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Zeiss Quick Camera Adapter II

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Now you can use your Zeiss Diascope spotting scope with even more cameras. The Zeiss Quick Camera Adapter II will connect to any 65mm or 85mm Zeiss spotting scope for solid support of a variety of point-and-shoot cameras when digiscoping. Simply attach the Quick Adapter II to a tripod using the 1/4" or 3/8" tripod connection thread, then mount and adjust the camera.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.3 x 4.8 x 4 inches
Weight 27.2 ounces

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Very Heavy & Cumbersome - 09/05/2013

by David M. from Steamboat Springs, CO

I tried the first version of this adapter and found most aspects of it to be superbly engineered and manufactured. Unfortunately it has three drawbacks that caused me to quit using it entirely:

1. It is extremely heavy. Adding the considerable weight of the adapter plus the weight of a small camera to an already heavy scope and tripod on my shoulder was most unpleasant.

2. The whole rig is quite large making the scope with camera and adapter attached very cumbersome to carry in the field, especially when there were overhanging branches to avoid.

3. There was inadequate friction to keep my camera aligned properly on the adapter. I would get the camera aligned at the beginning of a bird walk. Frequently, after several stops to view birds, I would try to take a picture of a bird and discover that the camera had slipped slightly on its bracket. I would then have to re-align the camera and invariably miss the shot. Stephen Ingraham of Zeiss suggested sticking some Velcro loop on the bracket to alleviate this problem, but that did not help much.

I wish Zeiss would develop a DCA type adapter that would allow you to carry your camera separately and quickly mount it to the eyepiece. Swarovski has this figured out, why not Zeiss?

Quick Adapter Play Problem - 02/26/2010

by Paul from Olmsted Falls, OH

Love the design of this adapter but was very disappointed to discover that the unadjustable swivel joint has enough tolerance in the connection to cause vibration problems while snapping the photo. Many point-and-shoot digital cameras do not have mechanical or electronic shutter release capabilities which forces manual shutter release. This camera contact may cause this adapter to move while shutter is released. For the cost of this accessory I would have expected more form Zeiss.

I can get better results from a $65 adapter!!

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