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Kowa Point and Shoot Adapter Kit for 60 mm / 66 mm / 82 mm Spotting Scopes

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Digital photography with Kowa scopes

Move beyond simply viewing animals and landscapes to capturing them digitally with your Kowa spotting scope. The TSN DA-1 digital camera adapter makes this a straight-forward process when used with any Kowa spotting scope. This beautifully designed 3-piece unit is easy to use for rewarding results with a wide variety of digital and video cameras. A quick screw lock attachment lets you view through your spotting scope and quickly attach your digital camera in a jiffy:

  • 82mm spotting scopes use the inner and outer tubes – add the extension ring for Z7 eyepieces if using TSN-Z7 eyepieces (included)
  • Smaller Kowa scopes use the inner and outer tubes plus an adapter ring for 60mm, 66mm, and 77mm spotting scopes (included)

Note: To complete this powerful Kowa digital imaging system, you will need to purchase a digital camera adapter ring (sold separately) for the filter thread size of your video or digital camera ... no matter which eyepiece is used.

For digiscoping with Kowa spotting scopes

Use this 37mm digital camera adapter ring in conjunction with any of the following Kowa digital camera adapters to complete the connection to a digital camera supporting a 37mm accessory/filter thread:

  • TSN-DA1 digital camera adapter
  • TSN-VA1 digital/video camera adapter
  • TSN-DA10 digital camera adapter

Not sure what your digital camera requires?

If you're not sure what size lens mount threading your digital camera will need, Eagle Optics can help! Our staff will simplify the process of selecting digiscoping accessories for your Kowa spotting scope.

Note: You will need to use the Kowa DA1-ARZ7/Z9 eyepiece extension ring if you plan on digiscoping with either of these arrangements:

  • TSE-Z7 zoom eyepiece in the Kowa 82mm spotting scope.
  • TSE-Z9 zoom eyepiece in the 60mm/66mm/82SV Kowa spotting scope.

The Vortex PS-100 Point-n-Shoot Attachment solves your problems when it comes to figuring out how to attach a point-and-shoot digital camera without accessory threads to a digital camera adapter. This adapter provides 37mm filter threads to just about any point & shoot digital camera.

If the camera's optical zoom is 4x or below, it can be paired with this adapter and used with various DCA adapters on the market. Easy to configure, the small platform attaches to the camera via the camera’s tripod thread and the adjustable sight is centered with the camera’s lens.

The PS-100 attachment will work with the Vortex Razor DCA, Vortex Viper DCA, Swarovski DCA, Kowa DA10, and Kowa DA1 adapters.

Kowa Digital Camera Extension Ring Z7/Z9 Eyepiece
List Price: $55.00
Our Price: $50.00
Now you can zoom the eyepiece without removing your adapter! A neccesity for use with some eyepiece with the TSN-DA1 Digital Photo Adapter Unit.
Kowa 37mm Digital Camera Adapter Ring
List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $45.00
Adapts many cameras to the Kowa TSN-DA1 Digital Photo Adapter for digiscoping with your Kowa spotting scope.
Kowa DA-1 Digital Camera Adapter
List Price: $155.00
Our Price: $140.00
Beautifully designed digital photo adapter!
Vortex PS-100 Point-n-Shoot Digital Camera Attachment
List Price: $89.00
Our Price: $59.99
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Works Well but Could Be Better - 01/31/2013

by Skippy from Portland, Oregon

The Vortex point and shoot attachment is well-made and appears to be durable. However, the part that both attaches to the Kowa DCA and which is supposed to go around the camera lens is imperfect. The threads do not quite mate with the threads of the DCA. It attaches but does not screw on easily and does not screw on all the way. Also, the lens of a Panasonic Lumix LX7 will not fit through the opening, thereby exacerbating a vignetting problem with that lens and the Z7 zoom eyepiece. Cannot get the lens close enough to the eyepiece to eliminate vignetting.

However, a Canon S90 lens fits in the opening and can eliminate vignetting with the Z7 eyepiece.

The Kowa DCA is also made of quality, well-machined metal. However, the locking screw on the outer sleeve will not retract enough to allow the outer sleeve to easily slip over the inner sleeve. That can get quite annoying, especially when the bird flies away by the time you get everything in place.

Ben Lizdas was very helpful in determining what DCA equipment I needed for my long-discontinued scope and eyepiece.

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