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Swarovski PA-i5 Phone Adapter Kit for ATS/STS/ATM/STM

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Expect a perfect fit when you use the Swarovski PA-i5 Phone Adapter Kit to attach your iPhone® 5/5s to the Swarovski ATS/STS/ATM/STM spotting scope. Simply slide your iPhone® 5/5s into the strong aluminum frame and screw on the included adapter ring to fit your Swarovski ATS/STS/ATM/STM spotting scope. You now have a professional quality digiscoping set up that is secure, lightweight, and user-friendly while allowing use of all the iPhone® features.

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A reasonable fit - 08/18/2015

by Harvey N. from Wyoming

I was searching for an adaptor to take photos with my i-phone and the Swarovski st=80 spotting scope. the spotting scope that I have is an older model which I purchased around 2001 or there about. I was looking for one that would adapt to my Sony A-100, but it seems the adaptor that I saw is for the newer Swarovski spotting scopes. I saw the one from Eagle that adapts my Iphone 5 to the ST-80. I purchased it and tried it out. It works great. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

A great accessory for a great optic - 05/14/2015

by B C Kinsey from Kansas City

I wanted an adapter to attach my iPhone 5s to my Swarovski spotting scope. I found the Swarovski adapter on their website then I went to a major outdoor retailer that sells Swarovski optics to purchase one. They didn't have it so they sold me an aftermarket/generic adapter that was awful at best! Then I searched "bing" and came up with Eagle Optics. Ordered the Swarovski adapter from Eagle, received in just a few days and I am over-the-top happy with this adapter. Beautifully engineered, extremely simple to use and perfectly efficient. Two parts only...genius!!

Love the PA-i5 Phone Adapter - 02/28/2015

by Betsy T. from Alexandria, VA

I recently purchased this item from Eagle Optics. It works perfectly. You can get an adapter to fit various optics; the kit as is fit my Swarovski scope. It couldn't be simpler to use--just screw the adapter onto the frame that holds the iPhone, slide the iPhone into the framework and fit it onto the scope eyepiece. It's a pressure fit; once I got the hang of it I could have it on in a few seconds. It also comes with a strap that attaches to the frame so that you can carry the iPhone in adapter around your neck in between shots. The iPhone focuses through the lens, and you can tap on the screen to adjust what you want to focus on.

All features of the iPhone are usable with the framework in place, including the microphone next to the lens. You do have to remove any other case you have on the iPhone. I'm going to also use my remote shutter.

I am thrilled with the ease of use and quality of the photos and videos that I can take with this.

In addition, Eagle Optics answered my questions about the product promptly and courteously, and it arrived on time and in perfect condition.

I'd attach a picture if I could; you can see the pics I took at my blog

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