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Novagrade Canon DSLR Digiscoping Adapter

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Take your Canon DSLR camera, the Novagrade Canon digiscoping adapter, and a variety of spotting scopes or binoculars and you are ready to capture those distant images of nature. Novagrade builds the shell from anodized aluminum and fits it with Canon bayonet fittings. All you need to do is remove the camera lens and twist on the adapter. Slip the polymer compression spacer over the spotting scope then twist to lock on for a perfectly centered image. With anti-reflection coatings for light transmission, the clear-glass filter protects prevents dust and water from entering the camera.

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digiscoping adapter - 02/08/2015

by juan b. from barcelona, spain

I´ve tested the digiscope at home, with a tripod and field telescope, and with binoculars. I´ve tested with a cannon 70D and with my old 350D. It fits very well, although it´s hard to put on properly. Light meter and focus don´t adjust easily, as a matter of fact, you have to test to adjust, and focus never got perfect at 50m distance. I´ll keep testing.
But in the field all these problems are magnified. As it is,take your pictures with high pixels and a good telelens, and amplify at home. you´ll get more satisfaction. Pity, I had great expectations.

Digiscoping - 08/05/2014

by Ken from US

This is a really good digiscoping adapter for the Canon DSLR camera. I took one of the best pictures of the moon I have ever done with this adapter and my Canon T2i and Bushnell Elite scope. I am very pleased with this product.

Canon Novagrade Adapter - 10/16/2013

by kwcahart from Floresville, TX

Novagrade just reinvented their inserts for this adapter and to say I'm a happy camper is putting it mildly. This adapter now locks down to my scope like it should. Picture quality is great, easy to use, I love it. Canon T2i and Bushnell Elite ED 20-60 X 80 scope.

Canon Digiscope Adapter - 09/15/2013

by kwcahart from Floresville, TX

I bought this adapter to use with a Canon T2i and a Bushnell Elite ED 20-60 X 80 scope. I finally figured out that if I reversed the rubber shims the adapter would fit this scope much better. It is still not the tight fit that I thought it would be. The camera will wriggle on the end of the scope when attached. I would not leave this arrangement unattended for sure, I'm afraid the camera could fall off. You cannot put enough pressure on the tightening ring to make this adapter really tight. The good part is there is NO vignetting that I can see, and it appears that good quality pictures are going to be possible. I need a good bright day to really test the quality of pictures, but I think it is going to be okay once I get used to it. Novagrade needs to work on their attachment, it is just too hard to screw down. I think the inserts are way too stiff and hard. I will do another review once I have used it some more.

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