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The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition

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Back in 2000, the first edition of The Sibley Guide To Birds became the most comprehensive bird guide available and was used widely by novices and experts. The second edition blends the excellence of the first guide with larger illustrations, digitally remastered original art, updated range maps, and more than 600 new paintings including illustrations of 115 rare species. With a total of 624 pages, Sibley includes additional habitat information, voice description for every species, updated range maps, and the most current common names for all species. The Sibley Guide To Birds, second addition is a must-have field guide for up-to-date birding information.

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Very disappointed! - 03/13/2014

by Ryan W. from Connecticut

Please wait until the next printing before purchasing this guide, as there are going to be some fixes. A very annoying feature of this guide is the font. Not the size necessarily, but where many of the bird illustrations are WAY too dark, the font is way too light and lacks contrast. I keep tilting the book to get a better angle as if the text is catching or reflecting light but it's not. I have great eyesight, but I find the text a strain to read. Many of the birds are too dark and the colors are simply wrong. This shouldn't be a matter of opinion. The book betrays itself with statements like "brilliant red" on the scarlet tanager when it's obviously showing dark red; "flaming-orange throat" on the blackburnian when it's dark orange; "bright orange-red bill (never as dark red as many Caspians)" on the royal tern, well it's not bright and when you flip to the Caspian it's almost the same color! The orange-crowned warbler is green, the hooded warbler has a highlighter-yellow face, the baltimore oriole's orange is more like an american robin's red and there are many more disappointments. Some of the bird's faces are so dark that you can barely discern any detail. Sibley set the bar and his second edition does not measure up.

On birdforum.net Sibley has stated "There are a few images (like the male Scarlet Tanager) that are obviously not OK and will be corrected in the next printing, but I think that involves a very small number of images. The font is another issue, and it's clear that too many are finding it hard to read. Tests are already being done to find a way to fix that in the next printing."

Improving the readability of the text will be a major improvement. Along with the male Scarlet Tanager, I hope Sibley will fix color issues with the following birds:
- Eastern and Western Bluebirds (too dark)
- Orange-crowned Warbler (too green)
- Blackburnian Warbler (make the orange "flaming")
- Baltimore Oriole (brighten the orange)
- Lighten some of the birds on which the facial features cannot be discerned

I look forward to the next printing and the fixes it will offer. Hopefully the wait won't be too long!

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