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Leica Televid 82mm Angled Case

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Conveniently carry and secure your new Leica Televid APO spotting scope with this fitted case from Leica. Designed to remain on the scope while viewing in the field, openings allow for easy access to the front lens, eyepiece, focus ring, and tripod connection. The case comes with a detachable shoulder strap and is constructed with robust Cordura fabric.

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Leica Televid 82mm angled case. - 10/12/2013

by Bill from Santa Fe, NM

Used this on Canadian Rockies and Yellowstone trips recently. I balked at the price initially --- nearly $200 for a case? But I got tired of schlepping the Pelican case around so sprang for this. The fit is very snug initially so I had to coax the cover to fit the scope well --- and there may be a little more stretch to be had yet. The cover will accommodate the normal eyepiece and 82mm objective covers in place (and I have a 82mm neutral density filter in there too) though perhaps now not as sweetly as intended for the objective. The cover construction is good and there's a reasonable amount of padding for the scope. This fit in some places is not quite as accurate as I think it could be, but constructing a case for a complex 3D shape like this scope is a challenge. Given the cost of the Leica scope, you shouldn't be chintzy about buying a decent cover; this one is only 5% of the cost. So, with 6 months of experience of this cover, I think it's a good product and works as intended.

Case Modification - 01/12/2013

by Charles H. from Atllanta GA

After a year or so trying to use this case I gave up. My wife is much shorter than me and I always want to rotate the scope to allow viewing for her and anyone else in the group who is shorter. Too bad.

But then I thought... I could modify it and if I ruined it, so what. I'm not going to use it anyway. I marked off on the case how big the opening would have to be to accommodate the proper rotation and cut it out. I cleaned up the edges with a match to seal the fabric edges and a magic marker to blacken the cut edges. I found some double sided Velcro and cut 2 straps, one for each side of the cut, to reinforce it.

Works great. I know the Leica is pretty well protected but this gives it a bit more. Can't hurt. Cheap and easy.

Leica Televid Field Cover - 03/05/2012

by Charles from Atlanta GA

As much as I really like this scope, and I really do, this case is an abomination. I bird with people shorter than me and the angled scope allows me to rotate it to let those people see without moving the scope... unless I have the case on. Then I have to take the case off or reorient the scope all of which is too time consuming because the case won't allow the necessary rotation. The material is also too stiff... just seems like an afterthought, not Leica-like. Disappointment.

Leica Televid Angled Case - 08/06/2010

by cotwgo from Nevada

Great Product! Would highly recommend for the Leica scope to protect your investment. Cover fits snug and looks as good as the scope! You do not buy this scope to cover it with something unattractive and this cover fits the scopes beauty perfectly!

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