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Swarovski TLS - APO Digital Camera Adapter for ATX/STX

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The Swarovski TLS APO makes it easier than ever to put your DSLR camera to work with the Swarovski ATX or STX modular scope. With a built-in 30mm pancake camera lens, all you need to do is attach your camera body and T-ring (sold separately) to the TLS APO, use the included DRX sleeve to slide it over the scope eyepiece, and you are ready to start digiscoping.

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Nice for digiscoping if you understand its limitations - 06/23/2013

by Dan from California

I'm using this adaptor for digiscoping with an ATX 85mm. I'm new to digiscoping, but an experienced photographer. Here are some observations and guidance. I've been using this setup with a Nikon D800 camera body.

First, the image generated by the scope/adapter combination does not cover a full frame (35mm) DSLR such as the D800. This is noted in the product documentation so I knew that I wouldn't get full frame coverage before I purchased it. The adapter is a very snug fit over the scope eyepiece and you need to take care that the adapter is pushed all the way down over the eyepiece and is positioned correctly.

Second, I do not think the TLS-APO/ATX setup works well for larger, higher resolution DSLRs such as the D800. The weight distribution with the camera body makes this setup very unbalanced and unstable, even when using a heavy duty tripod and tripod head. This problem may be improved with Swarovsi's recently released "Spotting Scope Rail II", but I haven't tried that. Also, the sensor of the D800 (36 megapixel) out resolves the optics of the scope/adapter. Given the effective magnification of this setup, the slightest vibration/focus error will impact your image quality so plan on using live view and using a shutter speed of 1/1000 or faster (thus requiring a high ISO setting). Just the slap of the camera mirror going up is going to create blur in your images.

So in summary, I wouldn't recommend using a full frame, larger DSLR with this setup. It's unstable and overkill for what the scope is capable of. Although I haven't tried it yet, my plan is to get one of the newer, mirrorless camera bodies to use for digiscoping. The body will be much smaller/lighter, they aren't full frame sensors (which aren't needed anyway), and have ample resolution (currently 10-24 megapixels). Aside from the body, I'll only need to purchase another T adapter for this to work. One nice feature about the new TLS-APO design is that you can leave adapter that mounts to the scope on all the time so that you can quickly attach the camera.

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