but I call it the center post adapter. On some tripods, it can be removed from the post and used in place of the center post when threaded directly to the bottom of the tripod head. By shortening the two rear legs and extending the front leg for stability, you can reduce your shooting angle by more than half and your photographs will literally be from a bird's-eye view.


Reversing the center post

The tripod I presently use comes with a removable center post. If you already have a tripod without a center post adapter, you can still reduce the angle by removing the center post and re-inserting it upside down. Use the rotation-release knob on the side of the spotting scope to turn it 180 degrees so your camera is accessible. While this configuration can give you an incredibly low shooting angle, your horizontal angle will be restricted because the legs get in the way of the objective side of the scope.

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Article and photos contributed by Mike McDowell, an avid digiscoper, amateur naturalist, and Eagle Optics employee. Visit Mike's Birding and Digiscoping Blog.

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