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Kowa DA10 Digital Camera Adapter

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Kowa's TSN-DA10 digital camera adapter works beautifully to connect your Kowa TSN 770 or TSN 880 spotting scope to a digital camera with filter threads. By attaching this lightweight digital camera adapter to your scope and camera, you will have a securely connected and perfectly aligned camera lens and spotting scope eyepiece. A digital camera adapter ring (sold seperately) for the filter thread size of your video or digital camera is required to complete the setup.

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Digital Adapter Working Well - 01/25/2012

by Michael from Knoxville, TN

My wife called your office to ask about digiscoping with my Leica 77 scope purchased several years ago. I think she spoke with Ben. Anyway, the recommended adapter came FedEx. I could not be more pleased with the results. I can not connect my Canon 7D to the Leica 77. It is easy! I love the results!
Thanks again,

Watch that Screw II - 10/18/2011

by Chris from Newport News, VA

But if you have a straight scope and are pointing up, you'll soon want that screw. At the hardware store, get yourself a packet of M5x8.8 (metric 5mm diameter by 8.8 thread pitch).
(I added a star so as not to change the average rating.)

Watch that Screw - 06/19/2011

by Chris from Newport News, VA

One glaring field problem that's immediately apparent: with everything secured, the screw fastening outer to inner ring, and thus camera to eyepiece, winds up underneath pointing straight down, waiting to kiss you goodbye if it loosens or you fumble screwing it on/off. Mine escaped within a month. This is especially a problem using the TSN-PS1 bracket where the camera's basically hanging; if your rig isn't balanced and falls backwards, your camera's free to hit the ground too.

All Kowa had to do was drill a hole through the screw's knob and include a lanyard.

Good product; slight complaints - 11/09/2010

by Caleb from Sparta MI

I have always been a "handheld" digiscoper until purchasing the Kowa Prominar 884. This product works great for relatively easily attaching the camera to the scope quickly (and you can still handhold it; ie. you don't have to fasten down the tightener bolt if you don't want to). Only complaints are that it is sometimes difficult to slide the camera/adapter combination over the ocular/adapter quickly- I have to wiggle it a bunch to get it to slide all the way down. And also, I notice than when my camera (Coolpix p5100) is zoomed all the way out, than the bottom left portion of the screen is slightly dark/fuzzy. It is not vignetting from the scope, but the lenses are not perfectly aligned, and I am not sure how that can be fixed. But all in all, if you just zoom in the camera to about 2-3X you have a perfect image, and can easily let the camera go and shoot in 3 second delay mode or video mode with spectacular results. I would recommend the product despite my complaints.

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