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Swarovski DH 101 Tripod Head

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Swarovski designed the DH 101 tripod head with a five-tooth locking system to provide decreased movement after setup and greater stability for your spotting scope. The tripod head plate provides easy, one-handed mounting, and equipment now automatically locks into position to guard against accidental release. Digiscopers are sure to appreciate the integrated leveler and everyone quickly realizes the advantages of the one-handed access to both pan and tilt controls. The DH 101 comes with a one-year warranty from Swarovski.

Construction Features
Quick Release Plate Allows quick attachment of equipment to a tripod head.
Head Height 4.7 inches
Head Weight 1.2 pounds
Maximum Load 10.9 pounds
Quick Release Yes
  • quick release plate

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Swarovski DH101 Tripod Head - 12/11/2015

by Steve from Texas Coast

I love the features of this tripod head while using it with my spotting scope for birding. In particular, it's great to be able to adjust the tilt and panning tension separately from locking the tilt and pan motion of the head. After adjusting the tension, I can lock the tilt and panning quickly with the flick of a knob and a lever when making a move to a new location, and then quickly unlock the head without having to re-adjust the tension every time. Now that I've used this head, I don't think I'll ever go back to a head that needs the tension adjusted every time I make a move. This is so much easier and a pleasure in the field.

This head is also much lighter than the Manfrotto fluid head I was using previously. However, it's not as bomb-proof as the Manfrotto. After a total of 6 months using the head in Mongolia and then on the Texas coast, the panning began to stick, with an irritating stuttering, which made it very frustrating trying to follow raptors in flight. I returned the head to Swarovski and they replaced it. Swarovski has a legendary reputation for service and I can vouch for them.

Before sending the head to Swarovski, I bought a demo DH101 from Eagle Optics to use in the meantime, since I preferred to have a spare one rather than go back to using my Manfrotto. The demo I received was defective; the panning lock didn't work. I purchased another demo head from Eagle Optics and returned the defective head to them (they even paid the postage). They gave me an immediate refund. Great return policy! I hope that I have better luck with the replacements I received from Swarovski and Eagle Optics.

I haven't found another tripod head that has the quick lock/unlock feature that's separate from the tension adjustment. I'm very happy with the Swarovski DH101 head. However, I have to say that if I ever need to buy a replacement, and I could find another head with these features that was just as light but more robust, I'd have to consider it.

Ok - 10/11/2012

by Catherine D. from MO

Needed a head to connect my new Swarovski scope to my old Manfrotto tripod and this was the one. It came promptly and installed quickly. I wish it was a bit smoother, but works ok and I will have it for a long time.

Nice Improvement - 08/27/2011

by Douglas from Fallbrook, CA

The newest spotting scope/tripod head by Swarovski is a nice improvement over their earlier head. This one operates very smoothly like the old one but is more durable and should last longer. Thanks for listening Swarovski!!

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