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Leica Extender 1.8x for APO Televid Spotting Scope

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Added versatility to your Leica APO Televid spotting scope is found in the Leica 1.8x Extender as it increases the scope magnification to a factor of 90 fold. The 1.8x extender is excellent for nature observation, astronomy, and digiscoping and maintains a quality image over the large zoom range. Integrated locking mechanism on the bayonet lens mount allows the Extender to easily and securely mount between the scope and eyepiece.

Note: This extender will not work with the Straight Leica Televid scope.

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Useful extra oomph for Televid 82mm APO - 11/08/2014

by Bill from Santa Fe, NM

If you have the Leica 82mm APO angled scope then you'll probably want this to give you a little more magnification. There's a little loss of image brightness but it's not very noticeable. The extender was easy to add to the scope and I didn't need to adjust the scope cover to accommodate the increased length. (There was enough 'give' in the setup to handle the extra component.) The extender locks into the scope positively and there's no slop. The extra weight is not noticeable. With the times 25--50 zoom eyepiece, you get a maximum magnification of times 90. That's about as much magnification as is useful in the field. Be aware that the exit pupil diameter is smaller at the largest magnifications; you will not have as large an image as at times 45 magnification. Illumination across the exit pupil is very good and uniform. Note that the extender does not work with the straight scope. And you should be aware that extra magnification means that tripod stability becomes more important.

The price ($449 as of November 2014) seems like a lot for a fairly small piece of optics but, if you have a Leica Televid 82mm APO, then you have already made a serious investment in high-quality optics. Eagle Optics service and delivery was quick, as usual. Equipment rating: certainly "Very Good". I hesitate to give an "Excellent" till I have some more experience with the extender. If I had to replace the scope set-up, then I'd certainly buy the extender again. It's not a "must-have" but certainly a "nice-to-have".

I haven't removed the extender since I added it to my optical set-up since most of my viewing is of quite distant targets. I have not tried digiscoping with the full magnification yet.

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