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Zeiss Digiscoping Adapter

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Multiply your enjoyment of the Zeiss DiaScope spotting scope with this digital camera adapter. Use the Digidapter to digiscope with a point-and-shoot camera with a 3-4x optical zoom.

This adapter still allows you to easily adjust the scope's magnification and eyecup while offering the fit you need for getting the perfect photograph.

Note: This adapter will only work with the 15-56x/20-75x Zeiss Diascope eyepiece.

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Very solid design - 10/22/2014

by Bob H from Santa Rosa, CA

Bought the digiscoping adapter for the Zeiss Diascope 85 with 20-75 eyepiece. Adapter has very solid build and feel, with quality finishes. Lots of adjustment range for various camera sizes. Paul is very responsive to requests on how to use, and the detailed instructions greatly help the set-up.

Simply perfect - 12/31/2013

by WPT from Alameda, California

The Sayegh Digidapter for my Zeiss Spotting Scope (Diascope 85) works perfectly. Well designed and engineered. Easy to install and suitable for a variety of cameras. Much better than the Zeiss Digiscoping Support Bracket and at half the price.

Note that the Sayegh Digidapter only fits the Vario 15-56/20-75x Zeiss eyepiece.

Works with a Leica Televid 77 Spotting Scope - 11/11/2013

by Angela L. from North Central, Florida, United States

Very easy to set up and work. Mr. Sayegh custom fit the Digidapter for my Nikon P6000. My Sony Cypershot DSC-RX 100 II is perfectly aligned with no problem. This adapter will be so good with many different cameras. That is what I like about it. I also like how screws mark the position of the camera. The camera can be removed and put back on in the exact spot. I highly recommend this Digidapter.

Sayegh Digidapter custom fitted for Leica APO Televid 77 Spotting Scope - 11/04/2013

by Angie from North Central Florida, USA

Finally, after years of trying to find an easy adapter to work with my Leica APO Televid 77 and 30X Leica Eyepiece, Paul has solved my problem! I sent my eyepiece and Nikon P6000 to him and he custom fitted the Digidapter perfectly. I had everything back in a few days, followed his directions via his website, and fell in love!! My favorite part is how once you set it all up, you put little thumbscrews against your camera on the plate to mark where it sits. You never have to worry about the camera getting misaligned while in use or when reattaching. Set it and forget it!! I also love how I can turn the Digidapter so easily from horizontal to vertical framing and it stays centered. Since Leica Scopes are a bit temperamental, this Digidapter should be custom fitted by Paul for perfect alignment. Paul solved the problem of my P6000 screw hole being off center...custom fit is the answer for Leica!! I highly recommend this Digidapter. It is a true blessing for me!! Now, I can actually enjoy digiscoping without all the struggles!! Thank you, PAUL SAYEGH!!

Finally a Quality Adapter for Zeiss Diascopes! - 10/21/2013

by Jerry J. from Wyandotte, MI USA

I had the opportunity to field-test one of these adapters on my Diascope 85T*Fl and 20-75X Zoom eyepiece. The inner sleeve attaches firmly around the eyepiece and is held in place by the screw-on eyepiece eyecup. The light-weight Digidapter(tm) is made of aluminum and is fully adjustable so it becomes a universal adapter for most P&S and some mirrorless cameras, including my Nikon V1 w/ both the 18.5mm and 10-30 mm lenses. Tolerances are tight, but the unit is fast, functional and stable. I replaced the tripod screw with one that has the metal loop so I don't need a coin to tighten or remove the camera on a daily basis. Overall, this unit is excellent, and I've gotten some wonderful images with it already. For the first time in many years of digiscoping I'm able to use the full range of the eyepiece and camera lens with minimal-to-no vignetting. If you own a Diascope and 20-75X eyepiece this is the adapter to buy!

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