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Swarovski Digital Camera Adapter for Zoom Eyepiece

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The Swarovski digital camera adapter makes it a breeze to quickly switch from observation to photography. The well-thought-out design allows you to easily mount a digital camera with accessory threads onto your Swarovski spotting scope with a zoom eyepiece. ( See Video ) The adapter comes with adapter rings to fit 28mm, 30mm, 37mm, 52mm, and 58mm lenses.

Note: This adapter will not work with Swarovski fixed power eyepieces.

Total Reviews: 7

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Swarovski Digital Camera Adapter for Zoom Eyepiece - 04/09/2012

by Bill from Brimfield, MA

I had questions about the Swarovski Digital Camera Adapter for Zoom Eyepiece. I wrote an email, got a quick response. The information was clear and even better, correct.

Didn't work for me. - 04/03/2012

by Birdwoman from ND

For this high-end item, there were no instructions or diagrams of any kind included to help with the use of this adapter. This made for frustrating attempts to get it on my scope and camera correctly. I became worried I would damage something with the pushing and pulling. The balance of camera added to the scope while on the tripod was then very bouncy and I would need more hands to keep the camera in the right place to focus, and to steady the whole thing. I returned it.

Research is Key - 07/22/2011

by Donald Casavecchia from Warrenton, Virginia

Purchased DCA-SK-49206 from Eagle Optics on 15 June 2011. My goal was to try DigiScoping with a DSLR as all previous outings over the past two years were with a point-and-shoot camera. I also purchased the new AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8G lens for a D700 Nikon Camera. After several field outings, these are my comments:
(1) The Swarovski DCA is well worth the $259 price tag. It is well machined and the extra rings make it very flexible.
(2) Since I own a Leica APO Televid 82 spotting scope, I was able to use only the camera side portion of this DCA. The spotting scope DCA portion does not fit my Leica 25x-50x eye piece. That said, the camera DCA portion does fit over the actual eyepiece and can be "thumb" tighted to the eyepiece.
(3) The Swarovski DCA camera portion fits perfectly to my Nikkor 50mm lens. It provides for a perfectly centered view through the viewfinder.
(4) I'm totally dissatisfied with using the Nikon D700 DSLR with the Swarovski DCA (camera side) adapter for the following reasons: The DSLR is far too heavy and creates an unstable DigiScoping configuration. To balance the configuration on my tripod (with Wimberley Head), the Leica spotting scope had to be placed as far forward as possible; even then, it was still camera heavy. I found manual focusing the D700 to be the only option (could not get any combination of camera/lens settings to allow auto-focusing). Manual focusing was extremely difficult and proved unusable for small subjects.
(5) I then switched to using a friends Nikon CoolPix 950 with the Swarovski DCA. It worked very well with this configuration and I put a few photos out for my friend to see at:
(6) I'm now in the market for a newer point-and-shoot as a backup configuration for my current Leica configuration. I'm convinced that DigiScoping is meant for light weight, easy-to-use equipment, and point-and-shoot fits my DigiScoping needs.

Tricky to use with DSLR - 05/26/2011

by Bill D from Portland, OR

I bought this adapter for use with my Nikon D5000. It's very tough to get a good shot (but then, all photography takes patience and skill). With my camera, the autofocus has a very difficult time focusing through the scope - does not work at all - so you have to manually focus. And, on this camera the end of the lens rotates during focusing. This means your whole camera rotates around as you focus - rotating your image sideways or upside down or whatever - because it's the end of the lens that connects to the scope. You should check your own camera to see if the end of the lens rotates or not when you focus.

Anyway, the solution is to leave the outer adapter ring loose so it can turn freely. Then you focus the camera by grasping the body of the camera and rotating the whole camera body until the image comes in focus. Then rotate the Camera+OuterRing back to right-side up. Then re-focus (and re-rotate if needed) just to be sure you've got it.

Hopefully whatever you are trying to take a picture of is patient enough to sit there and wait for you for a couple minutes to do this. With practice you can do it a little more quickly but it's still difficult.

I found I needed a zoom of at least 55mm to eliminate vignetting.

The image quality at 20X was decent... enough for my friends to be impressed with a shot of some baby Great Horned Owls perched on a branch. But zoom in any further and it's not going to be great. Also you might want to take a bunch of photos, bracketing your focus, to make sure you get a sharp one.

Swarovski DCA - Learning to use it - 02/09/2011

by Glenda from Texas

I bought this adapter at the same time I bought the UCA, but this adapter is for connecting a Canon DSLR with my scope. Attaching it is easy and removal and replacement is simple and quick. You can use the scope and the camera independently without disassembling the setup. However, getting it to accomplish my photography goals has been a bit more difficult.
In distances of 30 to 40 feet, I get great results - full screen shots of the birds and good focus.
In more distant shots, I am still learning, and getting the focus I desire is still inconsistent for me. Since all the focus is done with scope adjustments and through the eye viewer of the camera, I'm never quite sure if all is well. I'm using mirror lockup and 2 second delay to reduce tripod/scope/camera vibrations, but I'm still low on the learning curve.
I'm willing to spend some time with this, and the success with the closer shots keeps my attitude positive.

fits lots of cameras, easy to use - 10/05/2010

by Marcel from Davis, California

This adapter is well constructed and is the easiest to use digiscoping adapter I've seen yet. The variety of sized rings with a male thread fit onto various cameras that have a lens thread (or adapter to provide one). I'd advise either getting a camera that can use a remote control to fire it or that can be adapted to use a cable release to avoid camera shake. Results without a cable release hand holding the camera were ok but not nearly as sharp as with the release/remote.

Purchase - 06/03/2010

by Kathryn from Kansas City Mo.

As always when I have needed help or product I have had nothing but good experiences when dealing with your wonderful knowledgeable staff. Quick delivery of the product I have requested.

Thank you for your continuing helpful friendly service