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Swarovski 20-60 Zoom Spotting Scope Eyepiece

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Swarovski offers a variety of eyepieces to make sure you are perfectly equipped for any situation. The 20-60x zoom eyepiece comes with features important for protection---a locking bayonet connector and protective covers. Keeping the lens clean is considerably easier with the non-stick SWAROCLEAN coating. Swarovski provides a limited lifetime warranty on this eyepiece.

Construction Features
Adjustable Eyecup Twists up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Magnification 20-60x
Field of View 108-60 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 17 mm
Weight 9.6 ounces
Length 3 inches

Total Reviews: 14

Average Rating:

A second bad experience with Swarovski products - 12/03/2015

by Linda from Oregon

I bought this eyepiece from Eagle Optics in 2013. It seemed to function well at first but a few months ago I noticed a large fiber or hair inside the eyepiece, very noticeable. Another reviewer here has noted the same problem. I have sent it back to Swarovski but will be without the use of my scope for up to 10 weeks counting time in the mail and whether it has to be sent to Austria. Plus I had to pay shipping and insurance one way.This is my second experience with poor quality control from Swarovski.I bought a pair of Swarovision 8x32 binoculars the same year, not from Eagle Optics. After 2 weeks of light use, the focus completely locked up and the binoculars were non-functional. Luckily I was able to return them under the seller's 30 day warranty but if the problem developed 2 weeks later I would be going through this same song and dance with Swarovski. I bought Zeiss bincululars instead and have been very happy with the 2 pairs of Zeiss binoculars I have had. No problems with a previous Kowa scope either.

Quality problem with this eyepiece - 09/24/2015

by Thomas W. from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

This is a follow-up to my previously submitted review. I returned the eyepiece with the lint to Eagle Optics, and as usual they were very helpful with my problem. We tried 3 more eyepieces from stock before finding one that did not have some lint inside. So, one out of 4 is not a good yield. I would suggest going to the store and thoroughly checking your new eyepiece before leaving the area. Even so, Mike, the representative, said the debris may be outside the viewing area when the product is manufactured and not show up until later. Hopefully, Swarovski will realize from the returns that it has a problem with its process and correct the debris problem. Otherwise, it is a wonderful product.
In my previous review I mentioned the "focus" ring. I meant to say "zoom" ring.

High performance, poor quality control - 09/12/2015

by Thomas from Menomonee Falls, WI

I am very pleased with the performance of this eyepiece. I get a bright, clear image and am able to use it all the way up to the 60X. The focus ring is slightly difficult to turn which may be a positive because it stays in place. I like the twist-up eyecup which eliminates the problem of the rubber folding eyecup falling off which happened frequently on the old-style eyepiece.
I am dissatisfied with Swarovski's quality control however. There is a small piece of lint inside the eyepiece. It is near the edge of the field of view and will not prevent me from identifying any birds, but I am disgusted that when you pay near $580 for an eyepiece that there is debris in the field of view. 15 years ago I had a similar problem with my first Swarovski scope. Swarovski has awesome performance, but use more care in assembly!

Excellent - 03/13/2015

by Frank from Myrtle Beach

i purchased this to go with a 65 mm STS swap scope. I could not be happier with this purchase. The clarity is beyond expectation as is the ease of use. Buy the pair and you will be very glad you did.

Swarovski eyepiece - 02/12/2014

by Jacob from Texas

I order the Swarovski 20-60 spotting scope eyepiece to complete my spotting scope. This was my first purchase from eagle optics. I am quite happy with the piece and eagle optics was great getting my product to me.

Outstanding zoom eyepiece - 04/16/2013

by S Williams from United States

I bought this eyepiece for a Swarovski STM65 HD scope after trying (and returning) the 25-50x wide angle eyepiece. Although the wide angle eyepiece was impressive I could not get comfortable with it. This 20x60x eyepiece is surely the best zoom eyepiece I have personally used. It has very impressive resolution, decent field of view, and best of all it's easy to keep focused while panning, zooming and moving the point of focus in and out. I would recommend this eyepiece to any birder and to anyone else who makes similar use of a spotting scope.

Great views - 02/28/2013

by Audrey M. from Lenexa, KS

I am pleased with my 20-60 zoom eyepiece paired with the Swarovski 65 mm ATS HD angled spotting scope. I am able to see so much more detail that my birding is bound to improve greatly!

Swarovski eyepiece - 01/05/2013

by Chip F. from Michigan

This is an excellent eyepiece. My only wish is that it had a wider angle of view for scanning.

Swarovski 20-60 Zoom spotting scope eyepiece - 10/10/2012

by Kevin from Apache Junction, Az.

Eagle Optics packaged and shipped the item promptly and securely.
I was concerned about which eyepiece to purchase with my 80mm spotting scope in that I thought it would be difficult to locate objects due to the limited viewing angle of the 20-60 zoom. I decided on the 20-60 because of the longer distances I typically scope to. I am happy with my decision, the scopes small aligning piece makes it easy to find my object. The clarity, color, and light gathering abilities are excellent. I would recommend this to anyone needing an excellent long range scope and eyepiece.

Swarovski 20-60X zoom eyepiece - 04/18/2012

by Chris from Townsend, Georgia

Bright eyepiece with comfortable eye-relief. Nice range for the zoom. Very useful for discerning fine details e.g. reading leg band codes on birds.

good match for my HD - 01/26/2012

by Thomas from United States

Both my wife and I have no trouble with eye relief with this eyepiece. We quickly find the view and are focused in seconds. I like the range, 20x works well for digiscoping while 60x gives you the opportunity to really bring in the detail of cooperative subjects.

The only issue I have is that the zoom twist is pretty stiff. I need to steady the scope with one hand while twisting the eyepiece to prevent moving the scope out of alignment with the subject.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - 09/23/2010

by David H from North Carolina

The Swarovski 20-60 Zoom Spotting Scope Eyepiece was purchased to be used with a Swarovski 80 MM ATM HD Spotting Scope. It is very easy to zoom from 20 to 60 and as refocusing is needed it is fast and efficient. Both my wife and myself wear eyeglasses but have no problems in focusing on the subject.

A brand that can be trusted - 09/22/2010

by Murray from Portland, Oregon

Swarovski is such an incredible product that it is hard to describe in words. I have used many types of optics in my 20 year career in the Army as well as my current position with Fish and Wildlife. There is no brand that I can compare Swarovski with since it is in a league of its own. This and other eye pieces give my scope the versatility to be used not only on the range but spotting wildlife in all types of terrain. The cost is reasonable knowing that this will give a lifetime of unsurpassed performance and reliability.

Eye like it - 04/01/2010

by Ron from Grand Junction, Colorado

The Swarovski 20-60 Zoom spotting scope eyepiece works fine. Being cheaper than the alternative zoom, I chose it. However, I do wish that some way could be designed online to illustrate the difference in the performances of the eyepieces. I might have been convinced to shell out more money for the other one.

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