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Swarovski EL Swarovision 8x32 Binocular

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Do you want a smaller binocular with exceptional technology? Weighing only 20.5 ounces and measuring 5.3 inches tall by 4.3 inches wide, the EL 32mm Swarovision is the perfect answer. This generation of the EL binocular comes with revolutionary new innovations to provide images with razor-sharp clarity and edges. Improved coating technology sets new standards for brilliance and image definition and guarantees optimum contrast in low light situations. Factor in the phenomenal field of view offered by the EL 32 Swarovision and you have a binocular that will garner the appreciation of the most demanding user. The Swarovision comes with the Swarovski limited lifetime warranty.

Optical Features
High-density (HD) Glass Enhances resolution, color, and contrast.
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. Swarotop coatings.
Dielectric Prism Coatings Optimize light transmission.
Phase Correction Enhances resolution and contrast through roof prisms. Swarobright coatings.
Construction Features
Roof Prisms Appreciated for a streamlined shape and durability.
Magnesium Body Is sturdy and resistant to corrosion.
Rubber Armoring Provides a secure, non-slip grip.
Multi-position Eyecups Twist up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Center Focus Wheel Adjusts both binocular barrels at the same time.
Locking Right Eye Diopter Adjusts for differences in a user's eyes. Located by the center focus wheel.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.
Fogproof Barrels are filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.
Swaroclean Lens Coating Repels oils on outer glass surfaces.

Demo products do not always include the same accessories as new products. Contact us with questions.

Magnification 8x
Objective Lens Diameter 32 mm
Field of View 423 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 20 mm
Close Focus 6.2 feet
Weight 20.5 ounces
Dimensions (H x W) 5.3 x 4.3 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Rainguard
  • Tethered objective lens covers
  • Neck strap
  • Case

Demo products do not always include the same accessories as new products. Contact us with questions.

Total Reviews: 22

Average Rating:

better than expected - 01/26/2016

by frank from oregon

Bought these as a replacement for an older pair of Leica 8x32 BN that I gave to a close friend.
As I own an older pair of 8.5x42 EL and a Swarovski scope I decided to check these out over a newer Leica Ultravid 8x32. The large oculars on these were extremely appealing. The oculars on these are slightly larger than the ones on my older EL's! Anyway these have not disappointed.
The wide field of view and the nice edge to edge view are amazing. These may become my go to bin as they seem well built and feel extremely light. I work as a field biologist and am an avid birder ( like I am never not birding) and carry binoculars almost every day. As far as the flare issue that I read about with these bins I find it is more of an IPD issue. Expensive, yes but never a second thought. For me they are a tool that helps me at work and play.

Nice Optics But Not Better Than Others - 03/26/2015

by Jeff from Oregon

I bought the Swarovski EL 8x32 along with the Minox APO-HG 8x43, Minox HG 8x43, EO Golden Eagle HD 8x42, and Nikon Monarch 7 8x42 to compare with my older EO Rangers 8x42 (without ED glass). I avoided the heavier models (> 26 oz) such as Zeiss, Leica. I wear glasses and typically need an eye relief of at least 18mm so I didn't look at binoculars with < 17mm eye relief.

My wife and I compared these binoculars looking at birds for about a week during mornings, evenings, in open areas and under forest canopy on sunny days and cloudy days. The Swarovski 8x32 were light in the hand (although a bit small for my hands my wife liked their fit). The optics were sharp across the field and had excellent resolution. I found the focus knob uneven in tension - too loose in one direction and much stiffer in the other. This has been my experience with the half dozen Swarovski binoculars I've tried in the past few years. I assume that's intentional by the company so obviously others like it. By far the best focusing experience with just the right, even tension throughout and noticeably faster focus (only 1 turn from near to far) was with the Minox, both models.

Additionally, both my wife and I found that the Nikon Monarch 7 showed more detail in early evening light against a cloudy sky than the Swarovski. Of course, this is comparing an 8x32 with an 8x42. The Swarovski has a nice field of view, substantially better than my EO Rangers and the EO Golden Eagle. This was most noticeable viewing birds at distances less than 50 feet.

Both Minox models were very well built, beautiful focusing, crisp, sharp optics, and felt good in the hand. I couldn't tell a difference (except weight) between the two Minox models although the APO-HG has HD glass and the other doesn't. But in the end, I opted to stay with my EO Rangers which, except for the narrow field of view, were optically indistinguishable (at least for me and my wife) from all the other binoculars which ranged from about a hundred dollars more to almost $2,000 more.

There was no "WOW" difference with the Swarovski's or with any of the binoculars I compared (as has been reported in many other reviews). So with no obvious difference in seeing birds I couldn't justify paying big bucks for high-end binoculars. Based on others reviews, obviously some folks are seeing differences so I recommend taking the time to make good comparisons.

great lightweights - 11/13/2014

by Toby from United States

great light weights, because you never know what you will see.
one handed focus perfect when walking the dog

Love these - 09/24/2014

by Barbara from New York

Difficult to say which is more impressive...the clear bright image or the ease of use. Probably the latter since other considerably less expensive binos can give a great image. So fast on getting on the bird and so comfortable to use...They are wonderful with or without glasses

Time to Lighten Up - 09/24/2014

by ZZbirder from Woodbridge, VA

Having traveled for years with a Swarovski ATS 65 mm spotting scope and El 10x42 binoculars as carry-on luggage, it was time to lighten up! My wife had replaced her 8.5x42 Els with the 8x32 El Swarovision some time ago and was quite impressed by the difference in weight while retaining the handling and optics she had come to expect from Swarovski. I also opted for a reduction in range in order to reduce the weight and size. Returning from a trip to the Canadian Rockies, my only negative comment on the 8x32s is the occasional reflection from the eyepiece that both my wife and I experience as eyeglass wearers from strong sunlight at an angle. The optics are superb and the handling for my larger hands much better than several competitors that were tested.

EXCELLENT! - 08/29/2014

by Diego from Colombia

I just sold my old EL 8,5x42 and got the new Swarovision 8x32... these new bins are amazing!! Huge field of view, very very lightweight, amazing light transmission! The are so lightweight I forget in the field I am carrying bins. Only minor detail is that I get to feel a little bit of rolling ball effect but I am getting used to I guess.
Again, superb quick service from EagleOptics!

Swarovski EL 8X32 SV - 08/07/2014

by Rick from CT

After trying three other binoculars: Steiner 8X22, Leica 8x20 and Swarovski 8X25 I have settled on these. Although not as small as a pocket Bino, I felt these were still light enough and small enough to fit into a protective case (Cabelas) that can be worn on a belt. The real pleasure comes when you look thru these glasses. As a senior, I guess these eyes just aren't what they use to be. I found it very difficult to find the proper eye alignment with all except the Swarovski 8x25. Then I tried the 8x32 and they offered a much more comfortable viewing experience. I can bring these glasses to my face and everything is right there. Eagle Optics was very patient, and allowed me to try several glasses before settling on these.

Amazing. - 05/31/2014

by Todd V. from Bishop, CA

I'm a outdoor education teacher and mountain guide, life-long birder, and one who likes to look at things through binoculars. Somehow I've wound up owning and wearing out the Leica 8x32 (fantastic), the Swarovski 10 x 42 EL, and now for a bit over a year the Swarovski 8 x 32 EL. I never thought I'd own both the 10x and the 8x but we sold the dog for medical experiments and here I am, owning both. The 8x are fantastic, great for outings where I have them around my neck (in a shoulder harness of course) all day. The weight difference compared to the 10x is quite apparent in the hand and on the neck.

So is the difference in brightness and light gathering though. The 8x are fantastic for during the day. The large ones really excel when the light starts to get dim. You can't go wrong, but if you plan on carrying them all day long you are not giving up much with the smaller pair.

I appreciate the close focus capabilities and the fact that the barrels can go fairly close together - good for small faces like those of my younger students.

Obviously when you are looking at binos in this price range you are looking at exceptional optics. I think the real decision with these is the light and compactness (for a full size bin) vs. the slight magnification increase and light gathering of the larger models. My counsel would be to get the 8x32 if you are going to be out regularly for more than half a day. You're not giving up much (I never would have know had I not looked through the 10x42's). On the other hand, for shorter excursions or if you bird regularly in darker environments like thick forest the 10x are worth the weight.

Nice - 04/01/2014

by Elston H. from United States

Keep in mind that I am not a birder. But I do take photos of wildlife, and I was told that I should get a binocular to improve my ability to find birds. So, I looked on line and these seemed the best for a light binocular. Very happy. My wife has a pair, another brand, that are quite good. But these are better and lighter too! Easy to focus. Very sharp. Hopefully they will make me a better photographer.

Swarovision 8x32 - 05/29/2013

by Cheryl G. from Santa Fe, NM

I am a birding and tour guide and just completed a side-by-side comparision of the Swarovski EL Swarovision 8x32, Swarovski EL Swarovision 8.5x42, Zeiss Victory 8x42 T*HT, Leica Ultravid 8x42 and Leica Ultravid HD 7x24 binoculars. The Swarovski EL Swarovision 8x32 are outstanding for clarity, sharpness and color. I am amazed at the image quality and very much prefer the field flattener aspect recently introduced by the manufacturer. I enjoyed using these binoculars and discovered that I could find the bird quickly. All aspects are important to me during my personal bird watching and essential when I am with my birding clients. The only thing stopping me from purchasing Swaro 8x32 is that I fell in love with the Swarovski Swarovision 8.5x42s. For me personally, the handling comfort of the 8.5x42 is preferable over that of 8x32s. And, I stress two things - it is simply a matter of personal comfort and even if I do not find that the 8x32s fit comfortably in my hands, that does not stop me from regularly recommending the 8x32 for my birding clients and birding friends. The detail and image quality is excellent and I was pleasantly surprised at the field of view. If they feel comfortable in your hands, then the Swarovision 8x32 is a great choice and I highly recommend Eagle Optics as their level of education and service is outstanding.

Cheryl G. from Santa Fe, NM

Head and shoulders above the rest - 05/15/2013

by Peter from Australia

I have been using and collecting binoculars for the last 5-6 years. In all the compacts and semi compact models, I have just about tried everything. Optically speaking one of the best 8x32 I have had the pleasure to use until now was the Nikon 8x32 SE, that is UNTIL NOW!!!

I recently acquired the SV 8x32 from Swarovski and I have been absolutely humbled by its performance and ergonomics. Mechanically I have always experienced only the best from Swarovski over the years, but optically most of their models (except the 8.5x42) have always left me wanting!
This 8x32 SV is in a class of its own, it has ticked ALL the boxes. And I mean ALL.
I have compared it to my 8x32FL and Leica 8x32HD as well as the SE Nikon and the SV is considerably sharper, brighter and ergonomically advanced than the rest. WOW. What an optic.

The glass technology has taken a huge leap forward with this model. Not only is it razor sharp to the extreme edges of the field, but it seems to have taken care of aberrations (CA), similar if not better than my FL. So easy on the eyes and incredible clarity...only the SE Nikon comes a little close optically, but then the SV manages to score ahead in its ergonomics, watertightness and compactness etc...

Many forums seem to write about the "rolling ball" effect, it is so subtle in the 8x32, that it does not affect the view (my personal experience), and I am very fussy when it comes to optics.

Honestly, I cannot speak highly enough of this glass.
Well done Swarovski. 5 STARS

Super product! Super service! - 04/10/2013

by Miles W. from Lake Forest

The Swarovski binos are great. Everything I hoped they'd be. The service was fast and efficient. Product was carefully and safely shipped. Follow up was great. Excellent all the way around. Great website and info on product, also.

Simply Outstanding - 02/18/2013

by Steve - SF Bay Area from United States

These are extremely sharp and clear. Very bright and the perfect size weight wise for birding. They are not heavy and a pleasure to use. The open bridge design fits my face and eyes perfectly. I have tried the other major brands but they do not compare to the open bridge design in the ability to adjust them to one's face and eyes. The older model was very good and clear but these are even better. While not cheap these are in my opinion well worth the price for a quality product.

Great 8x32 birding binoculars - 02/17/2013

by NC birder from Raleigh, NC

The new SV 8x32s are great birding binoculars and are now my 8x32s of choice. The sharpness, brightness, contrast, color fidelity, eye relief, design, and quality are excellent. They fit and balance well in my hands, although I don't find the molded thumb depression very useful with my large hands. Chromatic aberration is negligible and I have not noticed any internal flare problems since I have had them. The focusing knob is very smooth, but has a long throw (2 revolutions from near to far) which can be tedious at times. The objective flip down covers are not anywhere as good as the Zeiss ones, but this is a nit. The case and strap are great. My wife loves these binoculars, so she gets them when we both go birding.

Kudos to Eagle Optics for shipping them overnight. I was going to compare them with my new Zeiss Victory HT 8x42 and choose one, but decided to keep both (the larger and heavier HT does shadows and backlit birds better than any binocular I have tried). The SV 8x32s are clearly a better binocular than my existing Zeiss Victory FL 8x32s and Nikon 8x32 SEs (I do like the ergonomics of the Zeiss a bit more than the SV 8x32).

There were two things I specicifically discussed with the Eagle salesperson: the value of rectilinear or flat field lenses and the infamous rolling ball/globe effect that some people have with flat field binoculars. I tried both the SV 8.5x42s as well as the 8x32s, and I have no problems with the flat field. On the other hand, I don't see any advantage to it when birding. I have used Zeiss and Leica binoculars for years and never had any issue with the lack of a flat field. Now that I have the SV 8x32s, I don't notice any advantage of the flat field lenses when birding nor any disadvantage when I use my Zeiss binoculars. I find sharpness, clarity, eye relief, lack of CA, ergonomics, and good color fidelity to be the features that matter when I am birding, and the Swarovski SV 8x32s exceeded my expectations.

Swarovski 8x32 - 02/14/2013

by Stephen from Il

I love them. Only problem is the front lens covers come off to easy. Day one I lost one of them.

Best bins I've ever owned - 09/11/2012

by Burr from California

These are the best. Small and lightweight for traveling anywhere. Feel good in the hands. Great optics -- very bright and clear to the edges. Mechanically just right though a lot of turning to go from near focus to far focus.

Best of them all! - 07/19/2012

by Jonathan from Ithaca, NY

Having owned/used the Zeiss FL 8x42 and two Kowa's over a number of years, and having tried the late-model older Swaro's, Eagle Optics 8x and 6x, Nikon EDG, Leica's, and several other good to alpha quality bino's, I can say in the short but intensive 7-8 hours of varied "field-testing" of these new Swarovision 8x32's that they are just plain astonishing. No chromatic fringing in the central area, and minimal at the outside (maybe the Zeiss are a tiny bit better with CA...); absolute sharpness right to the edge (oh those field-flatteners-- Swaro got it on the nail!); exquisite detail and fine, fine contrast (much more "pop" and "wow" than the earlier models); very bright in deep woods and shaded observations; neutral color... These are better than any others I've tried. The reputed "rolling ball" is negligible-- my Kowa's were much worse. The baffling is nearly perfect-- negligible off-axis haloing with the sun behind dark treetops. The eye relief has 4 positions, so you'll find one suited for your eyes/glasses. The ergonomics are natural and easy-- you'll find no distractions from handling or the mechanics of the instrument itself. Focusing is refined, even with the less turns end-to-end. The bino's feel comfortable and trustworthy. These are the best binoculars I've ever seen.

Still in awe - 06/26/2012

by Chuck from Dallas, TX

I just returned from 3 weeks in Alaska and had my new Swarovski EL Swarovision 8x32s around my neck about half the time. (Love the light weight!) They continue to amaze me with their brightness, clarity and resolution. Several times I stood next to others who could not see with their binoculars the animal I could see with mine. I have the start of cataracts, so brightness is critical. I suspect that Swarovski has somehow hidden a small powerful light inside these binocs! Other key features for me are the inter-pupillary range of 54-74mm accommodating my narrow IPD of 56-57mm and enough eye relief to make viewing with glasses as easy as without. Focusing is easy -- not as silky as with our Nikon Superior E 8x32s, but requiring less effort and just as precise. These binocs are a dream to use. I'm really happy I bought them. Thanks to EO for their 30-day trial/return policy; these were the 4th pair I ordered. Making A-B comparisons helped me choose what I think are spectacular binoculars.


by sylvain from quebec,canada

this binoculars are really-really sharp, excellent contrast, lightweight, easy to use,superior brightness,good close focus,large field of view.....the best I never use and I use a lot off high ends.
in this size, the Leica 8x32 HD are really close for optic ,a bit lightest but maybe more fitting for peoples with small hands , they are two great choice anyway.

Swarovski 8X32 EL with Swarovision - 06/06/2012

by Ted from Fort Wayne,Indiana

I personally own many high-end binoculars from manufactures in Austria,and Germany to name a few. My older eyes have always preferred the larger image size of the 10x-12x power binoculars and rifle scopes. The two disadvantages of high power glass are, lack of depth of field, and vibration free imaging. I will still own the larger glass, but have also wanted binoculars for close viewing of birds,insects, and the comfort of portability with a lighter optics. After having tried different 7x35,8x44, and 8x32 glass, I was able to procure the much touted Swarovski New 8x32 with Swarovision binoculars from my long time supplier Eagle Optics. I was at first skeptical of these very light weight binoculars weighing about 20 ounces with a very large price tag. Eagle Optics has a very good reputation for supplying quality optics with the best customer service and return policy in the business,bar none. All shipments are fast and FEDEX tracked with exact delivery dates adhered to. These Swarovski 8x32 with Swarovision are the best and most bright of all that I own. They can easily be used one-handed and focus well with the index finger of either hand. I wear trifocal eyeglasses with tinted lenses, a poor way to use quality binoculars compared to my younger years.The eye relief of these 8x32 is 20mm,more than ample for any eyeglass wearer. I have been known to take off my glasses, re-adjust the diopter knob, and use these binos with my naked eyes. They are that good. I only wish I was much younger and these binoculars were available in my youth. Ted Bates

Perfect - 05/26/2012

by Ben from Central Ohio

I had the chance to try these out a few weeks ago. I'm a huge optics fan in general and own several quality bins. I was very very impressed with these 8x32 and 10x32 EL Swarovisions. Just superb all around quality and comfort in the hand. Amazing brightness and sharpness. Great FOV with my glasses on and good close focus. Excellent.

Wow! - 05/15/2012

by Mike from Houston, TX

Received these on Friday, and rushed out Sunday morning for a mini warbler fallout. The detail I was able to observe was nothing short of jaw-dropping. These optics are like nothing I've ever used, and I've been a Swarovski fan for 20 years. The clarity and brightness are even better than advertised. I would recommend them to any serious birder.

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