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Vortex Universal 43-65mm Large Digital Camera Adapter

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Really universal, this camera adapter will attach most 3-4x optical zoom digital cameras to a wide variety of spotting scopes. The large size fits on spotting scope eyepieces with an outside diameter of 43mm to 65mm.

Use the Large Universal Digital Adapter with these spotting scopes:

  • Special Purchase 20-60x80 Spotting Scope from Eagle Optics
  • Bushnell 60mm Elite
  • Bushnell 70mm Elite
  • Bushnell 80mm Elite
  • Bushnell 60mm Natureview
  • Celestron 80mm Ultima ED
  • Celestron 80mm Regal EDKowa 60mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Kowa 66mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Kowa 82mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Kowa 77mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Kowa 88mm with 20-60x Zoom
  • Leica 65mm Televid
  • Leica 82mmm Televid
  • Leica 62mm Televid
  • Leica 77mm Televid
  • Leupold 60mm Sequoia
  • Leupold 80mm Sequoia
  • Nikon 50mm Fieldscope with 13-40x Zoom
  • Nikon 60mm Fieldscope III with 20-60x Zoom
  • Nikon 82mm Fieldscope with 25-75x Zoom
  • Nikon 65mm Prostaff
  • Nikon 82mm Prostaff
  • Pentax PF-65 ED II
  • Pentax PF-80 ED
  • Pentax PF-100 ED
  • Stokes Birding Series 65mm Sandpiper
  • Swarovski 65mm
  • Swarovski 80mm
  • Vortex 80mm Skyline
  • Vortex 80mm Skyline ED
  • Vortex 85mm Razor HD
  • Zeiss 65mm Diascope
  • Zeiss 85mm Diascope

Total Reviews: 4

Average Rating:

It's ok - 12/30/2013

by Reed from Raleigh, NC

The fit-n-finish is acceptable for the price. This adapter serves the purpose of allowing me to pop a small camera on a scope for the quick picture. All adjustments are a bit loose until the locking screws are snug.
There are other adapters that provide a tighter slide movement. however they also cost significantly more.

Highly Recomended Item and Seller - 01/08/2011

by Michael from Connecticut

I use these with Sony Cybershot point and shoot cameras and a Bushnell scope. A+

Works well - 08/03/2010

by Scott from Kansas City, MO

The Vortex Universal adapter is well built adapter that allows you to attach just about any camera with a tripod mount to just about any spotting scope. The adapter has worked well allowing me to take some nice shots of birds with my Pentax PF80ED scope.

Because it allows you to fit pretty much and camera to any scope it can be a bit finicky at times. In the excitement of trying to capture the image of a rare or unique bird it can be a bit of a pain to get everything adjusted just right. However, with practice you can hone your skills and get some pretty amazing pictures.

Digiscoping, to use an adapter or hand hold? - 07/01/2009

by Seth Cutright from Saukville, WI

I do much digiscoping and bird watching. Most of the time I like to hand hold my point and shoot camera up to the eyepiece of a scope to get my digiscoped photo. About two years ago I decided to try out the Vortex (large) digital camera adapter. To get better photos, most digiscopers will use some kind of adapter, to attach their camera to the scope. This will let the photographer to have their hands free to move the scope and camera together. It should also hold the camera steadier then just hand holding it.

This camera adapter does just that. It does hold the camera nice and steady and one can move and focus both camera and scope together. However, it is rather a large and kind of clunky adapter. Because of this it makes it kind of odd to always carry around with you. Having said that, it will get sharper photos for the most part then just hand holding the camera. The set up is also kind of odd and can be slow. To get the camera onto the adapter, and then adapter onto the scope does take some time. But once the camera is on and lined up with the eyepiece of the scope it is easy to use, and easy to take off if you want to go back to looking in the scope.

At this point the camera can be left attached to the adapter while adapter is off the scope. That is a nice set up, but does have a draw back. That is if wanting to just use the camera again by its self, it does take a little time to get it off again. Also while attached to the scope, if one moves the scope it can be hard in sunlight to tell if the subject, or new distance is in focus or not, So one might have to take the adapter off, look into the scope to refocus it, and then put the adapter back on. This could be partly how the camera and its LCD screen is set up, more so then the adapter, but still another step to take. By then the subject might have moved.

Overall the adapter works well and I would say for some birds or subject, the photos come out slightly better then hand holding the camera. It is good to us with subjects that stand or sit still for a long time (such as gulls) or moving slowly subjects, (such as sparrows under a feeder). But if you need to get an photo quickly then you might want to just hand hold the camera, get some photos, and then go with the adapter if you have the time. Also like I said above it is kind of an odd shape, and slightly on the large side and clunky, so to take it all over can be hard at times, so hand holding is easier to do.

In all I do like the adapter, and it does help out, but an easier set up would be nice. What makes this adapter most useful is that it is an universal mount. Therefore it should work on any scope with any point and shoot camera.

I tend to have steady hands and like trying to get photos just by hand holding my camera to the scope, but this adapter can work if one is looking for a universal set up.

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