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Vortex PS-100 Point-n-Shoot Digital Camera Attachment

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The Vortex PS-100 Point-n-Shoot Attachment solves your problems when it comes to figuring out how to attach a point-and-shoot digital camera without accessory threads to a digital camera adapter. This adapter provides 37mm filter threads to just about any point & shoot digital camera.

If the camera's optical zoom is 4x or below, it can be paired with this adapter and used with various DCA adapters on the market. Easy to configure, the small platform attaches to the camera via the camera’s tripod thread and the adjustable sight is centered with the camera’s lens.

The PS-100 attachment will work with the Vortex Razor DCA, Vortex Viper DCA, Swarovski DCA, Kowa DA10, and Kowa DA1 adapters.

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What they don't tell you - 06/26/2015

by Nathan K. from California

Digiscoping with a point-and-shoot camera turns out to be pretty unsatisfying. Any newer camera (with 8X optical zoom or higher) will not work at all--it shows the field-of-view as just a small circle of light in the center of the frame. Yes, you can find that information buried deeply in some web sites, but nowhere is it presented in the advertizing or even in the user's manual by either Vortex or Eagle Optics. I've resurrected an old 3X optical zoom Fuji camera, and it works better, but it still looks like viewing through a port hole. And the longest exposure I can take is only a few seconds--so much for astrophotography! The literature seems to suggest that I'll have better luck with a DSLR and 50 mm lens, but given my experience so far, that's a lot more money than I'm willing to spend on an "experiment."

Eagle Optics responds: On the page for this product on our website, the description states, "You can also attach a point-and-shoot camera with a 3-4x optical zoom to the Razor DCA and the 37mm threads of the Vortex PS-100 Point-n-Shoot Attachment (sold separately)."

The attachment works great - 02/19/2014

by Katherine W. from Colorado

The attachment is easy to use.

ps-100 - 07/18/2013

by grey g. from washington

works well. i paired it up with a tines up eye piece adapter to save weight. it offers more adjustment than i need so i will cut some material to save space in my hunt pack. glad i have it.

Quality Product - 07/04/2013

by Tmblweed from NC

This DGA works as advertised. Fit and finish are good and my Sony Rx 100 fits perfect. We have taken many great digiscope pics since hooking this up.

Vortex PS-100 meets the need - 01/12/2012

by Steve from Plymouth, MA

If you've got a point-&-shoot without lens threads, then this is what you need to complete your Vortex digiscoping setup. Its well made, simple to set-up, and easy to collapse down for packing into a small space. It's pretty pricy at list (for the limited about of metal & moving parts), but sometimes Eagle will discount it to a more appropriate cost.

Digiscoping Adapter Works as Described - 11/29/2011

by Laurie from Austin, TX

I have started down the slippery slope of digital photography and called Eagle Optics to get some advice for digiscoping. I told Ben that I selected the Canon S95 camera which he approved of. He told me all of the equipment I would need including this adapter. It works flawlessly with my camera to attach to the digiscoping setup on my scope. No issues with it, and it's very well made.

Vortex PS 100 - 04/19/2011

by gary h. from Maryland

Very helpful folks at Eagle Optics got us squared away with digiscoping using the Vortex PS 100 with my Swarovski scope. All real good. We are using a Coolpix S4000 and very happy with the results.

Vortex PS-100 Digital Camera Attachment - 04/19/2011

by John S. from Charlotte,NC

This adapter is amazing. It is made well and works like it was made for this set up. I use it with the Swarovski ATS 80HD Scope. I have a Canon S95 point and shoot with the Swarovski DCA camera adapter. It's a solid system that works great in the field.

Great design for Cameras without filter threads with Narrow lens barrels - 03/10/2011

by Kevin from New Jersey

I recently purchased the PS-100 and it works great with the Canon SD4000IS the 37mm ring that fits perfectly with this product which gives you plenty of room around that lens barrel, but when you step up to the Canon Powershot S90/95 it gets a little tight, then when trying the Nikon P6000 it is unusable. What would make this product perfect is if they came out with a 52mm attachment for the ring this way some of the larger P&S cameras can be used .

Kevin Bolton

PS-100 P&S review. - 03/02/2011

by Doug from Michigan & Ontario

Well made. The fit to the Vortex system is firm. Camera goes on without problems and the attachment is adjustable. Well worth the amount.

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