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Vortex Universal 28-45mm Small Digital Camera Adapter

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Really universal, this camera adapter will attach most 3-4x optical zoom digital cameras to a wide variety of spotting scopes. The small size fits on spotting scope eyepieces with an outside diameter of 28mm to 45mm.

Use the Small Universal Digital Adapter with these spotting scopes:

  • Audubon 60mm Lightwave
  • Audubon 80mm Dimensions
  • Bushnell 15-45x60 Spacemaster
  • Eagle Optics 50mm Triumph
  • Eagle Optics 60mm Denali
  • Eagle Optics 78mm Raven
  • Fujinon Super 60
  • Fujinon Super 80
  • Kowa 66mm with 20-40x Zoom
  • Meopta S1 75 Standard and APO Models
  • Nikon 50mm Fieldscope with 13-30x Zoom
  • Nikon 60mm Fieldscope with 20-45x Zoom
  • Nikon 82mm Fieldscope with 25-56x Zoom
  • Vortex 60mm Nomad
  • Vortex 70mm Impact
  • Vortex Diamondback

Total Reviews: 5

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Digital Camera Adapter - 02/08/2012

by LE Kuck from Dayton, OH

I purchased this to use with my Vortex Nomad scope. It takes a little adjusting but once I learned to use it properly, it does the job. Only issue I have with it is not being able to quickly release or remount the camera.

Good stuff - 11/17/2010

by Alex A from Quito, Ecuador

I bought this adapter a couple of months ago. I saw a lot of pictures using adapters with binoculars and scopes. This was so easy to set, light and for me taking pictures were like a piece of cake.

Adjustment - 09/02/2010

by Christopher from Batavia, IL

After using a screw mounted digiscope adapter from Kowa for 8 years this attachment and using a point and shoot is a bit of an adjustment. Finding the difference between the digital and physical zoom is awkward at first. And trying to ascertain whether I'm zooming more than I should to get razor sharp results is tough. Certainly the mount is easy enough to use. It just clamps on the eyepiece. Simple. But one thing you must consider is whether you have an angled or straight scope eyepiece. I'd say this device is better for the straight scope than the angled, which requires you to set the tripod lower in order to see your camera viewfinder. All told, this will take some practice to get good at using, and I have yet to try faster shutter speeds and the movie mode to see if I can capture moving wildlife. But I would recommend this device. It is functionally simple, seems sturdy and does what it promises--attaches the camera to a scope!

Perfect for the beginning Digiscoper - 07/04/2010

by Andrew from Winona, MN

I purchased this adapter from Eagle Optics a couple of years ago and I have been very pleased with the results.

It's based on the "keep it simple stupid" principle, the mount attaches to your scope or binoculars (I've had exception results using my binoculars mounted to a good tripod) Attach a point and shoot camera via the universal screw mount (aka "tripod" mount) and then adjust the "aim" into the lens via the adjusting screws.....Simple!

Zoom to the maximum optical (physical) zoom (NOT digital zoom!) and "focus" by looking at the screen on the back of your camera. If it looks focused on the probably is!

I use a Sony point and shoot but my favorite camera is a simple Kodak C433 (inexpensive point and shoot!) that seems to do as well as my expensive Nikon digital SLR. The point being the the smaller, light weight camera is much easier to keep adjusted correctly on the mount.

If you want to get into digiscoping, using the spotting scope or binoculars you have now...and a simple point and shoot...this is the set up!

Vortex Universal Mount with Kodak Zi8 and Denali Scope - 10/28/2009

by Steve from Seattle Area

It takes some time setting the camera on the mount to fill the camera screen. I mounted this to the Eagle Optics Denali Scope with my new Kodak Zi8 1080P pocket camera.

See the Moon Shot test from 10/28/09 at:

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