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Manfrotto Anti-Twist Spotting Scope Plate

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Are you tired of your quick release plate coming loose in the field? Manfrotto's ingeniously designed Anti-Twist Spotting Scope Plate will end this annoyance. Two rubber-padded bolts tighten the 1/4" quick release plate to the bottom of most spotting scopes to keep your equipment securely in place. The Anti-Twist Spotting Scope Plate will fit the Manfrotto quick release tripod heads sold by Eagle Optics.

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scope stabilizers - 01/24/2016

by kathryn y. from sarasota fl

We use our scopes on the Boardwalks here in Celery Fields everyday. The Bird Naturalists were constantly adjusting/tightening the head on the tripod to the scope. I purchased the stabilizers with help from Eagle Optic staff. They work great - no more wobbly scopes.

problem solved - 01/19/2016

by charles S. from Salisbury, Maryland

The manfrotto anti-twist plate is 100% effective. My only complaint was the high price but it prevented having to purchase a new mount for the scope which would have been twice the price so I'm happy.

Anti-Twist Plate and the Swarovski ST80HD telescope - 05/12/2015

by Philip C. from Collegeville, MN

I bought the Manfrotto Anti-Twist Spotting Scope Plate to go with my Swarovski ST80HD telescope.

The ST80HD receives a 3/8" mounting screw, and the Anti-Twist Plate has a 1/4" screw; however, knowing the screw-hole in the foot-plate of the telescope to be stripped, I took the telescope and the Anti-Twist Plate to a local machine shop, and the machinist inserted an appropriate helicoil into the screw-hole of the telescope foot-plate so that I could use the telescope with the Anti-Twist Plate's 1/4" screw.

Once this operation had been completed, I realized that placement of the screw-hole in the telescope foot-plate was not quite right for the Anti-Twist Plate. Specifically, the screw-hole is too close to the rear margin of the foot-plate - so that, when the Anti-Twist Plate is attached to the telescope, one of the Anti-Twist Plate's stabilizing bolts intersects with the side of the telescope foot plate, whereas the other stabilizing bolt passes just behind the foot plate.

Even though this arrangement is not what Manfrotto intended - the intent was for BOTH stabilizing bolts to intersect with the side of the telescope foot-plate - it still holds the foot-plate in place, and so prevents the telescope from twisting around the mounting screw. This is exactly the result for which I was hoping, so I'm happy with my purchase of the Anti-Twist Plate.

Excellent Secure Quick Release - 11/19/2013

by Jeff from IL

This anti-twist plate keeps my Swarovski 80mm scope securely attached to the tripod head. As the price includes the quick release plate, the price is reasonable. The result is an excellent secure quick release system that does not loosen or rotate. I have use it with the Manfrotto 128RC and 700RC2 heads. I highly recommend it.

Scope twist plate - 03/22/2012

by Lewis from Saluda, S.C.

Having suffered from a loose scope and had the horror of the adapter plate actually breaking on a birding trip, I really needed something to keep the scope on the tripod. This anti-twist plate seems to have solved the loose scope problem. It may be a little expensive, but it is nice to not have to worry about the scope falling off the tripod.

Manfrotto Anti-Twist Spotting Scope Plate - 02/07/2012

by JoAnne from Vermont

I have a Nikon 82 ED spotting scope that I use to bird. My friends who have the same scope told me I would need the anti-twist plate or else my scope might come loose and fall off the tripod. After using my scope 3 times, I noticed it was loosening up. I ordered the anti-twist plate and it works great! Solves the problem although I don't know why Nikon doesn't pay for it, since it is a design problem!

It's great! - 03/30/2011

by Carolyn H. from Houston, TX

This plate works exactly as described. I've had it practically from the first day it came on the market (bought it from Eagle Optics, of course). I put it on once and have not had to tighten it a single time since - what a difference from the frequent tightening I had to do with the original plate that came with the scope. The only drawback is that the screws extend sideways from the base of the scope and make it a little awkward to mount the scope on the tripod when I want to unzip the scope case but leave the loosened case on the scope. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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