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Zeiss Victory 10x32 T* FL LT Binocular (Black)

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Expect sensational performance from the Victory T* FL LT binocular because this top-notch binocular delivers. The excellence of Zeiss's brightest binocular comes from superior optical quality, including Zeiss fluoride glass, patented T* anti-reflective coatings, and Schmidt-Pechan prisms with dielectric mirror coatings. Customers greatly appreciate the one turn to infinity focusing mechanism, four position click-stop eyecups, and easy-to-clean LotuTec™ coating. The Victory T* FL LT comes with the Zeiss limited lifetime transferable warranty.

Optical Features
Fluoride Glass Enhances resolution, color, and contrast.
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. T* coatings.
Phase Correction Enhances resolution and contrast through roof prisms. P* coatings.
Construction Features
Roof Prisms Appreciated for a streamlined shape and durability.
Magnesium-reinforced Body Is sturdy and resistant to corrosion.
Rubber Armoring Provides a secure, non-slip grip.
Multi-position Eyecups Twist up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Center Focus Wheel Adjusts both binocular barrels at the same time.
Locking Right Eye Diopter Adjusts for differences in a user's eyes. Located by the center focus wheel.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.
Fogproof Barrels are filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.
LotuTec® Lens Coating Repels water and residue on outer glass surfaces.

Demo products do not always include the same accessories as new products. Contact us with questions.

Magnification 10x
Objective Lens Diameter 32 mm
Field of View 360 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 16 mm
Close Focus 6.5 feet
Weight 19.75 ounces
Dimensions (HxW) 4.6 x 5.1 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Rainguard
  • Tethered objective lens covers
  • Neck strap
  • Case

Demo products do not always include the same accessories as new products. Contact us with questions.

Total Reviews: 9

Average Rating:

Great glass! - 06/14/2016

by Albert G. from West Bloomfield

I ordered these binoculars for an upcoming safari in South Africa. I have larger optics which might be a bit too heavy for extended travel itinerary. I have previously purchased a pair of Zeiss Victory 10x25 HT (which are also great glass), as well as a Zeiss 85T Diascope for game spotting, target ranges and general purposes.
The Victory 10x32 T fit a great in between niche, and offer superior optics (in my opinion), in an ideal compact package. They are a perfect size that is easy to stow in almost any carry bag, and yet, are comfortable enough for extended viewing sessions. While not exactly shirt pocket size (like the 10x25HT), I would be comfortable attaching their case to a shoulder strap of a daypack, and possibly, wear the case on a belt.

Small Package, Huge View - 04/17/2015

by CAE from Winthrop, WA

Looking for smaller and lighter I decided to make the switch from 10X42 to 10X32. Knowing that all the high end binoculars are essentially fabulous (I've spent some time with Swarovski EL) I chose the Zeiss Victory for the size. Great decision because these, in my opinion, give an astoundingly good image in a remarkably small package. The brightness and utter clarity (particularly if you take the time to really dial in the diopter) jumped out first. The fit and feel, including the huge focus knob with what I think is perfect resistance, was close behind. And the excellent field of view for a 10 power has made it much easier to find and track moving subjects (I'm guessing the 8 power FOV is really something to see). The amount of detail and trueness of color even when a subject is mostly backlit is amazing. Build is very solid, the diopter adjustment is easy and stays put and while the covering is nothing sexy it makes for a very comfortable and secure grip. I'm sure I could drive myself crazy looking for the subtle differences between these and the two or three competitors but I'd rather spend the time enjoying these because it is such a pleasure to. The included strap and case are ho-hum and the covers are fine but nothing special (I don't have a better idea).

Victory 10X32 review - 11/19/2013

by C H from Montana

I purchased these binoculars as an upgrade to my current Vortex Viper 10X32's I purchased from Eagle a couple years ago. I purchased the Victory's as a demo from Eagle. When I received the binoculars, I would have been hard pressed to identify them as a demo set if I had not know - my only indications was a couple of extra folds in the box. I picked them up from the post office after work and eagerly opened them up and set them up for me. When I got home, I got out my Vipers and prepared to do a side-by-side comparison through varying light conditions through total darkness off my back deck. I looked at a number of ""targets" - some in brush, some in open field, some in shadows, some in light. Some impressions:

- I was very surprised to learn, that for me anyhow, the Victory's were nearly an exact match to the Vipers in the clarity/resolution category.
- The Victory's had a slight edge in color trueness.
- I thought the Vipers were more comfortable in my hands.
- The Victory's seemed to have a more eye relief (I have not confirmed this by published numbers, but I could see a definite difference in the field.)
- Controls, etc. were a wash for me between the two.

In the end I did not decide to keep the Zeiss as I felt the Vortex performed substantially similar for a much lower price. I am particular about glass - I have had a number of high end rifle scopes, and there is a difference between mid-level glass and alpha-glass to my eyes. It is substantial to me, and I am willing to spend more, and in some cases a LOT more to obtain it. Here I simply found the difference to be too small to sway me. In defense of the Zeiss, they are extremely well made binoculars I also feel I really hit the lottery on the Vortex for the price. I was just searching for some incremental improvement in a set of 10X32 class binos, and unfortunately did not find it.

Quality in a Modest Package! - 05/11/2013

by Dr. JBW 3/'13 from Clear Lake, MN

I purchased the Zeiss Demo model of the Victory 10X32 T FL LT and am very pleased with it. I use it birding and in my work with the U.S. National Park Service with Visitors to our Parks. It travels well in trail roving & interpretation work. My last volunteer gig was in Pinnacles National Park, CA, where Visitors were most interested in hiking & seeing the California Condors. These bins travelled well on the trail, have absolute clarity & low-light capability, are easy in the hand & focus well. The modest size & weight are impressive, especially when hiking several miles in the mountains. I wear glasses & there is no issue with eye glasses if you adjust the eye-cup per the Owner's Manual. Pinnacles Nat Pk is very isolated but the good people @ E.O. had the bins to me shortly. Their CS is excellent.

Top Quality in a Small Package - 01/16/2013

by Lee from Kempton, PA

The Zeiss 32x10 Victory FL Binocular has made my birdwatching hours more enjoyable with quick efficient focusing, close focus, and less neck strain due to light weight and size. This 10x32 bin is replacing a pair of top brand very expensive binoculars I owned which required so much turning to focus that the birds were gone by the time I had found them. The Zeiss focus knob operates so smoothly and efficiently that I see more birds. Compact, light-weight, superior focus, excellent optics- what's not to like?

Best in class... - 11/13/2012

by John from Southwestern Idaho

The Zeiss 10x32 T* FL is a remarkable binocular. It provides me a wide field of view for a 10 power - 360 feet at 100 yards. My primary interest is watching and identifying birds of prey and this binocular is excellent for that purpose. While it may be too much magnification for heavy forest, I live in open country, and have not felt hampered by the higher magnification - even when looking for sparrows and warblers. I appreciate the locking diopter and like that it is combined with the central focus wheel. The view is clear, the sweet spot is wide - 80% or better. There is mild distortion at the edges - so mild that I would not have noticed it until it was pointed out. Chromatic Aberration seems non-existent, but I have experienced some problems with flare in early evening just about sunset. I do notice a drop off in apparent clarity in late evening when compared with an 8x42 binocular, but this is momentary. I have two caveats, one is eye placement. It is finicky. You need to get the ocular lens placed "just right," to get the full field of view. The other grump is the price. It is simply too much. I got mine as a demo model through a local dealer and then it hurt. Taking that into consideration, it is the best 10 power that I have had the privilege to use. With the HT models coming and the new Conquest HD, the FL Zeiss are being closed out. If you can afford the bite, these are - in my opinion - the finest 10x32 binocular available.

excellent all around! - 03/23/2012

by JA from California

I have used the Zeiss 10X32 FLT for about three years. They are my everyday binoc for birds and I use them constantly. I have traveled the world with them and find them to be absolutely brilliant. In particular, the combination of compact size, very light weight, brilliant resolution, high contrast, highly saturated colors (even at great distances), large image magnification (real 'reach'), and non-existent eye-strain, non-existent chromatic aberration (for backlit/overcast conditions), wide apparent field of view, and wide field of view have made them the best binocs I've ever used. I actually prefer the view to the 10X40s because of the greater contrast, although the larger objective makes for a brighter image in lowest light. However, the superior Zeiss coatings make virtually any time of the day (and night) quite usable even on the 10X32. And the size difference is substantive enough that I enjoy the 10X32s more. I take them in small bags, in coat pockets (big pockets), and confidently as my only optics on business trips. They are easy to keep ready anywhere anytime and have as a result replaced my micro compact (8X20 Leica) in virtually all situations. A few downsides are as follows: Being a 10X32, the eye positioning is a bit sensitive. What I mean is that there can be an slight distortion if the eyes are not reasonably centered on the lens. This however is with regards to the FULL field of view which is enormous for a 10X32 (it actually usually outdoes or matches most 8Xs I've tried). If the eye cups are raised out a bit more, you achieve an 'easier' placement, however you lose a bit of field. It is however, a very minor issue, I've gotten used to it and it doesn't affect usage at all. Also, comparing with Nikon porros, I wish they would achieve an even flatter image. There is very slight distortion when panning, although they claim this is 'intentional'. It is not bothersome, but I would like a really flat field, if I had to be picky (this would help with eye placement as well). Also, the build quality has held up perfectly so far, but the exterior is not exactly the ideal 'high end' material, somewhat too plastic, although I suspect some of this was done for lightness, which again is a big plus with the binoc. Overall, I really can't recommend this binoc highly enough. It is a stunner and has held up remarkably well. It is worth noting that it is probably virtually unique on the market in the way that it offers a 'usable' very wide apparent and actual field of view on a high magnification 32mm objective. This allows it to be small, powerful, and enjoyable to use. Undoubtedly one of the best.

Pros and a few cons - 11/30/2011

by JL from Enfield, CT

The Zeiss clarity is great, and these weigh enough less than the 10 X 40 Zeiss Victory I used before (about 20 years old). And this makes a difference for use in the field.
Major cons are:
Slow focus wheel adjustment if you have an even relatively small change in distance from one bird to the next which happens all the time in the field. This is the biggest negative for these binoculars and this has caused me to miss good looks at birds that are gone faster than I can focus.
The amount of shake that is experienced with any 10X binocular is a negative, but I find I am used to this and often don't notice it exept when I'm evaluating the binoculars and looking for it. Actually, I tried the 8x32 model, and the amount of image shake seemed to be about the same.
The larger image from 10X vs. 8X, is the plus that I can't do without. So this is an aceptable trade-off.
I've not been very successful in the manual diopter adjustment, so I leave the binoculars without any manual resetting. My eyes change throughout the day, and what is blurry in the morning can be close to 20-20 vision by mid-aternoon.
I've used them with and without eye glasses, and glasses provide a sharper image, but no glasses are quicker to the eye and to focus.

Pretty darn nice - 11/27/2011

by Russ from Vienna, VA

I've been using these in the field for about 10 months. They are my first pair of roof prism bins and cost about 6x the 8.5x44 porros that they replaced. I can't really compare to other high-end binoculars, but I can say what I like about these.

Optics: sharp edge to edge and bright. I don't notice any loss of light gathering capability compared to the 8.5x44 porros, which is remarkable. I also lost less field of view than I feared might be the case.

10x power: this has worked well for me ... a little higher power plus the sharpness has made me feel like I don't always have to have my scope with me.

Fast focus: the focus knob feel and the rate of focus is just great for me. I tend to use both index fingers and most focus changes are less than 1/8th turn. Close focus is also great.

Shape and size: these are not light binoculars, but they sit nicely in my hands so I can hold them steady. In a pinch I can put them in the glove compartment, which was impossible with my old pair. I really wanted a physically smaller binocular, without sacrificing performance and I do feel like I got that.

Eyeglasses: I've started wearing eyeglasses when I bird and these work well with them. And without, when you adjust the eye cups.

Negatives, in my opinion, would be the cost, the weight, some loss of FoV based on the 10x32 compared to my old 8.5x44, and accidental lower lens cap closures. The issue with the lens caps, is that they are the kind that hang down and one will sometimes cover the objective just from bouncing against my clothing. Then some bird pops up, you bring up the bins quickly, and find that your view looks really weird until you realize you need to remove a lens cap. By that time said bird is gone. The easy fix is just take the caps off the bins and use them without that protection.

The cost negative is harder to rationalize. I bought a Zeiss scope 7 years ago, and I felt from day one it was worth every penny. My only regret was that I hadn't gotten one 10 years earlier. With these bins, I really like their optical performance, "hand feel", etc. But they are definitely more of a luxury item, whereas I felt the scope was a good value.

One last observation. This pair and my previous bins had all the extra low dispersion glass and coatings for high performance. These optical setups are very sensitive to the interocular distance adjustment, eye distance from eyepiece, and simple alignment of how you hold them and look through them. If you've never experienced this, you might think they are defective the first time you look through them and literally can't see anything. It has taken me, for both pairs, a couple of weeks of field use before muscle memory was reprogrammed and I no longer noticed this aspect. If you just hand these bins to someone to look through, there is a good chance they will have trouble using them.

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