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Kowa TSN IP4S iPhone 4/4S Digiscoping Bracket

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Digiscopers who also own the iPhone 4/4s now have a fantastically easy way to capture photos and videos through Kowa BD, SV, and YF 30 to 50mm binoculars and Kowa TSN-880/770 spotting scopes. The adapter consists of a bracket that holds your iPhone 4/4s and the adapter ring that screws onto the bracket, then pushes onto the binocular or scope eyepiece. Kowa includes a neck strap that attaches to the iPhone bracket. You also have the option to connect the adapter to the Kowa TSN DA10 (sold seperately).

Note: The scope adapter ring measures 56 millimeters. The binocular adapter ring measures 41 millimeters.

This adapter will work with the iPhone 4/4S and the Kowa 77/88mm zoom eyepieces, Swarovski ATS/ATM zoom eyepieces, Vortex Razor HD zoom eyepiece, and Zeiss 15-45/20-60x zoom eyepiece. It will also work on the 25-50x Leica eyepiece if you remove the rubber eyecup . It does not fit the Zeiss 15-56/20-75x zoom, Swarovski ATX modular ocular, or compact binoculars.

This adapter will also work in conjunction with the 30mm threads or adapter rings for the Kowa DA1 and DA10 DCAs, Vortex Viper and Razor DCAs, and Swarovski DCA.

Please call Eagle Optics with any digiscoping and adapter questions.

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Kowa iPhone Digiscoping bracket used with iPod and Swarovski scope - 03/11/2014

by Bob K. from Plymouth, MI

The bracket is a tight fit on my wife's iPhone 4. I use it with my older iPod which is a bit smaller than the phone. The fit is a bit loose, but it still works great. The larger adapter fits my Swarovski zoom lens perfectly. The smaller adapter fits two pairs of binoculars I own but is not very practical. I am very happy with this product.

Great accessory for Razor products - 01/25/2014

by Beth W. from Durango, CO

I use a Razor HD 85mm spotting scope and Razor HD 10x42 binoculars, and this neat adapter fits both perfectly. I have tried several setups for digiscoping with my various cameras, none of which have worked out. This is an elegant solution that fits my equipment, and uses the camera I always have with me anyway!
The case is high quality and thoughtfully designed. The two brackets are easily switched out to mount onto binoculars or the scope. I appreciate that the inside of the bracket is lined with a velvety material that will not mar the eye piece when it is attached or removed.
I can recommend this product highly for anyone who has an interest in using their optics to take photos on the go.

Works great - 01/23/2014

by Brendan from Maryland

I bought this bracket for my iPhone 4S to use with my Vortex Razor 85mm spotting scope. I know the bracket was designed for the Kowa, but it fits the Razor beautifully. I have already taken many pictures that are worlds better than anything I ever got hand-held. I wish I had bought it earlier.

It is a very snug fit for the phone, and feels like a very stable and good case. I haven't taken my phone out of it. You can (and I do) unscrew the cap that fits over the spotting scope eye piece for normal phone use on days when I'm not birding.

Short version = great product, works as expected.

working out well! - 11/22/2013

by Anne S. from New York

Have Vortex Razor HD 20-60x85 Angled and Vortex Viper HD 10x42.

I liked that this digiscoping bracket came with two easily switched-out attachments that fit both my scope and binoculars.

The neck carry strap for the bracket is also great: I put my phone in the bracket and am ready to go if picture needed.

As others mentioned, iPhone 4s fits quite snugly in the bracket -- a little effort needed to get it in/out -- but no big deal and all phone functions available whilst in bracket.

Someone else gave me great tip about the original Apple earbuds (that came with iPhone) also working as a shuttle release cord! (Just plug in into phone earphone jack as usual and use call button on earbud cord to release shutter.) Very nice to use at high magnifications.

Great product - 10/02/2013

by D Graff from New Mexico

This adapter fit my Swarovski spotting scope perfectly! I love this because it is so small that I can just keep it in my pocket and dont need additional gear to take with me into the field. I have taken some incredible photos and video of wildlife right on my iPhone. I have tried several similar products and liked this one the best.

Perfect Fit - 07/19/2013

by Oregon Outdoorsman from Oregon

This is a great product and it's great for quick "run & gun" photos. Fits perfect on our swarvoski spotting scope. Case seems durable and is easily removed. Pricing is reasonable and product was shipped/received quickly.

Kowa iPhone digiscoping - 07/12/2013

by Pete from Maine

Well worth the price, which is very reasonable.
I have used to take better photos of birds than with my dslr 55-250mm
I have used to video the vapor trail of a bullet at 600 yards.
Performs as they say, very nice, quality product.

Flexibility ! - 04/23/2013

by Patrick M. from Dousman, WI

Able to provide a solid platform for your iPhone with many binocular and telescopes this becomes a photographic tool you just can't leave behind!

I use mine with my Vertex 10x36 monocular for a quick photograb to document a bird sighting here and there. With the bigger adapter it can hold the phone steady against spotting scope or telescope eyepieces for pictures of more distant birds or in my case pictures of solar prominence through my solar scope.

This bracket is at home in your pocket on a hike, in your car's glove compartment on a drive, or in your photo tool bag as an excellent accessory.

Disappointed by Disintegration of the Case - 03/23/2013

by Bob Wagner from Northern California

I wrote a very favorable review in October, but now I am very disappointed that bit by bit the bottom of the case is falling apart so now the iPhone no longer stays in place, and I am afraid it will fall out. I suspected this might be a problem if I were to frequently remove the iPhone from the case, so I have kept the phone in the case placing minimal stress on the plastic, and it's still falling apart. Not good! I like the concept, but poor quality of plastic is causing this to fall apart less than 6 months after purchase.

I highly recommend this item - 02/27/2013

by SAJ from Moorestown, NJ

I'm an avid birder, and I wish I had bought this sooner. I am very, very pleased with the results. I don't want to carry a camera when I go birding, so this little attachment is the perfect solution. I read about it on's Sep 2012 blog. The only minor negative is that it is a little annoying to extract the phone from the bracket.

Great addition - 02/16/2013

by Jeannea P. from Boston Ma

I saw someone use this adapter out looking at an out of place northern Lapwing here in MA and was thrilled she let me pop my iPhone into her setup so I could finally get a great picture. Yes,it might be a pain to take phone out of whatever case you use but it is otherwise so easy to use and you will get great pictures. I love this addition to my birding experience.

digiscoping bracket - 02/05/2013

by Jimma B. from United States

The device works pretty well if you have a tight shot of subject. I captured a nice image of a perched bird at about 50 ft. At greater distances (such as water birds on a lake) it's pretty tricky to get subject in the scope, zoom, and refocus. Not being a photographer, the advantage is I don't have to carry any extra gear into the field when I'm just trying to get "proof of life" of a bird. My bins,spotting scope, and cell phone I always have with me. With the digiscoping bracket I don't have to be further burdened with a large camera and big lens.

Quick way to get digiscoping - 01/30/2013

by Michael from Brooklyn, NY

Fits the Swarovski 25-50X eyepiece snugly, and Swarovski binocular eyepieces well. The snug fit is helpful while panning, and reduces concern with the phone falling off the eyepiece. Slight vignetting at the highest zoom level is easily removed with a little optical zoom on the iPhone camera.

The phone holder piece is fine to use as case while in the field, with either adapter piece screwed in. Gets from my pocket to the scope/bin quickly.

The only minor issue is the cloth lining inside the adapter rings. Upon the first use a little bit started to peel away so I can see it coming out.

Great tool for quick documentation shots.

Simple to use - 01/30/2013

by Richard L. from Rapid City, SD

Very nice product, really makes digiscoping easy. I like the fact that you can easily wear it around your neck, with a quick-release mechanism. And you don't have to worry about your phone coming loose, in fact, I would agree with another reviewer, that the only negative to this product is that it can be quite difficult getting your phone out of the adapter. All in all, though, quite a solid product.

awsome product ! - 11/28/2012

by kurt o. from louisiana

This is an awsome product. I deer hunt a lot so I am always sitting quietly in the woods seeing interesting things. Last weekend I saw a bald eagle and a bobcat catching a squirrel. I always go home and tell my wife about them but I can never show her pics. The adapter matches the iphone to my 10x50 Zeiss binocs. The adapter was just a little small so I took the felt out of the adapter and added a little electrical tape to the binocs. Also I cut a short piece of pvc pipe and attached the larger adapter to my Swarovski 18x50 rifle scope. I had to add a little tape to each end to make it all fit. I can't wait to go hunt next weekend.

IPhone Bracket - 11/28/2012

by Chad from South Dakota

Very simple to use.....takes awesome pictures. I have a high end spotting scope (Swaro) so I'm sure that makes a bit of a difference but I took pictures of deer from 550 yards away that looks like they are sitting right beside me. Lots of fun. No more ground shrinkage on a harvested buck. Great product. Lines up perfect with my scope and is a very durable product that will last a long time. Will be ordering another for a backup.

Good Product Happy Customer - 11/21/2012

by Doug L. from Safford, Arizona

I am pleased with the Kowa adapter. It fits perfect on my Swarovski 15x56 Binos and my Vortex HD Razor spotting scope. Good product. I was able to capture some great pictures of a large black bear in a Juniper tree last weekend at 1000 yards with the Kowa adapter. Delivery was sooner than I had anticpated, I would recommend this product.

I phone digiscoping - 11/14/2012

by Kerry S. from New Mexico

Works fantastic.A must for wildlife photo enthusiasts.

Great Toy! - 10/30/2012

by Michael J. from Houston, TX

I purchased the adapter after reading an article about it in a birding magazine. It is so easy to use and got back great results. Used it to shoot a couple of far away eagles and was pleased by the end product and with the minimal amount of gear I needed to lug around.

An easy accessory to use - 10/27/2012

by Ed P. from Floyds Knobs, IN

Bracket is very easy to use. It centers the iPhone camera exactly over the eye piece of my Swarvorski ATS-80 spotting scope and takes very good pictures. But it does take practice to keep the scope on the target when the iPhone is attached to the eye piece, especially at higher magnifications. My best pictures have been of birds at low magnifications and relatively short distances.

Kowa iPhone adapter - 10/16/2012

by Bob W from Etna, Ca

I have been so impressed with the quality of the pictures taken by my iPhone 4S so I was eager to get the new iPhone adapter for digiscoping. I couldn't be more pleased. The scope adapter fits perfectly on my Swarovski zoom EP, and the binocular adapter also is a perfect match for my Swarovski 8.5x42 EL. As mentioned by others the bracket is a snug fit on the iPhone, so I have given up using the old iPhone case and instead keep my iPhone in the bracket (but without the screw-on adapter). So far this has not been a problem, and fits fine into my pocket. When I'm in the field I attach the neck strap to the bracket. I use the apps on my iPhone a lot when in the field to record sightings and look at field guides so the neck strap helps make the iPhone more accessible. Highly recommend. I anticipate Kowa will make other adapters to fit different EPs.

Handy Device - 10/11/2012

by Eric K. from San Diego

This is a very good to excellent addition to a birder's kit. With a bit of practice you can get decent photos of birds that sit still, especially shorebirds. Finding the target is still a pain. A loop like the Hoodman also comes in handy to help focusing.

My only complaint is that its not easy to remove the Iphone from the bracket.

Finally, an adapter that works! - 10/05/2012

by Matthew from Mountain View, California

I was very impressed with the machining of this adapter. This is key as a good fit would allow wiggling, which would spoil any shots I took with the phone. It fit absolutely perfectly over my 20-60x Swarovski zoom eye piece and the beam of light through the zoom lens lines up perfectly. The positioning of the iPhone is tight, which helps keep it still and avoid dropping. Once in position, the images were as good as I expected. I focussed the scope first, then placed the iPhone adpater on the eyepiece and could zoom and view the image.

Good Bracket - with qualifications - 10/01/2012

by Carl from Virginia

Easy to use and sturdily built. Lens to lens alignment is very simple and quick - just twist/rock bracket on eyepiece until lined up properly. Problem is that iPhone must be out of any case - and who is going to do that in the field? Would have kept it for use with my iPod Touch but the fit just wasn't right and one would have to hold the device in the bracket to keep it from slipping. If the bracket was a bit larger and had some vertical/horizontal adjustment capability I would have kept it. I tried it on a Zeiss and a Swarovski scope (zoom lens) with equal success

kowa iphone bracket does not quite fit my HTC android phone - 09/29/2012

by Dave from colorado

but it is a great idea and i hope kowa or someone else will come up with a bracket that will fit android smart phones. BTW, EO gave me a full and prompt refund but i was out the return postage.

Kowa TSN IP4S iPhone 4/4S Digiscoping Bracket - 09/28/2012

by Stella from Minnesota

I love this! Made digiscoping a breeze. Very easy to use with amazing results. I have used it on my Nikon binoculars and a Leica spotting scope and have been able to take incredible pictures. I do wish there was a way to connect this to a tripod as I cannot hold my bins steady enough.

I definitely would recommend buying this for a quick, inexpensive option for digiscoping birds, lizards, and anything else you can get in your spotting scope.

Iphone Digiscope Adapter - 09/06/2012

by Lenore from Little Rock, AR

Purchased the Kowa TSN IP4S iphone bracket for my Vortex Razor HD spotting scope. I think once I get some more practice with it under my belt I will really like it. Pictures I've taken so far have been pretty good. As usual Eagle Optics has great picing and availability.

More than I expected!! - 09/06/2012

by Steve from Mckinney, Texas

After I told my friends about this, they all decided they needed one too! One friend already got his and absolutely loves it. What I wasn't expecting was the additional bracket for my binoculars, included at no extra charge! I've almost had as much fun with it!

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