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Kowa TSN 883 Angled 88mm Prominar Spotting Scope

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While supplies last, purchase a Kowa 883 spotting scope body and a Kowa 11WZ 25-60x eyepiece from Eagle Optics and receive a free Kowa 1.6 eyepiece extender!

Kowa's 88mm Prominar spotting scope takes image quality to the max by incorporating fluorite crystal lenses. With the enhanced resolution, color, and contrast, customers enjoy the ultimate viewing experience. An 88mm objective lens offers terrific light-gathering power for long distances and low-light settings. Kowa engineers offset the length and weight associated with a large objective lens by incorporating an inner focus system and a magnesium alloy body. With the eyepiece locking mechanism, the eyepiece securely attaches to the body and reduces the risk of loss. The waterproof and fogproof body adds protection from rain and temperature fluctuations. Kowa offers a limited lifetime warranty for this scope.

Optical Features
Fluorite Glass Enhances resolution, color, and contrast.
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
BaK-4 Prisms Optimize light transmission through the prisms.
Construction Features
Porro Prism Offer maximum image quality and durability in a traditional design.
Angled Body Design Is favored by users of different heights for viewing without adjusting the tripod height as frequently. The angled design works well when viewing at an upward angle.
Dual Focus Allows for precision with coarse and fine adjustments.
Magnesium Alloy Body Is sturdy and resistant to corrosion.
Adjustable Eyecup Twists up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Sunshade Reduces glare and shields the objective lens from raindrops.
Rotating Tripod Ring Allows greater flexibility when positioning the spotting scope.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the spotting scope.
Fogproof Barrel is filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.

Demo products do not always include the same accessories as new products. Contact us with questions.

Objective Lens Diameter 88 mm
Body Style Angled
Close Focus 16.4 feet
Weight 54.7 ounces
Length 13.5 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • 88mm angled 88mm spotting scope body (eyepieces sold separately)
  • Objective lens cap

Demo products do not always include the same accessories as new products. Contact us with questions.

Total Reviews: 17

Average Rating:

Recommend Kowa - 05/03/2016

by Scott E. from Hyde Park, Utah

I really like my Kowa Prominar TSN 883 angled scope. I field tested one at the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival in May 2015. Thanks Dave from Seattle. The reviews seemed consistently positive and the first hand experience was wonderful. I'm still trying to find the right cover for it. It is solid and well constructed. The focus mechanisms are smooth. Clarity is deluxe. The only constructive feedback I would give is with the zoom eyepiece. 20x is crystal clear. 40x is still clear. By the time you zoom to 60x, you definitely lose the image quality. I read a lot of reviews that suggested you did not lose image quality between 20-60, which is just not true. Like other scopes I've had, it is also subject to heat aberration at long distances. I've loved having a high end scope to share with birding friends in the field and think you'll find Kowa to be a winner.

Kowa scope - 03/18/2016

by Randall S. from Ely, IA

As soon as I held the Kowa I bought, I felt the impeccable craftsmanship. It was built like a tank, yet light enough to be practical in the field. The optics are just surreal. I LOVE my Kowa.


by Anka A. from NEW YORK STATE

I am extremely pleased with my purchases from Eagle Optics. The sales people I spoke with were experts and able to guide me to make appropriate choices. One saved me from buying what would have been a very heavy tripod and instead steered me to an equally functional but lighter one.

My only criticism is that the manuals sent with the products are very difficult for a new user to understand. I had to get help from more experienced users to perform such simple procedures as locking the scope onto the tripod.

Impressive! - 03/10/2016

by Brett from Illinios

I purchased the TSN-883 with the 25-60 wide zoom from Eagle Optics and couldn't be happier. The view this scope provides at 60x is very impressive. The first time out I took some pictures using Kowa's IPhone adapter and was amazed by the crispness of the images.

Kowa 883 Best of the best - 11/10/2015

by Carlos A.G. from Costa Rica

Two months ago acquired the Kowa Spotting Scope Eyepiece Prominar 883 and TE-11WZ 25-60, after researching on forums and by many users in many countries, for two months, I decided to buy this engineering marvel made in Japan just one time.
I want to share my experience and thank God for this gift, and also Eagle Optics to be very responsible and very honest since I solved a problem in the least eye and was unparalleled service and warranty Kowa is real thanks to Takahachi ; I've had two Spotting Scope Barska, and a recently Vanguard Endeavor 82A, I also compared Swarovski ATS HD 80mm Leica Televid Apo 82mm and Vortex Razor HD 85mm thanks to the collaboration of my friends, and I am more than impressed with my Kowa 883 as did many tests of light, sharpness and resolution, I use it for Digiscoping and are amazing images with my iphone 5s and Nikon 5100 also use it as a spotter and here some of the tests I've done, I can see shots lr 22 paper easily seen with good conditions and 223-300, 400, 500 meters of them easy and 600 mt with good weather conditions can hardly be seen all in white paper and 308-1150 meters alike in white cardboard longer because use Kowa Match 1000 mts and another test in good weather conditions I have read the license plate of a car from 700 mt to 1920 mt this can only be achieved with kowa and many more tests, if looking quality, brightness, sharpness, resolution Kowa 883 guarantee you will not regret is the best investment you can do so my rating is 5 Star.

Another satisfied customer - 12/08/2014

by Derek H. from Emerald

Having recently purchased a Kowa TSN-883 Angled Spotting Scope and accessories for digital photography with my Nikon D800, I am amazed at the image quality and ease of use. I have been spying on the intimate lives of ants as they clamber amidst the "boulders" on our gravel driveway. Equally pleasing, has been the wonderful customer service provided by Eagle Optics during all stages of the purchase process, from my initial enquiry to delivery. Overall....fantastic. Yet another well contented Eagle Optics client/Kowa user.

Unreal... - 04/07/2014

by Andrew B from Kansas

First off Eagle Optics - prompt, quick to respond to questions, great to deal with. Will do business with again.

Kowa 883 - First high end scope I have ever purchased so take with a grain of salt. Wow is all I can say. Bright, vibrant, sharp, no distortion. Field is huge when teamed with the wide angle eyepiece. I was previously unable to make ID's in the center of my local lake.. Now under most conditions I can confidently make Id's. Focus is intuitive and easy. when you get out to 60x the image does start to darken, but under typical lighting it is not an issue. Scope is a bit heavy, but comparing to past versions across the board it is lighter. The soft protective case is well crafted and a perfect fit. A must to protect an investment like this. I would purchase this again and look forward to many great finds using this tool.

Kowa 883 - 10/17/2013

by Erik R. from Farmington, MN

This is the finest piece of optical equipment I have ever looked through. I purchased the 883 with both the 25x LER and 20-60x eyepieces. Eagle Optics had everything in stock and shipped it out within 24 hours via FedEx overnight service, for no additional charge I might add. Eagle had the best price I could find anywhere on this scope by $250. I was so pleased with Eagle that I just this week bought a Kowa 773 demo for my wife to use at a ridiculously low price. The scope looks 100% new, and other than the sticker on the box saying "DEMO", I would not have ever guessed it wasn't new.

Eagle Optics will be my first stop for any optics needs from here on out.

First Scope - 04/17/2013

by Dave from Grand Junction, CO

I had used this scope in the past during a guided bird tour and thought it was a good one. Also have limited viewing through Swarovski and Leica which were also very good. I was really wanting this one but was also looking at the Swarovski ATS 65mm, to save money and carrying weight. Turns out with a Gitzo 2531 tripod and G2180 head it was light enough for a 62 year old in good shape with minor neck and back pain to carry moderate distances so far. Optics are great, you see all kinds of details and make identifications that are missed with binoculars. Fine focus also works very well and is a great feature. I could not be more happy with it. Eagle optics was also a factor in my decision after talking to them about both scopes. They are very helpful. Bought with 20 to 60X zoom. The decision may have been easier if I could have had more viewing time with the others. It is great to have your own scope.

excellent scope - 05/15/2012

by Chris from Brooklyn, New York

This scope is my favorite thing. I mean, of any kind of thing, it's the best thing I own or get to use.

I had used scopes very few times before buying this one. When I started using it, I began to be able to see things I could never see before. When I have subsequently used other scopes (besides a birding friend's nice Swarovski), I have had the feeling of being back in a high school biology lab, feeling frustrated at not quite being able to get a clear look through the microscope at what the teacher said I was supposed to be seeing. In this scope, the visual interference disappears, and I'm left with the image.

The focus knobs work beautifully. The angled shape is pleasant for birdwatching. With the 20-60x eyepiece attached, I find it easy to locate birds and then dial in on them. With a carbon fiber Swarovski tripod attached, the whole apparatus is not obscenely heavy, and I don't mind carrying it for hours. Kowa offers a very simple set of rings for screwing on my micro-four-thirds camera to the eyepiece in a few seconds, and the resulting photos and videos are beautiful. Like the best-made things, it's all simple and functional enough that I forget that it's between me and what I'm looking at. It all feels less like a piece of equipment than a clear window onto what I couldn't otherwise see.

Kowa TSN 883 - 03/14/2012

by Michael from Virginia

This is clearly one of the best scopes on the market. The scope is light weight and easy to pack in long distances. The focus is easy to use with fine and course adjustments. The added 20-60 power eye piece allows you to get the most out of this scopes superior optics. The fluorite optics are unmatched and clear at long distance viewing. An excellent scope overall.

Scope and eyepiece exceed expectations - 01/16/2011

by Tom from New Hampshire and Florida

I bought the scope and eyepiece for birdwatching. It truly exceeds my expectation. The images are sharp and clear. Even at high mag, the color is great. It is just fantastic.

I also bought the cover. It is fine as a carrying case, but cumbersome to use as a field cover on the tripod.

Kowa 883 Spotting Scope Review - 01/12/2011

by David from Huntington,WV

I've been very pleased with the Kowa 883 angled 88mm Prominar Scope.It's lightweight with superb viewing.Using the 20-60 Viewing eyepiece,the clarity is very sharp all the way up to 60 mm.It's superior to my Swarovski ST 80 which I formerly used.I would recommend it to anyone and the cost savings is in excess of $1000 compared to some of the other high scopes.

Kowa TSN 883 Angled 88mm Prominar Spotting Scope - 06/03/2010

by Bing Wong from Portland, Oregon

Optics are top notch. Clear edge to edge. Focusing is fast and precise with the two focusing knobs.

The angled scope makes it difficult to use with a window mount pan head. It's a tradeoff from ease of use on a tri-pod.

It's lightweight and short length is a big plus over other brands in this class.

KOWA TSN 883 - Excellent Quality - 03/28/2010

by Dr. J.B. Webb from Austin, TX

This is my 3d KOWA scope & I have enjoyed each model. I purchased all my KOWA scopes from Eagle Optics & am very satisfied with their customer care! I use the scope in monitoring/observing/digiscoping (birds & mammals) for the National Park Service & Texas Audubon Society. The KOWA 883 has great clarity & brilliance. The great staff @ Eagle Optics is extremely helpful in guidance RE camera adaptions for digiscoping! It's a joy to use!

One high definition Scope! - 11/25/2009

by Charmaine Ganson from Houston, Texas

The reviews on this scope were right on the money. When you look through it, you will say, WOW! The image is always bright and sharp. We are very happy with it. A truly amazing scope.

Kowa TSN-880 series Five star Digiscoping - 09/10/2009

by Kevin Bolton from New Jersey

When I'm out in the field digiscoping with my Kowa TSN-883/884 I know the contrast and detail will be on the money .
Yes it is a 5 STAR Digiscoping system!!!

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