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Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32 Binocular

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A nature enthusiast's desire to provide others with quality optics at a reasonable price resulted in the long-popular Eagle Optics Ranger binocular. Well known for its high-performance, the Ranger now includes dielectric coatings that jump reflectivity to more than 99% across the full visible range. That means optimal light transmission and excellent color fidelity. Ranger owners especially favor the superior edge-to-edge sharpness, light weight, durable body, close focus, and affordable price. Eagle Optics provides a Platinum Protection lifetime, no-fault warranty. See for yourself why our customers love taking the Ranger on a hike down the road or a trip around the world.

Optical Features
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
Phase Correction Enhances resolution and contrast through roof prisms.
Dielectric Prism Coatings Optimize light transmission.
BaK-4 Prisms Optimize light transmission.
Construction Features
Roof Prisms Appreciated for a streamlined shape and durability.
Rubber Armoring Provides a secure, non-slip grip.
Multi-position Eyecups Twist up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Center Focus Wheel Adjusts both binocular barrels at the same time.
Right Eye Diopter Adjusts for differences in a user's eyes. Located by the right eyepiece.
Tripod Adaptable Can be mounted using standard ¼-inch threading. Adapter sold separately.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.
Fogproof Barrels are filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.
Magnification 8x
Objective Lens Diameter 32 mm
Field of View 393 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 16 mm
Close Focus 3.0 feet
Weight 19.2 ounces
Dimensions (HxW) 4.9 x 4.8 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Rainguard
  • Tethered objective lens covers
  • Neck strap
  • Case

Total Reviews: 50

Average Rating:

Jealous of this gift for my dad! - 11/13/2012

by Gian Fabbri from Boston, MA

I'm a pretty new birder, and have been thoroughly enjoying my everyday Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 bins. BUT, recently I purchased these Ranger 8x32s for my father's birthday.

I'm no binocular expert, but the clarity of these bins is significantly better than my Nikons. Construction appears to be high-quality, and they feel great in the hand.

As an eyeglass wearer, I might prefer a smidge more eye relief, but these bins work fine with my glasses as is.

In sum, I'm jealous of my dad's binoculars -- and he's not really a birder! Looks like I'll be shopping Eagle Optics for myself next time!

Small format - Big Value - 11/08/2012

by Ron H. from Dallas, TX

Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32

The EO Ranger 8x32 was purchased as a birding/trekking binocular. I required a bit more magnification than the EO Ranger SRT 6x32 afford, but hoped the Rangers retained the properties that the SRT 6x32 exhibit. That includes slight chromatic aberration, low astigmatism and good brightness with excellent contrast. The 8x32 Rangers met those expectations.

As for some optical observations, distortion appears around 80% from the center at modest levels, with negligible darkening at the very edge the FOV. Image purity (whiteness) leans slightly toward green. They compare well with my Pentax ED 8x32, the only 8x32 binocular I have for comparison at the moment. Except for the 4 ounce additional weight and a somewhat smoother focusing of the Pentax, I can detect little difference between the two binoculars while in the field.

These EO bins handle well, with quick properly damped focusing. If a user is accustomed to slower focusing, the speed of the Rangers may be frustrating until one adapts. Per the EO sales rep, the IP ranges from 58mm-74mm, which may be an issue for people with narrow faces. At about 19oz, these bins can be carried all day without strain and the construction imparts a feeling of durability. These Rangers, like the 6x32 SRT model, produce a low amount of flaring or ghosting.

Although the EO Rangers don't excel across the board, they don't show any significant flaws. Image clarity ranks near the top with any binocular I've used. They function well for nature study and virtually any other duty. All round performance rates about 9 out of 10. Given their relatively low cost and great qualities, I have no qualms about rating them 5 stars.

Eagle Optics service is superb.

Great binoculars - 09/16/2012

by Terapnstn from Bellingham, Wa

Okay, I tried repeatedly to get away with cheaper binoculars, but they always disappointed. These are fantastic, recommended to us by a friend who had them when we had one of the cheaper ones. We were on a month-long kayaking trip getting rained on virtually every day. My waterproof binoculars weren't. Our friend left his on the beach one night, and after the tide came in and went out his were clearer than mine that hadn't been submerged. Upon our return, I immediately ordered these.

Sharp glasses - 08/20/2012

by Don from Fulltime RVer

The 8x32 Rangers focused quickly and provide wonderful clarity for sightseeing or birdwatching. They are quickly set up hold their fine-tuned focus for days of being cased and uncased for use.
Great value for a moderate price, and the case is as good as in binocs costing many times more money!

Ranger 8x32 - 08/14/2012

by Jeffrey from Michigan

I am very impressed by these glasses. The view is bright
and clear all the way to the edges with excellent color clarity and
contrast. To my surprise I find myself taking them
into the field rather than my fancy glasses on most days.
I cannot judge their durability as they are nearly new. With that
caveat, I think that they are an excellent value.

An advice to new owners. The focussing adjustments are
sensitive. Take special care in setting the diopter to assure
sharp focus.

Tough and clear - 07/31/2012

by Kan from Guam

I was a Wildlife Ranger for the National Park Service in California. I had these Ranger 8x32's issued to me and I kept them in the case in my pack I used everyday. I was careful to put them back in the case every time, but after using them daily and sometimes being in a hurry, I stopped putting them in the case. Over the years this evolved into me just throwing them in my pack and being rough with the pack and so on (I was ALWAYS careful not to be TOO rough!!). Every time I used those binoculars they were ready to go and crystal clear. Getting them wet was no issue either. I am now looking at the 10x42's for all the above reasons. I just wish they came in camo!!

Just what we hoped - 04/05/2012

by Diana from Venice, CA

We are new to the world of birding as this is our first purchase. They made our first experience not only technically easy but a blast. Easy to use, easy to share and very powerful. I highly recommend them.

great product - 03/14/2012

by barry from Wilmington, DE

We purchased the Ranger 8x32s prior to our trip to Costa Rica with bird watching in mind. They were wonderful! Light weight, very clear and the perfect magnification. On several of our nature outings, the guides either had Eagle binoculars or commented to us that we made a very smart purchase. We enjoyed using them so much that we will probably purchase another pair so we won't have to share.

Birder Girl - 02/27/2012

by Teresa from Cheraw,SC

I ordered the binoculars for my son, but I have a pair of the same model that I use all the time. I really like everything about them. They are easy to use. They are compact. I like that they are close-focusing. I use them primarily for identifying butterflies and dragonflies.

Birding on the Delta - 02/14/2012

by Jean from Lafayette, Ca

I bought these for a birding boat trip on the Sacramento Delta. 8 hours on the boat's top deck looking out over water and levee system. They never felt heavy around my neck. There was no issue of glare or distortion. I could follow birds from water to air to land without thought of focus control or contrast issues. Very smooth controls. For the quality they are very reasonably priced so I don't worry about them like I would those of three times the price. The lens covers are easy to use and made sure that spay was not a problem when not in use.
Great field and power combination. Perfect for me. thanks.

Impressions of Eagle Optics Ranger 8X32 Binocular - 02/11/2012

by Gregory from Dallas, Texas,, USA

An excellent binocular save for two features I do not like:
1. Focusing knob is too hard to turn (my binocular has just been sent back for replacement, discussed with staff)
2. Weight (I would pay more for lighter materials).

Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32 Binocular - 01/10/2012

by Bradford from San Diego

Very happy with Eagle Optics. Shipment was incredibly fast and free!

Bought these binoculars for my 6 year old and so far they are a huge hit. very happy with the quality of these binoculars.

My second pair! - 11/26/2011

by Joanne from Florida

I'd had my Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32 binoculars for 7 or 8 years and probably would never have needed another pair, but unfortunately, they were in my bike bag that I left on top of my car...yeah. I urgently needed another pair as I use them every day. I did a little comparison shopping, but decided that perfection could not be improved upon, especially at that price, so I ordered another pair just like the lost ones.

And sure enough, they too are perfect for birding, butterflying, and observing nature from my kayak.

I'm so glad that model was still available.

The perfect glass for the perfect price - 10/25/2011

by Ivan from Colorado and British Columbia, Canada

The Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32 Binocular is simply the best binocular for the money for almost any situation. I use a pair of Swarovski EL 8x32 Binoculars for the most serious birding. They are spectacular, but I would never want to put them at risk. The Ranger 8x32s, at less than 1/5th the cost, come everywhere with me. Of course I can tell the difference, but the Rangers are so good I virtually never miss the Swarovskis! They live in the car. They get thrown in my pack. They get lent to friends. Two pair came sailing all summer. One stays on deck at all times and goes ashore in the dinghy. The other pair stays below out of the salt spray as a backup. I've always said that if I lose one of the Rangers I will be very glad it was not the Swarovskis. This summer it happened. One of the Rangers went over the side. They sink! But they are affordable enough to replace.

There are always differing opinions about binocular dimensions. 8x32 is a perfect dimension for the vast majority of situations. You think you need a larger objective lens? You want a larger exit pupil? You think you need higher magnification? Knock your self out. Spend more money. Suffer more weight and shallower depth of field. Here are some interesting considerations: If you are over 50 your eye pupils will not dilate to over the 4 mm exit pupil provided by 8x32. You are just throwing money and light away with a larger exit pupil. If you are over 50 you probably can't hold 10x glasses steady enough to utilize the increased magnification in most situations. I love the wide field of view and the depth of field of the Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32 binocular, not to mention the spectacular close focus. When all is said and done, they are sharp, crisp, clear, light, convenient, rugged, and, replaceable if necessary. Of course, Eagle Optics will repair/replace them if all you do is destroy them. But even if you drop them into the ocean it is likely that they can be replaced.

I love my backyard...and binocs!!!! - 07/03/2011

by MJ from Athens, Ga

I am newly retired and spent the early spring looking at all the activity in my back yard--for my birthday in May I bought my first ever pair of binoculars. I wear glasses so googled "birdwatching" and "glasses" and found several reviews. For beginners who didn't want to spend $1,200 both sites recommended the ones I purchases from Eagle Optics. I didn't know how much I was missing until I got them!!!!

Great Binoculars - 06/27/2011

by barbara from lexington park md

I asked a birder friend to recommend binoculars as a gift for my husband. They arrived quickly and he loves them. Best ever and we have five different brand of binoculars!

Binoculars for bird- and insect-watching - 06/05/2011

by Vera from Wisconsin

I got the Eagle Optics Ranger 8 x 32 binoculars for casual birding and insect-watching. I was going to order the SRTs, but delayed until I could get certain specs (see below). When I finally got the answer, the SRTs weren't available, so I got the new, improved Ranger 8 x 32 (non-SRT) instead.

I am very happy overall with these binoculars. Although they're much heavier than my Nikon Diplomats (which I lost), they're relatively light weight compared to many other high quality binoculars. They also gather more light, and, being both armored and water-resistant, and roof prism rather than porro, are probably more durable than my old Nikons, and I feel comfortable using them in a canoe (if tethered to me or the canoe).

I especially appreciate the close focus of these binoculars. Of the smaller binoculars currently made that I tried and/or researched, only REI's 8x21(?) could focus as close as 3 feet.

The interpupillary distance on the Eagle Ranger 8 x 32 binocs is barely close enough for me, at 58mm. I really need 56 - 57mm. When focused about 4.5' or further, I see only one image, but when focused closer than about 4.5', the images seen by each eye remain separate. To use the close focus, I need to shut one eye.

I suggest that Eagle Optics include the range of interpupillary distance in the specs for their binoculars. I learned, from trying the REI binocs, that this varies, and is very important. If the two barrels of the binocs can't come close enough together, I see two somewhat overlapping images instead of a single image. My friend with wide-set eyes needs a long interpupillary distance. I called Eagle Optics to get the minimum measurement, and had to call again, with specific directions on how to measure, to get a precise enough measurement to risk ordering the 8 x 32 Rangers.

I am very impressed with the optics, quality of construction and ease of use of the Ranger binocs. I would recommend these to others with similar objectives, but first check whether they fit the distance between your eyes!

Solid binoculars - 05/25/2011

by Thomas from Cedar Rapids, IA

I was looking for a binocular pair especially with close focus for butterflies. With this 8x32 pair the focus goes down to 3 feet, making an excellent all-around pair for those interested in close-up viewing too. Besides their great clarity, their smaller size makes for easier handling in the field, and the padded neck strap is a nice touch.

Perfect! - 05/17/2011

by Kathlyn from Traverse City, MI

Finally, I have found a great pair of lighter and smaller binoculars that are not a compromise. I have just returned from five days of birding, mostly viewing warblers. Maybe it is the new dielectric coating, but I can't tell any difference from my older Ranger 8 x 42's in light gathering. Toward dusk I could pick these up to still see color on birds that I could no longer view with just my eyes. These will be my main binoculars now. I use my Ranger 10 x 42's for hawks and shorebirds, etc., but these are great for all around use.


by A Weaver from Richland, PA

I just recently bought a pair of Eagle Optics SRT 8x32. I have been wanting a good pair of binoculars for a long time. I finally send for a pair that I saw had excellent recommendations.
I was more than pleased. The Eagle Optics Ranger SRT 8x32 fit my price range and are great. I plan to go birding as we are now retired. I used them this winter to watch the winter birds here. I was just fascinated with the clearness of the lens and how nice they brought in the objects. I am very, very happy with my purchase and the lady that I spoke with over the phone was very friendly and most helpful. I plan to buy a pair for my husband in the near future so he doesn't keep swiping mine

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