Kowa Digital Camera Extension Ring Z7/Z9 Eyepiece

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Kowa Digital Camera Extension Ring Z7/Z9 Eyepiece

Made for convenient zooming

Framing a scene just got easier. Kowa improved the design of the Z7 extension ring by adding cut-outs for smoother handling of the zoom eyepiece. This digital camera extension ring is now very easy to thread onto the TSN DA-1 digital adapter unit, allowing you to zoom in and out quickly as you compose your photo.

Use the Kowa DA1-ARZ7 eyepiece extension ring for digiscoping with either of these eyepieces:

  • TSE-Z7 zoom eyepiece in the Kowa 82mm spotting scope.
  • TSE-Z9 zoom eyepiece in the 60mm/66mm/82SV Kowa spotting scope.

Note: You will need to choose the appropriate camera adapter ring (sold separately) that matches the threading of your digital camera