Payment Methods

Eagle Optics accepts the following forms of payment:

Credit Cards

U.S and Canadian-billed Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards.
NOTE: In order to process your order, we must have the credit card billing address.


U.S. and Canadian-issued checks.
NOTE: Checks must include all contact information. There will be a shipping delay of two weeks while the check clears.

Money Orders

U.S. and Canadian money orders.
NOTE: Money orders must include all contact information.

You can place orders through the Eagle Optics website using PayPal if you have a U.S. or Canadian-billed Paypal account.

NOTE: We will only ship to confirmed U.S. or Canadian PayPal addresses after receiving payment. If you need additional information on how to place an order using PayPal, email us at

Electronic Funds Transfers

Domestic and international wire transfers for shipping within the U.S.
NOTE: We will only ship after receiving payment.

Please email or call (800) 289-1132 with any questions.