Vortex Universal 43-65mm Large Digital Camera Adapter

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Vortex Universal 43-65mm Large Digital Camera Adapter

Really universal, this camera adapter will attach most 3-4x optical zoom digital cameras to a wide variety of spotting scopes. The large size fits on spotting scope eyepieces with an outside diameter of 43mm to 65mm.

Use the Large Universal Digital Adapter with these spotting scopes:

  • Special Purchase 20-60x80 Spotting Scope from Eagle Optics
  • Bushnell 60mm Elite
  • Bushnell 70mm Elite
  • Bushnell 80mm Elite
  • Bushnell 60mm Natureview
  • Celestron 80mm Ultima ED
  • Celestron 80mm Regal EDKowa 60mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Kowa 66mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Kowa 82mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Kowa 77mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Kowa 88mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Leica 65mm Televid
  • Leica 82mmm Televid
  • Leica 62mm Televid
  • Leica 77mm Televid
  • Leupold 60mm Sequoia
  • Leupold 80mm Sequoia
  • Nikon 50mm Fieldscope with 13-40x Zoom
  • Nikon 60mm Fieldscope III with 20-60x Zoom
  • Nikon 82mm Fieldscope with 25-75x Zoom
  • Nikon 65mm Prostaff
  • Nikon 82mm Prostaff
  • Pentax PF-65 ED II
  • Pentax PF-80 ED
  • Pentax PF-100 ED
  • Stokes Birding Series 65mm Sandpiper
  • Swarovski 65mm
  • Swarovski 80mm
  • Vortex 80mm Skyline
  • Vortex 80mm Skyline ED
  • Vortex 85mm Razor HD
  • Zeiss 65mm Diascope
  • Zeiss 85mm Diascope