Birds of Mexico and Central America

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Birds of Mexico and Central America

This comprehensive guide illustrates and describes every bird species in Central America. Covering birds from Mexico to Panama, this guide also includes the birds of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. You'll find information on the key identification features, habitat, songs, and calls of more than 1,500 bird species. Introductory remarks and maps about the habitat, geography, and vegetation will be useful to birdwatchers visiting this region.

  • Color illustrations on 98 plates show the plumage for each species (male, female, and juvenile).
  • Distribution maps indicate the range and how common a species is in a location.
  • Species name list provides the scientific, Spanish, and English names.

This guide, part of the Princeton Illustrated Checklist series, was written and illustrated by Ber Van Perlo.