Cleaning Your Optics

Prepare your lenses for optimal viewing

With regular use, the lenses of binoculars and spotting scopes will collect dust, dirt, and grime. Following these steps will keep your optics free of annoying spots and smudges.

  • Remove Any Grit: When cleaning optics, first remove any abrasive materials such as sand or dirt from the lenses. To prevent scratching the lens surface, use compressed air or a soft brush designed for lens cleaning.
  • Remove Residue: Once the lenses are cleared of any debris, remove fingerprints or oils with a microfiber or soft lens cleaning cloth.
  • Remove Waterspots: Stubborn waterspots may remain even after these cleaning steps. Using a cleaning cloth with any ammonia-free lens cleaner suitable for cleaning eyeglasses and camera lenses should do the job

Cleaning tools we recommend

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