Kaufman's Lives of North American Birds

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Kaufman's Lives of North American Birds

This is the book that goes beyond the field guides – not a guide for naming the birds, but a reference for understanding them. A complete, handy, one-volume encyclopedia on the fascinating lives of our birds, this is an essential companion to your field guide.

Lives of North American Birds features:
  • Information on more than 900 birds: complete life histories for 680 species that occur regularly in North America and shorter accounts for more than 230 others that visit occasionally.
  • Every important detail about the lives of birds: what they eat, where they build their nests, how many eggs they lay, what habitat they choose, when they migrate, their current conservation status, and much more.
  • Over 600 beautiful photographs and over 600 range maps.
  • Up-to-date, thorough, and accurate, but written in clear, non-technical language.