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Pentax XW 20 Eyepiece


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Pentax incorporates computer design technology to advance the brightness and clarity of the fully multi-coated XW eyepiece. With the high-refraction, low-dispersion lanthanum glass elements, your view of nature is enhanced by the high-resolution images. The XW eyepiece is covered by the Pentax Worry-Free warranty.

Construction Features
Adjustable Eyecup Twists up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Magnification 19.5x (65mm), 26x (80mm), 32x (100mm)
Field of View 183 feet/1000 yards (65mm), 141 feet/1000 yards (80mm), 114 feet/1000 yards (100mm)
Eye Relief 20 mm
Weight 12.8 ounces
Length 2.4 inches

Total Reviews: 5

Average Rating:

Pentax XW 20 Eyepiece-for viewing and digiscoping - 09/06/2012

by Ed from USA

I purchased the Pentax XW 20 Eyepiece to go with my 80 mm Pentax ED spotting scope specifically for digiscoping. It is working very well with the older Sony DSC-V1 I am using for digiscoping. I made a simple connector with a black rubber wastewater pipe reducer (available at a hardware store), and after a little trial and error, found it to be great for digiscoping, with no vignetting, as I had with the zoom eyepiece.

I also am finding that for most viewing the Pentax XW 20 is at least as useful and in some cases better than the 20-60X eyepiece. With the zoom eyepiece set at about the same magnification the field of view is wider and I think things are a bit brighter and sharper. The pull in at 60x is helpful for distant birds, but I think I will be using the Pentax XW 20 more and more

Pentax XW 20 Eyepiece - opens up a new world! - 07/12/2012

by Tim from Cheney, WA

I had to get a replacement eyepiece for my Pentax scope while the zoom piece was being replaced. I bought the Pentax XW 20 with the thought of it being a temporary replacment. However, I have fallen in love with the thing because of the extra wide field of view and vivid colors. With my only experience being using zoom eyepieces, this one with just one power proved to be a worthwhile addition to my birding arsenal. I highly recommend this piece as it helps you to find birds with a scope much more quickly.

Pentax XW20 Eyepiece - 03/27/2012

by Larry from North Dakota

I have a Pentax PF80-ED Spotting Scope in which I use the XW20 eyepiece. It is the perfect combination for all around usage, and fits with 90%+ of ones needs. The field of view, clarity, sharpness, detail, ease of use due to the large exit pupil can't be improved upon. With anymore power than this unit has, issues with atmospheric conditions and stability will come in to play. The Pentax setup is as good or better than anything out there no matter the price!!!

Wide and Bright View - 05/25/2011

by Randy from Cedar Falls, IA

I purchased this as a second eyepiece for my 80mm Pentax scope that I ordered with the 20-60x zoom (8-24mm)eyepiece. The fixed focal length (20mm) eyepiece gives a noticeably wider and brighter view while sacrificing the flexibility of the zoom. I have found that I generally use the zoom eyepiece at the lower half of its magnification range, so the 26x magnification of the XW 20 is not really much of a sacrifice. It is easier to acquire focus on a distant bird when you have a wider field of view. My first use of this beautiful optic was for a flock of American Avocet that were resting along the Cedar River this spring. The same family of eyepieces can be used with all of the Pentax spotting scopes (65mm, 80mm, 100mm). I will probably buy the 65mm scope in the near future. My only regret is that I did not purchase this optic sooner.

Great wide eyepiece - 06/01/2010

by Jon from Glendale, CA

I purchased this eyepiece to use in conjunction with my XW14 (37x) eyepiece for birding. To my surprise, I've been using the XW20 (26x) eyepiece almost all of the time since I got it. It's extremely sharp, has a great wide and bright field of view, and offers enough magnification for most birding applications. For really distant birds, more power is certainly desirable, but this eyepiece is a great all around one for birding.

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