Hawkwatch International

Where can you find news on a satellite telemetry program, learn how to make edible eagle nests, or buy your own copy of The Migratin' Raptors Bluegrass Band? HawkWatch International—of course! If you haven't visited the website of this exceptional conservation group, take time today to explore the incredible work they've accomplished since their founding in 1986.

A Conservation Partner at work

Eagle Optics is proud to have HawkWatch International (HWI) as our Conservation Partner. Our support furthers their work to emphasize the future of birds of prey and the health of the environment we share with these magnificent raptors. Through education, monitoring, conservation, and research efforts, HWI strives to increase public awareness of the importance of its role in maintaining healthy, biologically diverse ecosystems. From the six-inch long Flammulated Owl to the Golden Eagle with its seven-foot wingspan, HWI's work is crucial to the survival of the 50 raptor species found in North America.

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