Capturing Video Through Binoculars

I was surprised by a young Barred Owl that flew over me while birding a few days ago. Amazingly, it landed on the shore of the creek and proceeded to drink! I didn’t have my spotting scope or tripod in order to digiscoping it, but I still wanted to capture a video of this cool and unusual sighting. Though the video is a bit shaky, it’s is the best I could do hand-holding my Nikon Coolpix 8400 up to my Swarovski 8×32 EL binocular.


If your point-and-shoot digital camera has a small enough lens, you can use the Snap Shot Adapter that’s included with Swarovski’s EL binoculars. Unfortunately, the lens on my Coolpix 8400 is too large, so I’m stuck with shaky bino-videos. I’m still overjoyed to have this video to remember the owl by!

Article and photo contributed by Mike McDowell, an avid digiscoper, amateur naturalist, and Eagle Optics employee. Visit Mike's Birding and Digiscoping Blog.

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