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Vortex Solo 8x25 Monocular

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Pack light and take in bright views through the fully multi-coated optics of the redesigned Vortex Solo monocular. Once you see the viewing power Vortex has packed into this 5.6 ounce monocular, you won't leave home without it! Protected by waterproofing, fogproofing, and the Vortex VIP warranty, customers are guaranteed a monocular that will last for generations.

Optical Features
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
BaK-4 Prisms Optimize light transmission.
Construction Features
Rubber Armoring Provides a secure, non-slip grip.
Adjustable Eyecup Twists up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the monocular.
Fogproof Barrels are filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.
Magnification 8x
Objective Lens Diameter 25 mm
Field of View 378 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 15.0 mm
Close Focus 16.4 feet
Weight 5.6 ounces
Length 4.4 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Neck strap
  • Case

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Easy to use and easy to carry - 01/31/2016

by Bill H. from Oriental, NC

Excellent product! Got mine 3 years ago and carry it with me on all my walks, kayaking, and birding. So easy to use because of the focus depth of field. When birding for warblers close in, one focus works. Then when viewing ducks, hawks, eagles another focus works. They are fast to use and always around my neck. I lead kayak trips on our coastal creeks and in the Outer Banks and never worry about them getting wet. They went underwater for about 5 minutes and no problem. My wife loved them and got her own a year ago.

Nice "Little" Monocular - 03/05/2014

by Lori T. from Florida

Okay, so it's not so little, but it fits in my husband's shirt pocket and that's good enough for him. I worried that this reasonably priced instrument would not be good enough and I would have to return it. We have Swarovski binnocs and I knew this couldn't compare, and it doesn't. That said, it's bright and clear, and for its purpose (carry along for beach walks) just great. The focusing ring is stiff but even I can manage with one hand. No regrets!

Clear as a Bell - 04/02/2013

by Rob from Enumclaw

We, my wife and I, have been using the Vortex Solo Monocular while horseback riding. Many times we are out in the sunlight looking into the shady timber areas. I can actually see into the woods better than with my naked eye. My wife really enjoys carrying the monocular with my Diamondback neck strap and viewing birds and game while horseback riding. Great product at an even better price. Thank you Vortex.

Hiking with a monocular - 02/28/2012

by Rita from New Mexico

My husband I spend our winters in New Mexico, where we do a lot of hiking in the high desert and mountains. Game is abundant, eagles soar, coyotes walk along our fields, antelope appear outside our house. We found out that having a monocular with us, at all times, has been one the greatest gifts, as we can zoom in and watch that eagle soar, watch the coyote call in his mate, watch the antelope as they nuzzle each other. Just a last week I ordered one for my son-in-law for his birthday and the rest of the guys in the family will get one also. Thanks Eagle Optics for making it so easy to order!

Useful in a pinch - 01/31/2012

by Gene from New Jersey

I was looking for a monocular that would backup my binoculars as well as go out in my bag whenever I wasn't expecting to go birding. You never know what you'll spot while on the arduous hiking trail that you chose not to bring your full-size binoculars on. In that regard, this Vortex Solo fits the bill. It's great for IDing a bird hanging overhead or reading signs a little ahead on the trail. It even came in handy reading street signs when I was walking around an unfamiliar city. 8x25 has sufficient light to make IDs and not exactly for "taking in the sight." Just know that this useful tool won't replace your binoculars and is not the hardware for extended use. You won't enjoy the depth perception that binoculars have and I think you'll still find yourself steadying the diminutive optics with two hands if you're trying to view something for more than a few seconds or anything at a considerable distance. However, these are problems of monoculars in general and not only the Vortex Solo. The optical quality of this monocular met my expectations for an 8x25, but I found the focus ring too stiff even after more than a year of use. There's no finesse in turning the focus ring, and Vortex might have even noticed that because they gave the ring an aggressive texture--perhaps to help you grip it as you manhandle the thing into focus. Also, the product features no lens cap but a flow-through case. If they addressed this with either a cap or a closed-off case, I would feel more comfortable with keeping the lens clean and safe.

In the end, this monocular is useful in certain situations and is still a great value for its price. I would say it's good enough to recommend to others looking for a monocular, but I would still highly suggest they shop around before choosing.

Lake Michigan in it's endless beauty - 01/08/2012

by Vicki from Saint Joseph, MI

We live very near Lake Michigan and go down to enjoy the view almost every evening. We had a huge storm last week with high winds. With our Vortex Solo 8X25 Monocular we were able to see the waves go completely over the lighthouse. The railings on the south pier were covered in ice and we could see it so well it seemed as though we could touch it. Our view was better than the photos published in our local newspaper a day or so later. We are VERY pleased!

Soloing along - 04/17/2011

by DAVE A. from Ontario Canada

I bought this monocular from the Canadian division of E/O, orderd on a Sunday evening, in my hand on Tues: morning.
For the money its rather good, well made and gives crisp views, only 25mm apeture means in low light conditions things get a little dim however in regular daylight its a nice performer.The twist up eye cup is a bit looser than what I would have liked but it stays put when extended.
Comes with a rugged case that clips on a belt though I do not like the open case sides at the bottom, tends to let dust and dirt in if not careful.
The neck strap is a bit on the long side, however that a personal thing.Having owned small pocket telescopes and monoculars for many years I can say for the modest price(remember I paid a bit more than the US price because of a Canadian purchase)that their is nothing better out there, and in some cases you could spend more for less,get one for yourself and Solo along as well.

Excellent service plus - 02/28/2011

by Dean from Grand Rapids, MI

I am most pleased with the follow-thru on my recent order. Our address contained a specific unit number which was missing on the initial packaging. I called customer service and this matter was corrected immediately and my shipping fees refunded. I was most pleased when the item I ordered arrived right on schedule before my up-coming birding field trip even with this apparent oversight. I have now gotten many opportunities to use the monocular I ordered and I love it. Thanks!

High quality at a low price - 09/06/2010

by Sonny from North Idaho

I researched and read reviews on many different monoculars before I purchased the Vortex Solo 8 X 25, it had excellent reviews, after the Vortex Solo you go into the $200.00 and up range monoculars, It's a good quality Monocular and the clairity was excellent,the mechanism is a little sticky but that may be because it is new still, I took it on our Hells Canyon boat trip in southern Idaho and was very satisfied with the fact it was lightweight, water proof, shock proof and has a secure grip with the ribbed rubber housing. I would recommend the Vortex Solo 8 X 25 monocular to anyone who wants a higher quality monocular at a reasonable price. I purchased the 8 X 25 power because any power higher than 8 X 25 in a monocular is very hard to hold steady and the view is to shakey making them hard to use off hand meaning you will need a tripod or stand for stability and acurate clairity.

Enjoyment with the Monocular, backpacking! - 09/03/2010

by Wil from Kalamazoo MI

I have a very good pair of binoculars that I truly love. But, while backpacking the weight is just a bit to much. On my last trip to Isle Royale I noticed my soon to be son-in-law was using a Monocular. It dawned on me, that most of what I need on a backpacking trip is less weight and the ability to see things that are far away (an animal, tree, rock formation, etc). Upon arriving home I quickly got on the computer and went o Eagle Optics, of which I have had experience, great experience in the past and found the Vortex Solo 8x25 Monocular. I have tried it around the home place and believe it will meet my needs of less weight and the ability to see thing that are far away. I couldn't be happier with my Vortex Solo 8x25 Monocular and the responsiveness of Eagle Optics!
Wil Reding
Rent A Rambling Naturalist

One of the best - 05/21/2010

by Sviatoslav from Europe

Excellent quality, the best in the market at this price!

Great little Monocular! - 07/01/2009

by Clair Kunkel from Bend, Oregon

I bought the Vortex Solo 8x25 Monocular primarily for kayaking. I wanted something I could use easily with one hand, small enough to tuck in a float vest pocket, and waterproof. The Vortex is an excellent little monocular. It's easy to grip and delivers a bright, sharp image. I also find it handy for travel or hiking when a binocular is inconvenient. Easy to carry and quick to use, I highly recommend the Vortex Solo 8x25 Monocular to anyone needing a monocular.

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