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Leica Monovid 8x20 Monocular

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Bundle Leica's optical excellence in a portable monocular design and you have the Leica Monovid 8x20. Whether you are watching a concert or interacting with nature, the outstanding optical performance of this four-inch, four-ounce monocular is perfect for anyone wanting the advantage of optics kept easily at hand. Leica includes a close focus accessory lens for observing details as close as 10 to 14 inches away. The Monovid comes with the Leica limited lifetime warranty, plus a three-year Passport Protection Plan. Leica demos have a 10-year limited warranty.

Optical Features
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
Construction Features
Aluminum Body Is sturdy and resistant to corrosion.
Rubber Armoring Provides a secure, non-slip grip.
Adjustable Eyecup Twists up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the monocular.
Fogproof Barrels are filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.
AquaDura® Lens Coating Repels water and residue on outer glass surfaces.
Magnification 8x
Objective Lens Diameter 20 mm
Field of View 331 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 15 mm
Close Focus 6.0 feet (10 to 14 inches with close focus lens)
Weight 4.0 ounces (4.5 ounces with close focus lens)
Length 4.0 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Wrist strap
  • Close focus lens
  • Leather case

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An excellent monocular (and I found an objective cap) - 03/05/2016

by C D from Alamo Springs, Texas

This is a very fine monocular - yes, it's expensive, but the optics are superb and after wasting money on a lot of cheap monoculars that were disappointing, I decided this was something not to skimp on. And to protect the front objective, you can get this item: Schneider Optik B+W 30mm #300 Plastic push-On Lens Cap - just $3.95 (from Adorama) and it fits perfectly.

Compact lens, wonderful clarity - 01/06/2016

by Jeff C. from Spring, TX

I wanted a quality compact monocular I could have in my briefcase during the week and my shirt pocket on the weekend. The Leica is wonderful with terrific form factor and, most importantly, glass! The package comes with a case, a close up lens, a wrist tether and an ocular cover. I found the case was too large and took away from the form factor so I purchased a simple Case Logic TBC-302 Ultra Compact Camera Case to store it in. I do not use the close up lens.

My only critiques of the product are:
1) the focus ring has sticking points and is not smooth.... I hope this works out over time
2) I wish it came with an objective lens cover too... there are times I would really like to just stick this in my pocket and not carry a case at all!

Leica (8x20) Monovid - 07/23/2014

by Mark Mazzanti from Paoli, PA

The price made me hesitate for a while before taking the plunge to purchase this item. After all, I have a perfectly good 6x18 Zeiss monocular. This said, while the Zeiss is still handier at times (lighter and more compact); it seems to me that this Leica unit is the finest monocular made. A pleaure to look at and to look through.

Lens cap? - 04/18/2014

by Rob from Northbrook, IL

Love the Monovid, but it needs a front lens cap for times that you don't want to carry the bulky case. Anyone know where to get one?

It's a true Leitz instrument - 04/30/2013

by Allen G. from Kitwanga BC Canada

It's the real thing.
I think it's overpriced; But if you want a superb sharp image.
It's the best monocular money can buy.

Compared to the Zeiss instrument (8x20) I just lost:
It's a slightly better image and easier to adjust, but a bit tight in the action. Maybe it will losen up in a year or two.

It's better than the Nikon 8x25 that I used for a couple of decades.

Very handy! - 03/12/2012

by Mike from New York

I purchased a very inexpensive monocular before deploying to Afghanistan so I would have something very portable and convenient on hand if I saw any birds. While at a stop on the way in I had a chance to use it near a retention pond, and after the first use I threw it in the nearest garbage can. I was a bit skeptical to try another monocular, especially at the price of the Leica, but I read some excellent reviews online and have a friend with Leica binoculars he really enjoys. I purchased the Leica Monovid towards the end of my year deployment and was able to use it only a few times where I was stationed. On the way back home I used it a the same retention pond, though, and was able to get excellent views of birds there. The image is bright, clear, and sharp to the edges. I have yet to use the close-up lens, but I like how it fits in the lid of the case. The case is a little bulky, but much less so than carrying around a pair of binoculars. I will carry my Swarovski binoculars when I can, but am thrilled to have something so handy and of such good quality to easily carry with me when needed. Thanks to the Monovid I was able to get great looks at White Wagtails, Hooded Crows, Common Mynas, a Little Grebe, and others.

Big Performance - Small Package - 03/16/2011

by W. S. from Los Angeles

The Leica Monovid is the ultimate in convenience and performance. I am an avid birdwatcher, but I don't always have my binoculars around when I need them and I have to guess at birds that are just out of my range of vision - no longer! The Leica Monovid is with me is small enough to get carried in my car's glove box, briefcase, pocket. So lite I carry it on my morning run and I find I use it all the time! Leica quality is in full stride with the is a little tank. The ergonomics are fantastic. The collapsable eyepiece and cover, the knurled and dampened focusing ring, and the EXTRA CLOSE-UP LENS are engineering masterpieces. The gorgeous leather hard case ingeniously holds the close-up lens inside as a screwed on attachment, always available for serious macroscopic investigation of your subject. IMHO, no other optics come close to Leica and the Monovid optics are Leica at it very, very best. Though a little pricey as compared to other monocular brands, you get what you pay for - and with the Leica Monovid YOU GET A LOT!!! One problem: everybody who sees you using the Monovid will want to see it...oooing and ahhhing over it. I get, "How cool!"; "Wow, is this really a Leica"; "Amazingly Clear", even "it's so cute" - people love this little baby. Best of all, it's WATERPROOF and easy to clean...
The Leica Monovid will give you hour, after hour, after hour of viewing pleasure. I even gave away my other monocular (made by the company which name starts with a "Z") knowing I'd never use it again.
The Leica Monovid is an heirloom piece andnworth the money. One hint: buy the optional neck-strap, very convenient. Happy viewing!

the coolest pocket scope - 10/06/2010

by Richie from washington state

Its just one of those quality crafted , got to have, useful things.
How handy and cool.

Lovely, my daily companion at work. - 05/26/2010

by Ben Warner from Sunbury, OH

I've been using this gem daily as a professional Naturalist for over a month now. I love that I can wear the case on my belt and be un-encumbered for daily naturalist duties such as carrying nets and buckets, wrangling wildlife and children during programs, and hiking the trails for research. In such situations I often felt burdened by my full size Swarovski Els. Now I can just quickdraw this baby out whenever a warbler, butterfly, dragonfly, turtle or mammal requires my attention. Excellent optics and good eye relief even with my glasses on (all the time). Of course, it is not bright enough for birding in dusk or very low light situations, but most of the time it is bright and beautiful to look through. I love how quick the focus is: makes going from infinity down to just under six feet a snap in just half a turn. The accessory lens is fun to play with and screws nice and safe in the case lid. The easy clean coatings do a good job of repelling dust, I hardly have to clean it, but the supplied tethered rain guard helps too. I have been very impressed with its performance for birding. Wouldn't call it a pocket spotting scope, but definitely a pocket field glass. Water proof submersabilty is a bonus for the ruff and ready adventurer. The 8 power is a little hard to hold steady, but held deep in the webbing of the thumb it is very stable (do not hold in the finger tips). While in use in the palm it is so discreet many nature center visitors are fooled into thinking I have eagle eyes, picking out green herons or eastern Kingbirds in the back of the pond, and counting wood ducklings at 80 yards. Cons: Focusing requires two hands and the focus, while smooth and fast, is a bit tight, if the focus ring had less resistance to it, it would be possible to focus one handed. Bare metal scares me, but the wrist lanyard should prevent drops. I wish it was supplied with a neck strap as well for 500 bucks! The case, while nifty and protective, does not have a very re-enforced belt loop, so I fear it will fail after about a year or two of daily wear. I also wish it had an integrated objective lens cap. Low light performance is as expected for a 20mm lens, so its not going to replace full size bins in all situations. All of these cons are mere quibbles, this thing should be standard issue for all naturalists!

Absolutely Incredible - 04/27/2010

by John from Cambridge, MA

I absolutely agree with everything Chris from California has to say about this monocular. This Leica is so very convenient to carry around and use- 8x20's seem bulky and cumbersome by comparison. I take mine everywhere. The case can fit in any bag or purse and is a marvel of design. I can go from in the case to observing in less than 5 seconds! Try that with any binocular. The optics are unbelievably bright and sharp. This small Leica may be expensive, but this was easily the best optical money I have ever spent. It's quite literally a pocket spotting scope!

perfect go anywhere observing tool - 03/07/2010

by Chris from California

Absolutely the most useful, highest quality, compact observing tool I have every had the joy of looking through. Top notch Leica quality. Crystal clear. Beautifully and ruggedly crafted. Includes an incredibly functional carrying case. I find close focus attachment to be an unexpected joy. Now on my hikes all of the insect world is also available for observation. I have found that it is even possible to digiscope through this with an ultra compact camera. Originally I got this item because I was tired of lugging binos around. This is so small that I even occasionally include it in my computer case when on business travel. only down side is cost but it would seem in this case you really do get what you pay for.

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