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Manfrotto 128RC Micro Fluid Tripod Head

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This is our most popular Manfrotto tripod head featuring excellent smooth fluid action. Customers have long enjoyed the easy control the 128RC provides when attached to spotting scopes, binoculars, or cameras. Buy an extra 200PL-14 quick release plate for a quick switch between different equipment. This Manfrotto head is covered by a 2-year limited warranty, plus an additional 3 years when you register online.

Construction Features
Quick Release Plate Allows quick attachment of equipment to a tripod head.
Head Height 4.6 inches
Head Weight 1.7 pounds
Maximum Load 8.9 pounds
Quick Release Yes

Total Reviews: 24

Average Rating:

Just What I Needed! - 04/13/2016

by John G. from El Paso, TX

I had been using an older Manfrotto head for years and boy was I glad to get this one! It is considerably lighter and smoother. After getting used to the two tension knobs, the scope is very easy to pan and can be locked into one position easily without taking your eye off the subject. Great stuff!

great so far. - 04/28/2015

by tom w. from lehigh acres, fl.

Even though this is intended to be used for video, I purchased it to use with a Vortex Razor spotting scope. The Italians do a great job with fit and finish and you'll be instantly impressed when you first hold it in your hand. Very smooth movement as you would expect. The handle is easily repositioned or removed with a wingnut. The only drawback I have an issue with are the friction adjustments which go from loose to lock in 1/8 of a turn. Now with a fluid head, loose just means the attachment will slowly fall if you forget. I'm used to it already but with my front heavy scope and the short range of adjustment, getting the friction where you want it is a little touchy. I haven't had it long enough to assess its durability but I'm happy with my purchase

Does what it's supposed to do, perfectly - 03/31/2015

by Peter N. from Albuquerque, NM

Smooth through its entire range of motion, resistance is proportional and uniform, no surprises. This head simply works; you don't need to think to enjoy its smooth predictable action.

Even better than its predecessor - 01/02/2015

by Rick W. from NJ

Fifteen years of travel and hard use managed to break the old Bogen head I had been so satisfied with. This replacement product is even better: lighter, smaller, and even smoother. If I'd known, I'd have dropped the old one more often and replaced it sooner.

Exactly what I wanted - 12/27/2014

by Jeff R. from Bedford, IN

A lot of birders, especially those in the area of a large lake or other type of large expanse, spend a considerable amount of time with their eye to a scope panning for distant birds. The smoothness with which your scope pans is of utmost importance. The 128RC Micro Fluid Tripod Head has the exact "stiffness" with extremely smooth operation that I was looking for.

smooth panning - very satisfied - 09/13/2014

by Garrett M. from Ithaca, NY USA

I bought this head in tandem with the Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs. After a few days of use I can say I'm really happy with my purchase! The head feels sturdy and pans quite smoothly. I am using it with a Leica Televid 77mm scope and the Manfrotto anti-twist plate. Overall it feels like a really solid setup that will last me a long time. Eagle Optics customer service was fabulous once again. I highly recommend this head.

Strong and secure. - 07/22/2014

by Kenneth Brown from United States

The 128 RC head is just what I wanted for my full size spotting scope used for birding. It is very sturdy and pans smoothly for following the flight of distant birds or scanning across the view. I have it mounted on Manfrotto carbon fiber legs. I considered the 700RC head to save weight but ultimately went with the 128's greater weight capacity and extra security of a lock on the snap in quick mount. I'm not sorry I did.

Great for birding - 05/22/2014

by Dunes Birder from Michigan

I've had a Micro Fluid Tripod Head on aluminum Manfrotto legs for almost 2 years and I love it. Works great for birding. I recently bought a second head to use with a new set of Manfrotto carbon fiber legs. I wasn't willing to put up with a flimsy lightweight head just to save more weight. I love Manfrotto's quality products (at least the ones made in Italy, don't know about the ones made in China). This head is worth every penny. Very highly recommended.

outstanding service - 05/14/2014

by bob m. from fort smith ar.

thank you so much for the technical support prior to me making a product decision. i love the product and the outstanding service

Tripod head - 04/26/2013

by Larry P. from Rapid City, SD

Works smoothly, easy to adjust resistance.

Smooth operator - 04/26/2012

by William from Nampa, ID

The 128RC is a high quality piece of equipment that makes it very easy to shift from camera to telescope to binoculars. Just insert hear a snap, and feel solid support. Highly recommended.

Manfrotto 128RC tripod head - 04/18/2012

by Chris from Townsend, Georgia

Simple smooth tripod head. Very easy to use.

Great head - 02/07/2012

by Nicole from San Diego

This is the highest quality head I've ever used. It is very smooth and easy to adjust quickly. It is, unfortunately, on the heavy side. I use it with my carbon fiber legs and it accounts for most of the weight of the system; however, a lighter head is not available that I know of, so it is the best option regardless.

Perfect choice. - 01/31/2012

by Gary from Las Vegas

This tripod head I paired with some Vortex CBX tripod legs and it rocks! Well built, easy to use, at a great price.

tripod head - 12/23/2011

by Bill from Aldie, VA

I like the tripod head. It's great. Just snap on the spotting scope and you're ready to roll. Very convenient.

A step down from the 3130 head - 11/27/2011

by Russ from Vienna, VA

Something to think about if you have a big scope (like my 85mm Zeiss) and buy this head.

I decided to upgrade to tripod legs with quick release levers, buying a 128RC / 190 combo. I already have a set of Manfrotto legs with the 3130 head (the 128RC replaced that head model) that I have passed along.

After a couple of weeks of field use, I have swapped the heads, keeping the 3130 for myself. If I had not already had the 3130, I probably would have been pretty happy with the 128RC. I remain delighted with the 3130.

The problem: unlike the EO Web site photo (and the user guide), the 128RC I received has small wingnut style pan and tilt knobs with 2 "ears". The 3130 has slightly larger knobs with 4 ears, like the Web pictures for the 128RC.

My 85mm scope is front heavy and will gradually tilt forward if the tilt knob is not pretty tight. Additionally, I bird with groups and let people look at interesting things through my scope, so the pan also has to be tight to keep people from accidentally knocking the scope off target. So I am always loosening and tightening the pan and tilt knobs.

The old 3130 knobs are easy to adjust even with thick mittens. The new 128RC knobs, particularly the pan one, are less comfortable to use and in certain positions actually require me to completely remove my gloves and move along side the scope to loosen.

I complained to EO about this design change. One reply comment was that the fluid heads are not intended to be adjusted all the time; you set to a reasonable tightness that allows motion and then leave it set that way. That has just not worked for me with either my 3130 or the 128RC, with a big scope.

Manfrotto Fluid Head for Zeiss - 04/28/2011

by Cynthia from Phoenix, AZ

Purchased this micro fluid head for my Zeiss scope. It's small, light weight and works beautifully. Would recommend it for any scope!

Great for big scope - 02/23/2011

by Eric from Alexandria VA

We bought this to go with Vortex 85mm spotting scope, and it works extremely well. The mounting plate clips in easily, even with gloves on. Once clipped in, a little brass pin locks the release handle for extra security. The pan and tilt is smooth, although getting the right tension to hold steady (without locking completely) takes some practice.

Do tighten the set screws underneath, as directions recommend - otherwise, the head will rotate and loosen slightly with use as you pan.

128RC Micro Fluid Head - 12/27/2010

by Jim McCauley from Flagstaff, AZ.

I purchased this head on the advice of staff at Eagle Optics. I had previously used a grip action ball head on spotting scope set-ups,(not my own)and was going to purchase one of those. I'm glad I heeded the advice of Eagle Optics staff. This head is very smooth, and very simple to use. It locks solid without really having to over-tighten the wing nuts. It is perfect for my Nikon spotting scope, binoculars, and DSLR with long lens. I look forward to many years of use. It was also less expensive than the grip action ball.

Superb Quality, Built for a Lifetime - 10/27/2010

by Mark from PA

A truly smooth tripod head for all uses, but especially nice for spotting scopes. It is remarkably smooth panning, even at high magnifications. The quick release is beautifully engineered, engaging automatically with a solid snap. You do have to tighten the vertical axis pretty tight to keep a full-sized scope from sagging, especially if you're carrying it over the shoulder. The head does not pivot for vertical pictures if that is a criterion for you. Overall, I love it and look forward to a lifetime of use.

Manfrotto 128RC Micro Fluid Tripod Head - 06/03/2010

by Bing Wong from Portland, Oregon

Works well with spotting scope. I cut off the angled portion of the handle.

The best feature is the quick release mount with a anti-twist bolt. I've had many other expensive quick release tripod heads and the plates twist with spotting scope mounted on all of them during traveling on my shoulder.

Fluid is the right word - 05/06/2010

by C J Frankiewicz from East Clarendon, VT

This head is as fluid as you want. It is a joy to pan a scope and is easy to set. No wonder it is a best seller.

a reliable standard - 01/18/2010

by Alan Birnbaum from Fresno CA

The Manfrotto 128RC is a reliable standard fluid head, very adequate for any spotting scope up to 88 mm. I use it with my 65 mm Swarovski, having upgraded from the less sophisticated head on a Bogen 728B, and appreciate among other factors that the mounting foot of the scope fits directly into the head receptacle, which frankly, ought to be a standard practice in scopes, eliminating the need for the small square mounting adapter.

I do suspect that the smaller and lighter 700RC2 would work adequately for 50-60 mm scopes, but am not quite sure if the head receptacle directly fits a Swarovski foot. For other scopes without that convenient feature, that's not really an issue.

Regardless, for use with a spotting scope, any type of fluid head facilitates the scanning that good scoping requires. Any head can aim a scope at a flock of American Wigeon to see a representative bird, but to find that elusive Eurasian Wigeon, you need to scan ALL of them!

Extra Fluid Head - 07/02/2009

by Erik Bruhnke from Wisconsin

Very nice tripod head! While panning, the movement feels smooth-as-silk and the tripod head has a well-built feel. It is strong, and easily supports my 80mm spotting without a worry. Quick release feature is nice for allowing the scope/camera to be packed up, and to be re-attached to the head quickly if needed. Locking mechanism is wonderful to keep your optics on top of the head!

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