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Kowa 77mm/88mm 25-60x Zoom Eyepiece

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While supplies last, purchase a Kowa 883 spotting scope body and a Kowa 11WZ 25-60x eyepiece from Eagle Optics and receive a free Kowa 1.6 eyepiece extender!

You will immediately appreciate the excellent light transmission of the TE-11WZ that was created to match the advanced optical system of Kowa's TSN 770/880 series of spotting scopes and highly recommended for digiscoping. This high performance 25-60x wide angle zoom eyepiece has 2 XD lenses and provides you with a generous 17mm eye relief. Kowa covers this eyepiece with a limited lifetime warranty.

Note: This eyepiece will not fit the older Kowa 77mm TSN 1, 2, 3, or 4 spotting scope bodies.

Construction Features
Adjustable Eyecup Twists up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Magnification 25-60x
Eye Relief 17 mm
Field of View 126-69.3 feet/1000 yards
Weight 13 ounces
Length 4.3 inches

Total Reviews: 9

Average Rating:

Perfect match for TSN-883 scope - 05/10/2016

by Matthew B. from Newark, DE

Great quality eyepiece that mates perfectly with the Kowa TSN-883. Nice, wide FOV and a perfect zoom range.

Fine Eyepiece - 04/13/2016

by John G. from El Paso, TX

I received this eyepiece and the Kowa 773 Angled scope (separate review) about a month ago. To me, a scope is only as good as its eyepiece and this one is as advertised. The field of view at 25x is impressive as is the sharpness of the image. In fact, I don't think I've experienced a better image on ANY scope than this combination at 25x. I have deep-set eyes and wear glasses and found that the eye relief is good, again at 25x. My gripe is that when zoomed in, the eye-relief is not quite what I need. At 60x I must really jam my glasses against the eyepiece to get a good view. The sharpness also falls off past 45X ever so slightly. This, combined with an incredibly flat focal plane, means really dialing in the fine-focus wheel of this scope at high magnifications. Having said all this, I think that Kowa has done an outstanding job with this zoom eyepiece. I just wish the eye-relief were better, thus the 4 stars.

Kowa eyepiece - 03/18/2016

by Randall S. from Ely, IA

Impeccable craftsmanship. The quality of the optics is brilliant.

Incredible clarity - 03/28/2015

by Jim T. from Upstate NY

I purchased this eyepiece to go with my TSN 883 scope. I'm extremely happy with it. The image is crisp right to the edge. Even at 60x the image is crisp. I highly recommend this eyepiece.

Eagle Optics - 03/16/2015

by Dave from United States

This is my first quality scope and eyepiece. Upon receiving I noticed a slight imperfection and was able to exchange it without a problem. If I ever need anything optical, Eagle Optics will be my first choice. Excellent customer service. Thank you.

amazing eyepiece - 05/01/2013

by Isaac G. from Staten Island, NY

Let me start by saying that I am a birder and use my scope for birding. I have owned the 88mm Kowa scope for a few years now. And I could not be happier with it. I took one look through this scope and immediately sold my Swarovski ats 80 HD. Never regretted it for a second. The Kowa with the 20-60x zoom lens was amazing. When I heard that Kowa released a new wide angle zoom eyepiece I bought it immediately. Take one look through this eyepiece and you will be amazed. It is crystal clear, amazingly bright and perfect in every way. The wide angle image is clear to the very edge and gives a larger field of view at 25x than you got at 20x with the old eyepiece. Color rendition is spot on. When using zooming in, the eyepiece impresses even more. With every other scope I have ever seen, once you pass 35x or so, you get a dark image that is not very good. And the field of view is so small that it is almost useless. With the new eyepiece zoomed all the way to 60x the image is great. There is a wide, bright and very clear image that is leagues better than its predecessor. This proves very useful to birders because I can now zoom in all the way and still get great light and detail. The previous 20-60x was dark and not very good at 60x, but not the new eyepiece. I can not recommend this eyepiece highly enough. I spent a while using this in the late evening watching ducks and have never seen a better image in a spotting scope. Saw details on Ruddy Ducks that I have never seen before. I could see every feather, I could see water drops clinging to the feathers. Now I have not compared this directly with the ATX 85HD so I can not speak as to how the Kowa with this eyepiece compares with the new modular Swarovski. What I can say is that the Kowa 88mm with the 25-60x wide angle zoom is as good as I have ever seen. I did compare it to the Swarovski ATS 80 HD and the Kowa was leagues better. Looking through the Swarovski was like looking through some lousy scope compared to the Kowa. The image was nowhere near as bright or clear. It is a big improvement compared to the previous 20-60x eyepiece. It is $665 very well spent. If you own this scope and want to be blown away, buy it.

New Kowa zoom lens - 04/18/2013

by Hector G. from Vermont

I also own the Kowa 20-60, which I use on my Prominar 88. I tried out the 25-60 thinking the extra fov would make a big difference when scanning for birds. Turns out that it does not (IMO). The problem is that the fov at the min magnifications on both lenses is quite similar (not a great advantage With the new lens). It is more obvious at the higher mags but that (IMO) is not where you need it. If Kowa had made the minimum Mahon the new lens 20x, it would likely be a significant improvement on the old lens. oh well...

Kowa new 25-60x Wide angle eyepiece - 04/11/2013

by Bing W. from Portland, OR

Super sharp and bright. Easy on the eyes.

New Wide Zoom KOWA Eyepiece - 04/06/2013

by Dennis from Mokena, IL

I bought this eyepiece after using my new KOWA 883 scope for about two months. The eyepiece supplied with the scope was the venerable 20-60X zoom TE10-Z. Make no mistake, the optics in this train were amazing but I really preferred a larger field of view. After checking the websites in Japan where the new wider field TE11-WZ was initially released, I decided to upgrade as soon as it became available in the U.S.

The TE11-WZ is approx the same physical size as the TE10-Z but with a 25X-60X range. The FOV at 25X (its lowest setting)is actually larger by a few degrees than the 20X zoom supplied with the scope. It is tack sharp from 25-40X with no apparent edge softening thru out the entire zoom. Chromatic aberration is non-existent even in bright contrast viewing. I really appreciate the extra observing area as it enriches the context of the subject in its surroundings. I mainly use the scope for wildlife viewing and have been very satisfied with the wider enhanced presentation. This was my first purchase thru Eagle Optics and kudos to the staff for their friendly and professional manner...

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