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Vortex Viper Digital Camera Adapter

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Multiply your enjoyment of the Viper or Viper HD spotting scopes with this digital camera adapter. Use the Viper DCA and one of the included adapter rings to digiscope with a DSLR camera and its 50 mm lens. You can also attach a point-and-shoot camera with a 3-4x optical zoom to the Viper DCA and the 37mm threads of the Vortex PS-100 Point-n-Shoot Attachment (sold separately).

This adapter still allows you to easily adjust the scope's magnification and eyecup while offering the fit you need for getting the perfect photograph. The Viper DCA comes with the Vortex Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • 30mm, 37mm, 43mm, 52mm, 55mm, and 58mm camera adapter rings

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Could be a lot better - 01/08/2014

by Mike Mulholland from Bend, OR

My criticisms below relate only to the Vortex Viper Digital Camera Adapter; we love our Vortex Viper HD 15-45x65 Angled Spotting Scope and we love Eagle Optics.

First, about the design of the adapter. It's good in many respects, but the connection between scope and camera should be much more solid. The pieces in order of scope to camera are as follows:

The Eyepiece Adapter Ring is split in half, with a hinge, and attaches around the base of the eyepiece. That connection is solid.

The Eyepiece Sleeve fits over the eyepiece and slips onto the Eyepiece Adapter Ring. Its attachment to the Eyepiece Adapter Ring, via 3 thumbscrews that press in three pressure plates, is the weakest link in the overall attachment. I couldn't get it at all solid until I added some strips of adhesive-backed non-slippery material cut from a bandage to the pressure plates; now the connection is somewhat solid. But I shouldn't have had to do that. The other three reviews note the same problem, and Vortex should fix it. But how?

Ideally the Eyepiece Sleeve would screw on to the Eyepiece Adapter Ring, though this would be a bit of a challenge to construct due to the split in the Eyepiece Adapter Ring. Failing that, an easy improvement would be a groove around the outside of the Eyepiece Adapter Ring into which the pressure plates would seat, and a lip pointing inward at the top of the part of the Eyepiece Sleeve that fits over the Eyepiece Adapter Ring to aid in alignment of the pressure plates with the groove.

The Camera Adapter Sleeve slips onto the Eyepiece Sleeve and fastens down via a single thumbscrew. The thumbscrew is a good solution here, as this is where you will want to rotate the camera relative to the scope. While the groove idea I mentioned above could possible improve the connection, it is solid.

The Camera Adapter Ring screws into the Camera Adapter Sleeve and into the lens on the camera. There are actually 6 different Camera Adapter Rings included (30, 37, 43, 52, 55, and 58 mm) to screw into different size lenses where a filter might otherwise go. The attachment to the camera is the other place where there is some play for me, but that could be the fault of the lens that we purchased solely for this purpose, which is plastic.

The instructions definitely could tell you more. I suggest that when you will be taking the camera on and off of the scope with some frequency, you do the separating at the Eyepiece Sleeve - Camera Adapter Sleeve connection, which only requires loosening or tightening a single thumbscrew and is easy to make solid.

When you attach the Eyepiece Sleeve, you should first remove the lens cap - retaining ring combo. You can in fact leave it on, pushing it through one of the gaps in the side of the Eyepiece Sleeve, but then you won't be able to use it and it will tend to interfere with rotating the eyepiece to zoom. What I did was to drill a small hole in its pry tab and attach it with fine cord to a gap in the base of the scope. I had already made a similar arrangement with the lens cap at the other end of the scope, which came with a hole already in it but no cord.

And now a suggestion for Eagle Optics. Another item that they list in the Related Products tab is a Pentax red dot sight that connects to the picatinny rail on the scope. We bought one before we bought the camera adapter, figured out how to use it, and thought it would be very useful in quickly getting the scope pointed in the right direction. However, it is only marginally compatible with the camera adapter, and Eagle Optics should note this in the descriptions of both of these products. See my review of the sight for more details on the compatibility issue.

Vortex Viper Digital Camera Adapter - 01/07/2014

by Jon from Fletcher, NC

This adapter is worthless when paired with most DSLR cameras and used with the Vortex 15x45 Viper Spotting Scope because the design won't hold up under the weight of the camera. The manner in which the device is secured to the spotting scope is flimsy at best.

NOTE: You need an additional Vortex PS-100 point and shoot digital camera attachment to use with point and shoot cameras. It only works with cameras that have a 4x or lower optical zoom. Very few cameras are currently made with an optical zoom lower than 5x.

Cumbersome - 05/01/2013

by Adam W. from Richmond, VA

I have been using this with my Canon 7D and have had decent results. The problem is that the bracket just doesn't seem super solid when a large DSLR is attached. This results in fuzzy photos if you're in anything but the brightest light.

Fixing the DCA from rocking. - 06/09/2012

by Andrew from North Berwick, Maine

The Vortex Viper DCA works, but has a problem. The Eyepiece Adapter Ring does not clamp onto the retaining ring of the eye piece. It is too large, so I took card stock paper, (.009 thick), and cut it 3/8 inch by 2 inch and slid the paper one at 3 and one at 9 o'clock, between the Eyepiece Adapter Ring, and the retaining ring, Than tightened the Eyepiece Adapter Ring. A business card would also work. This stopped the Eyepiece Sleeve from rocking from side to side.
I have used it with a compact camera and my Nikon D-5000 camera and it works fine.

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