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Gitzo GH2720QR Birdwatching Tripod Head

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At long last, birdwatchers have a tripod head designed specifically for following the action of birds. Gitzo incorporates fluid cartridges to guarantee exceptionally smooth and controlled manuevering for tracking at a long distance and close to friction-free repostioning when the action speeds up. Once the bird settles in one spot, a single large control knob makes it a cinch to make pan and tilt adjustments to the head positon or lock it into position without any give or play. Add to all this the exceptionally light weight of only 1.5 pounds, amazingly low profile of 4.2 inches, and impressively strong load-bearing capability of 13.2 pounds, and this tripod head becomes the must-have for serious birdwatching.

Construction Features
Quick Release Plate Allows quick attachment of equipment to a tripod head.
Head Height 4.2 inches
Head Weight 1.54 pounds
Quick Release Yes
Maximum Load 13.3 pounds

Total Reviews: 2

Average Rating:

Ouch! - 02/26/2013

by Dan E. from Massachusetts

I originally purchased this tripod head with digiscoping in mind. I really liked the idea of locking down both pan and tilt with one knob. What I found, however, when I connected just my scope (Swaro ATX 85mm) was that I really had to crank down on the nob to lock it into place and in the process kept scraping my thumb knuckle on the metal base plate. Even when trying to be careful and mindful that I have big hands, I kept scraping my knuckle. I'm sure this is a quality product, but I found the Swaro DH-101 tripod head a much faster and more solid to lock into place and more user friendly option with the added bonus of clipping directly into the ATX spotting scope versus needing an adapter that the Gitzo birdwatching head needs.

Smooth Operator - 02/01/2011

by Don from Florida

Easy to find and follow birds or planes, with a device that can tighten up and/or down with one large knob.