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Eagle Optics Ranger ED 10x42 Binocular

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Proven high-tech features in the Eagle Optics Ranger ED guarantee to impress this generation and the next and continue the Eagle Optics tradition of offering optical excellence at a price you can afford. What defines optical excellence? When well-seasoned professionals look through the superbly bright and amazingly sharp Ranger ED and exclaim, “Wow!’’ By taking the consistent reliability of Ranger binoculars and incorporating high-quality, extra-low (ED) dispersion glass with dielectric and phase-corrected prism coatings, and fully multi-coated lenses, the Eagle Optics Ranger ED exceeds today’s expectations in this price range. Whether you need a good close focus for observing nature’s dainty delights, a wide field of view for spotting those speedy warblers, or extra magnification and light gathering for long-distance viewing, the Ranger ED helps you reach new heights in your viewing pursuits.

Optical Features
Extra-low Dispersion (ED) Glass Enhances resolution, color, and contrast.
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
Phase Correction Enhances resolution and contrast through roof prisms.
Dielectric Prism Coatings Optimize light transmission.
BaK-4 Prisms Optimize light transmission.
Construction Features
Roof Prisms Appreciated for a streamlined shape and durability.
Polycarbonate Body Is lightweight.
Rubber Armoring Provides a secure, non-slip grip.
Adjustable Eyecups Twist up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Center Focus Wheel Adjusts both binocular barrels at the same time.
Locking Right Eye Diopter Adjusts for differences in a user's eyes. Located by the right eyepiece.
Tripod Adaptable Can be mounted using standard ¼-inch threading. Adapter sold separately.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.
Fogproof Barrels are filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.
Magnification 10x
Objective Lens Diameter 42 mm
Field of View 315 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 16 mm
Close Focus 5.2 feet
Weight 24.3 ounces
Dimensions (H x W) 5.8 x 5.1 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Rainguard
  • Tethered objective lens covers
  • Neck strap
  • Case

Total Reviews: 22

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As promised - 05/25/2016

by Noel Z. from Palatine IL

Reviews of Eagle Optics are excellent, and that's proved true. Prompt service and good product for the good price. Highly recommended.

Great for hunting and general viewing - 02/15/2016

by Carronade from Thaxton, MS

I live on a small lake and enjoy watching the wildlife throughout the year. I also hunt during the winter. Most game moves early and late in the day, so in low light. I have been using an Eagle Optics ED 8X42, but wanted a bit more magnification to both see across the lake and to better determine game animal characteristics. I received these and tested them against a borrowed pair of 10X42 Zeiss Terra binos during the Rangers' 30 day return period. The Rangers outperformed the Terras in low light, both in light gathering and color rendition. The difference was not large, but it was noticeable.

I am an eyeglass wearer and both the Rangers and Terras had adequate eye relief, but no extra. Plan to hold them snug to your glasses.

The binoculars are light and the controls are smooth and accurate.

They are perfect for me.

Eagle Optics Ranger ED 10x42 Binocular - 01/02/2016

by Walter G from Weatherford, TX

I have owned a pair of the Eagle Optics 8x42 binocular for over 10 years. I decided to purchase the Eagle Optics Ranger ED 10x42 Binocular because my eyes are not as good as they once were.

I highly recommend the 10x42 Ranger ED. They are clear and easy to use. I also recommend the Eagle Optics Bino System Harness Strap.

My Review - 01/01/2016

by Pamala H. from West Texas

I bought these Binoculars for my husband for Christmas. We are both avid bird lovers and watchers. We do not document birds but just enjoy watching them. I had a couple of Coopers Hawks nesting in my backyard and wanted a better quality set of binoculars than what we had. We haven't had much of a chance to use them since a snow storm came through our area but my husband tried them out just in and around our property and he is very pleased with them. He likes the ability to focus each separate lens and the lens covers attached. He likes the size and the over all quality of the binoculars. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Ok for what they are - 12/23/2015

by Bob B. from Oregon

I bought a previous generation of rangers ED 10x42 several years ago for my partner. As we now do birding together, I wanted my own pair of quality binoculars. The "new" ranger model is $100 cheaper than the older one, and fairly comparable in performance. However, despite the Hype, "ED" does not mean no color fringing, just less, and dependent on the optical design. There is definitely noticeable fringing to be found in the rangers. Also, they are not "flat field" - meaning that it is not possible to have the image sharp in the center AND at the edge at the same time (I would say on the middle 50% is sharp. They are pretty light and compact and the focusing works well. They are made in China.

If you want absolute quality, you need to spend $1500+ on one of the European "alpha" brands (or possibly a top end Nikon). Having looked at these at a local shop - there is really no comparison to cheap, Chinese ones. If you are serious about birding or wildlife observation, and you can afford it, those are the ones to get.

The Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 - 11/02/2015

by Barry B. from Fayetteville, Arkansas

My name is Barry B. & I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I want to tell you why my purchase of the Eagle Optic Ranger ED 10X42 has made me a better birder.

This spring, 2015 after a lifetime of hunting, fishing, hiking & white water kayaking, I finally succumbed to the lure of birding at the very ripe age of 53. I probably need to mention that I am a person living with adhesive arachnoiditis, from a spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis. Back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain & pain in the arms & hands are constant companions in my life now. The chronic pain has made the previously mentioned outdoor activities nearly impossible. Birds, birding, & my Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 binoculars have opened new possibilities to enjoy the natural world.

Since childhood I have always had an interest in nature. My friends & family considered me somewhat of an amateur naturalist. I enjoyed birds too, but I always considered myself more of a generalist. I love everything! From the plant & flowers to insects & mammals; from the reptiles to fish & other aquatic creatures. They all fascinate me.

Then I took my very first birding excursion at the age of 53 years, 1 month & 6 days. I got to a local cemetery here in Fayetteville that borders some extensive woodlands just before sunrise & watched & waited. It was a very rather cold & rainy morning, but the rain was usually never harder than a moderate drizzle. I stayed dry by taking shelter under some of cemetery's century-old maple trees. There were a lot of birds that morning-predominately chickadees, tufted titmouse, n. mockingbirds & robins. Woodpeckers were everywhere-downies, red bellies, yellow bellied sapsuckers, n. flickers & four pileated woodpeckers. Then there was a red-shouldered hawk, along with some crows, blue jays & yellow throated sparrows.

Late in the morning the drizzle ended. Then a mixed flock of yellow-rumped warblers, yellow- throated warblers, along with a black & white warbler landed in a bare honey locust tree only 15 feet away. Even with my cheap $100 bins, I was completely blown away! I had leafed through some birding guides before, but I never really for sure knew that such fantastically beautiful creatures existed. I was hooked. I was outdoors 8 of the next 10 days watching these beautiful creatures at the beginning of the 2015 spring migration.

I continued birding 5 to 6 days a week throughout the spring migration & into the summer. My upper body pain, which was already quite intolerable before my life as a birder, gradually worsened. The use of those cheap $100 bins was making things worse. I was forced to begin limiting my birding excursions. I knew that there were better & lighter binoculars available, but I am living on a severely limited income. I began asking some of the birders that I had gotten to know at our local Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society monthly birding outings. Simply by looking around at my fellow birders, I saw that most were using one of four well-known international brands. I was able ask around the group & I narrowed my search to one of two brands. One of my fellow birding friends recommended any of the Eagle Optics bins because of their quality, their guaranteed lifetime warranty & the fact that if you call the E.O. toll-free number, you will actually be talking to a fellow birder with a lot of birding experience.

I looked at several optical product websites but I ended choosing the Ranger ED 10x42 after comparing prices and talking to a very kind & very knowledgeable E.O. representative. She was able to answer my questions about the weight, overall size & the feel of the bins.

When the E.O. Ranger ED arrived, I carefully opened the box (with very painful hands) & headed outside to the courtyard of my apartment to try them out. I couldn't believe that I was actually holding a pair of binoculars- they were so light! I thought that I was holding my I-Pad Mini. These binoculars floated in my hands.

After calibrating them & adjusting the focus, I was stunned. The difference in clarity to my cheap bins was indescribable. I can't describe the clarity, depth & color that I now am able to experience. And now I can go out on longer birding excursions with less pain & less fatigue.

I have been told by several experienced birding companions that the Ranger ED 8x42 are as good as bins that are twice their price.There is even a tripod adaptor for viewing shorebirds & waterfowl. I made the best decision

Great Binoculars, Couldn't be Happier - 10/13/2015

by Karen S from Plainfield, Vermont

I ordered a pair of EO Ranger 10x 42 Binoculars last year after some research on line and lots of checking in with other birders. I've been birding for years, but have limited income so making a good decision on this investment was crucial for me.

I'm happy to report I could not be happier with the Rangers.They are one of the best purchases I have ever made and give me hours of pleasure all year round.

I enjoy sharp bright images, even in surprisingly low light conditions. The binoculars are compact, light weight and fit well in the hand. They are well designed with excellent eye relief, which I especially appreciate, as I wear glasses. The focusing mechanism is snug and smooth, a pleasure to use. The 10/42s have been a perfect choice for me. They provide a chance of seeing a little more at the shore as I don't own a scope, while the close range focus allows me to enjoy warblers in wooded areas.

On the basis of my experience with the Ranger, I have recommended these as well as the the Shrike binoculars to new birders and some old hands as well.

Very happy with your product. Thank you!!

Rangers rule at this price point - 09/12/2015

by Mike from New Mexico

Just bought my 2nd pair of Rangers, wow this new ED glass is wonderfully sharp. I checked out quite a few brands at this price, but the Rangers had better quality build and optics. I'm an eyeglass wearer and especially appreciate eye relief on these. As usual, buying from Eagle Optics was a 1st class experience.

Solid pair of optics - 09/10/2015

by Wittkop from Wyoming

I got these binoculars for work based on a positive description of another Eagle Optics product. I have a very hard time finding optics that are comfortable with my eyes. The image quality through these is amazing. Plus, you can spend a lot of time behind them and not go cross-eyed. Personally, I love them. Looking to get another set for personal use.

Excellent binocs! - 06/24/2015

by Jennifer from CA

I ordered these for my husband for Father's Day on the recommendation of a good friend who is an advanced birder. I could not be more pleased with the quality--bright, light, super fun to use! Great value. Coincidentally, he gave me a different pair (different brand) for Mother's Day--more expensive but not as good. I will recommend these to friends for sure.

Eyes wide open - 06/23/2015

by Lorna B. from Back yard

I'm a newbie birder and still having the dickens of a time getting the two eye pieces the right distance apart. The hinge is very stiff so it's hard to adjust. I practice every day so I'm hopeful I'll learn.

Enjoying New Rangers! - 06/11/2015


I am really enjoying my new pair of Ranger ED 10X42 Binoculars!!!

awesome - powerful and clear - 04/23/2015

by MF from Texas

I love these bions. Hunting friends have the 8x42 and love them, so I bought on their recommendation but went with the 10x42. They are remarkable. I think theses are the best values to be had. I now need to buy another pair for when my children hunt with me or I will have to use the old Nikons.

Solid Binos - 04/09/2015

by Chris from Wisconsin

If you are trying to decide if the ED glass is worth the extra money, the short answer yes. I have a similar pair of 10x42 Rangers without the ED, there is a visible difference. When birding I have been able to make identifications others can't because of the ability to discern colors. These binos are quality made and feel solid in the hands. These binoculars are very versatile and perform in the field. (My only complaint is had i waited one week later I could have got a free hat!)

Excellent - 03/13/2015

by Alice H. from New York, NY

These binoculars offer excellent optics and work well for my close-set eyes.

Eagle Optics Rangers - 03/05/2015

by Jan R. from Bend, OR

Purchased for bird watching. Wanted higher mag than my current bins which are 8X42. I'm liking the 10X mag and the lighter weight of these bins. A very good value binocular.

Brighten Up Your Image - 12/09/2014

by Steven I. from United States

These binoculars were just what I was looking for. They brighten up the viewing image to make low light viewing even better than ever.

Ranger ED 10x42 - 12/06/2014

by Susan from southern CA

I can finally see what I am looking at! Far, far better than any binoculars I have had.

Great deal for full featured binoculars - 10/29/2014

by Kevin from New Hampshire

I had researched binoculars for some time and these New Ranger ED 10 x 42s had all the features of the better binoculars that I wanted (you can read them in specifications, but not all binoculars are ED glass, fully and multi-coated, or have a short close focus, etc.) These binoculars do perform too, with great light gathering and clarity in dim conditions. The focus knob is precise and easy to use.
In addition the adjustment for focal length has detents (minor but nice), and accessories include tethered lens caps, rainguard cover, nice elasticized neck strap and a nice case.
We wanted a 10 power after trying a friends 10 x 42 Opticron and are very happy after 7 and 8 power units. The binoculars are fairly compact in dimensions which makes them easy to pack.
I have confirmed features which can be found by research but they are part of the package of these good performing glasses which - to sum up, come at a good price -$339.00 for me and free delivery - when comparing to other makes. I did have a budget and I am very pleased with my choice after a month or so of active use.

I'm thrilled! - 08/07/2014

by Jim H. from U.S.

I am thrilled with the eagle optics ranger ed. The binoculars are extremely easy to use with glasses and the brightness is incredible.
You really can see into a tree to see birds in lower light I am completely satisfied.

a great binoc - 07/08/2014

by Nancy from United States

I have recently purchased the eagle optic 10x42 ed I can hardly describe the tremendous change.
I thought my old bins were okay but wow.
I made my way through the warbler season pretty smart, could actually see the little ones, clear, alot of light, detail incredible. not heavy at all. I have not used the high end binocs to compare, have no need, I love these binocs. The price "what a deal". thank you eagle optics for the great product.

Was I surprised - 06/19/2014

by Steve d from Ohio

Just received this Eagle Ranger ED from Eagle Optics and was I surprised. The salesman recommended this binocular and I accepted his advice. I'd spent some time looking at different brands, all 10x42, so when this came I was very impressed with the optics, size and weight.
I later took it to a major sporting goods store and asked if I could look at their binoculars in the same price range as a side by side comparison. When none of their binoculars were better or even close in that price range the salesman looked through the Eagles. He then said I have something better and pulled out a pair of 1700 dollar Swarovski's, better but not over a 1000 better. We discussed what I really wanted and needed and decided I had got a deal and good advice from Eagle Optics.
Now for a weekend of viewing nature.

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