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Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 Binocular

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A nature enthusiast's desire to provide others with quality optics at a reasonable price resulted in the long-popular Eagle Optics Ranger binocular. Well known for its high-performance, the Ranger now includes dielectric coatings that jump reflectivity to more than 99% across the full visible range. That means optimal light transmission and excellent color fidelity. Ranger owners especially favor the superior edge-to-edge sharpness, light weight, durable body, close focus, and affordable price. Eagle Optics provides a Platinum Protection lifetime, no-fault warranty. See for yourself why our customers love taking the Ranger on a hike down the road or a trip around the world.

Optical Features
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
Phase Correction Enhances resolution and contrast through roof prisms.
Dielectric Prism Coatings Optimize light transmission.
BaK-4 Prisms Optimize light transmission.
Construction Features
Roof Prisms Appreciated for a streamlined shape and durability.
Rubber Armoring Provides a secure, non-slip grip.
Multi-position Eyecups Twist up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Center Focus Wheel Adjusts both binocular barrels at the same time.
Right Eye Diopter Adjusts for differences in a user's eyes. Located by the right eyepiece.
Tripod Adaptable Can be mounted using standard ¼-inch threading. Adapter sold separately.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.
Fogproof Barrels are filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.
Magnification 10x
Objective Lens Diameter 42 mm
Field of View 314 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 16 mm
Close Focus 5.2 feet
Weight 21.6 ounces
Dimensions (HxW) 5.8 x 5.1 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Rainguard
  • Tethered objective lens covers
  • Neck strap
  • Case

Total Reviews: 121

Average Rating:

Great Value - 01/17/2015

by Dave W from New Paltz, NY

Bought the EO Ranger (non ED) model as a first "good" pair of binos. I'm not really an expert but really happy so far, very solid feel, operation, and great optics at a great price. Can't really tell any difference between these and my sister's much more expensive pair. Like the life time warranty and online chat support I used to help with the purchase decision.

A Clearer View - 01/17/2015

by Sarah from Jacksonville FL

I recently purchased the Ranger 10 X 42 and could not be happier with my purchase. I have an interest in birding. This is the first decent pair of binoculars that I have owned and what a difference they have made. The clarity and ease of use are just great. I am now able to see markings much better. Actually I see everything much better. I can highly recommend these binoculars.

A Good Buy - 12/21/2014

by George G. from United States

Very nice finish on this binocular. Easy-to-use focus wheel and diopter adjustment. The eye relief is just sufficient to use with glasses. Very light and easy to hold steady despite the 10x spec, and I've found that higher power a real advantage in some circumstances. Strap is comfortable and caps work well. View is very sharp and clear with a large sweet spot. Minor color fringing on difficult targets, such as bare twigs against a bright cloudy sky. But no significant chromatic aberration beyond that. Colors are very true, and I've had a great time identifying birds with them. Haven't had a chance yet to do any astronomy with them, but I can say these are a big step up from the cheap porros I've been using.

Brighten Up Your Image - 12/17/2014

by Jake H. from United States

These binoculars brighten your image with the ED glass. They are light weight and will travel well. I bought them for long range viewing, and so far, I am pleased with this purchase. They are a great price for a high quality binocular.

Great Buy! - 11/18/2014

by Arlene H. from Tucson, Arizona

These binoculars were a step up for me as my eyes were needing more clarity for birding. They are not heavy. So many people told me '10's are heavy'. Price was within the range I wanted to spend. I also use them for butterflies and they work well. I would recommend this binocular. This is my second Eagle Optics Ranger purchase.

Bought another pair for my wife - 08/05/2014

by Neil H. from Oklahoma City

This product was recommended to me by serious birders. I got one and was immediately impressed by the quality of the optics, convenient size, quick focus, and amenities including carrying case and lens caps. My wife really liked them, too, which led to lots of “Let me have ‘em!” and “Give ‘em back!” In an effort to prevent further marital discord, I bought her a pair of her own! I’m certain that Eagle Optics can take credit for saving our marriage.
I'd recommend these to anyone without reservation. And, they're cheaper than marriage counseling.

great binos - 07/30/2014

by julie from petaluma, ca

love the binos -- very portable, nice feel, easy to work. highly recommended for birding on the go as well as kayaking.

Best 10x42's you can find. - 07/09/2014

by Melissa A. from Syracuse, NY

Lighter than a 10x50, and amazingly clear. This pair lets in enough light when fully zoomed in that you don't lose any color, great for birding. If only they came with a harness instead of a neck strap!

My Best New Binocs - 06/03/2014

by Johnny G. from San Francisco, CA

After lagging behind my wealthier friends and their 1500 dollar binoculars, I ran into a couple of birders on a favorite trail. I had some pretty good but small "opera glasses." They showed me their's--two pairs since one bought another after the first purchase. I was impressed at how I was put right there up in the trees or across the canyon by their binoculars. They mentioned the price and I wrote down some notes. After looking at other models and reading some reviews, I excitedly bought the Eagle Optics Ranger 10 x 42. They were delivered at work and I have been like a kid at Christmas with them.
I like to bird watch, spend a lot of time in nature and am a hunter. These are binoculars that I will own for a lifetime. They are my Best New Binocs!

Fabulous Binoculars! - 05/01/2014

by Madison B. from United States

I bought these binoculars to use while TAing for my Universities Ornithology class and just for my personal use. I really love them and they were worth every penny! Super clear and quick focusing, great depth. I really love everything about them. These binoculars are a super good investment!

Up Close and Personal - 04/23/2014

by Susan E. from Johnsburg, IL

I live on Pistakee Lake with over 360 of water frontage. I finally decided to buy myself a good pair of binoculars to see Spring Migration at its best. Love these Rangers for their great value...and if by chance they do get dropped out of the boat, I'm only out $250...

Great binocs!! - 04/17/2014

by Karen H. from bocas del toro, Republic of Panama

We just ordered our third pair of binoculars! The first pair are about 4 years old and still look new. They were so good, that we sent our daughter a pair. The Nikon binoculars, which we've had about 10 years, are needing a replacement and we chose the Ranger 10x42. The birding from our deck is outstanding and the binoculars are used many times daily.

Service and Quality - 04/01/2014

by Bill B. from California

I just returned from a weekend of birding with my new Ranger 10 x 42's. Love them! I damaged an old pair of bins I had for nearly 20 years. I decided to replace them with the Rangers because my wifes old Ranger 10 x 50's are so outstanding and the one time we needed service on them it was equally outstanding. I made a good choice. I also had a service question immediately after I received the new Ranger's. The Eagle Optics service people responded quickly, and pleasantly. Once you find a good outfit it pays to stay with them. Thanks Eagle.


Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 - 03/23/2014

by Roger K. from Wichita,Ks.

These are great binoculars for the money. I think they are comparible to much more expensive ones. I am very pleased with my purchase and the delivery time was only a few days. I highly recommend them.

GREAT Glasses - 02/19/2014

by Pearl I. from El Dorado Hills CA.

Needed a new pair of field glasses after 40 years with an older pair. Eagle was recommended to me. Just got back from an all day birding trip in the Sacramento Delta. Best glasses I have ever had or even used. Clear optics Just great for finding and adjusting in on the birds. Do love them

right size - 01/28/2014

by Patricia R. from Austin, TX

I have a small face and have had binoculars which had eyepieces set too far apart for me to have an eye on both lenses - it's a measurement not included in the specs for binoculars, but critical for me. The Eagle Optics Ranger is fine for me! The focus is easy and smooth, and glare isn't a problem. Best first sighting: the red markings that put the "wax" in Cedar Waxwings.

best bang for your buck - 12/10/2013

by Thomas m from aberdeen north carolina

I have a pair of the eagle optics ranger 10x42 srt and these are the best binoculars ive ever had i have had them for 4 years and theyre just as good as day 1 ive had carl zeiss,bauch and lomb,and nikon binoculars and the ranger 10x42 have been in a league of its own compared to every thing else i love them i use mine mostly for birding and viewing wildlife and they put my $800 dollar carl zeiss to shame all day every day if you want the best pair of bino's out there and at a great price then the eagle optics ranger 10x42 is it there is no better the weight is good, focus is simple and easy,light weight,extremely durrable mine have fell in water mud rocks and there still goin strong 4 years since i got them.If you work at eagle optics and read this thank you for making such a great pair of bino's i will always buy eagle optics for the rest of my life.I swear and live by mine and you have made me a customer for life hands down great job eagle optics 2 thumbs up

Great Binoculars! - 11/19/2013

by Connie C. from Illinois

My husband and I decided to treat ourselves for our wedding anniversary by upgrading our binoculars. I chose the Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 and cannot be more pleased! They have great optics and I love the close focus. We use ours mainly for birding and other wildlife watching. I had used EO Rangers of smaller magnification in the past. They also had great optics, but I do appreciate the 10X with the ones I have now. Good weight for carrying and easy to handle. Thanks Eagle Optics!

Richard from PA - 11/16/2013

by Richard K. from United States

Great pair of Binoculars. Close focus and bright in dim light plus comfortable to use in my birding activities.

very satisfied - 09/26/2013

by Mardi M. from United States

works well for me - roof inspections - birds and with my glasses on! Really great!

Tried and Proven True - 09/25/2013

by David from Hemingway, SC

I waited until after my last trip to South America to write this review. I bought Eagle Optics' Ranger 10X42 binocs to take with me for a three month stay in South America, primarily for birding and increasing my life list. The binocs survived handsomely the rugged valet handling on the flight south. When I retrieved them, the view was still clean and crisp. The Ranger 10X42 held up through some rugged travel into the pot-holed Chaco desert of Paraguay where the temperatures ranged from 65 high one day and 95 high two days later. The Ranger binocs never failed to give sharp, clear images around the dry salt lakes, no matter whether I was observing flamingos or tiny piculets. With the Ranger 10 X42, I got good looks at 45 new species of birds in the Chaco. I ventured out on five more safaris and my new Eagle Optics Rangers never let me down. My trip north of Rio to observe seabirds was a wet one with rain almost everyday, but not once did my binocs fail me. My 2014 plans are to return to South America again, this time with my son who is a beginning birder. I will buy him the Eagle Optic Ranger 10X42 binocs to carry with him. A fine Christmas gift!

Tried and Proven True - 09/11/2013

by David D. from Hemingway, SC

I delayed writing a review about my Eagle Optics 10X42 binocs until after my recent 3 month stay in South America. The binocs made it through flights ida y vuelta from the States to Asuncion, Paraguay. The binocs made it through birding ventures to Rio's beaches late June and then to Herradura, Argentina, an IBA area. The greatest test came in the windy, sandy areas of the salt lakes near Lagunas Saladas in the wild Chaco of Paraguay during late August. Weather changed as the wind shifted from the south to the north....55 degrees one day and two days later 95 degrees. Through it all the Eagle Ranger binocs gave crisp, clear images of everything from the large seriemas and white-tailed hawks to the tiny white-barred piculets and glittering-bellied emerald hummingbirds. I love the close focus ability. It really works. I love my new binocs and plan on buying my son a pair for Christmas.

Eagle Ranger Binoculars very good for Odonata study - 08/14/2013

by bill P. from Colorado

I've been using the Eagle Ranger 10x42 Binoculars for a couple of months now and I'm very satisfied with them. I chose them because of the close focus (about 5 feet) so I can use them to study dragonflies, damselflies and tiger beetles as well as for birding. They are light weight and seem to hold up very well as I tend to be a little rough on binoculars, I wade through muddy, overgrown marshes, rivers and thickets looking for insects and birds. So far they have been the perfect binocular for me.

Our household so needed these! - 07/18/2013

by Joni B from Seattle, WA

Of course, I know that my excitement over the new binoculars may also be exaggerated by how poor our pair moving in to retirement are. Also, there is a lot of excitement over what one first views. Initially, I was looking out my living room windows. I had to get out the window cleaner and rags.

Next, we took a trip to Birch Bay and amazingly used our binoculars to observe a pair of nesting eagles. Last night, I sat at a John Haitt Zootunes concert and was able to identify all of the airplanes flying over.

Is there any doubt in your minds how happy I am!!?? My only question is are you expected to put the smaller lens protectors on the strap? Is it intentionally split on one side? I am just not quite sure about this.

Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 - 07/16/2013

by Eileen from San Rafael

Light weight, great birding binocs - comfortable strap and lens covers that stay attached

Great Optics - 05/01/2013

by Adam W. from Richmond, VA

I have really been enjoying these binoculars. They are light weight and it's easy to pick up your target. The attached lens covers make it easy to keep the lenses protected. You can focus on objects very close to you, within five feet or so. Definitely worth the price.

Impressed - 04/24/2013

by K. Saker from Indiana

The 10x42 Eagle Optics Ranger binoculars are very comfortable to hold and very bright! I am very impressed with the razor sharp image. Be sure to check out the lifetime warranty! You can't go wrong.

Great View - 04/13/2013

by Jim B. from Minnesota

These binoculars are the brightest and clearest I've ever owned. They're light-weight and easy to focus.

Eagle Eyes - 02/12/2013

by Mary from London,Ontario,Canada

Onwing my binoculars now for about 3 years it is like having Eagle eyes I don't miss a thing, as I am a birder and Nature Photographer, I don't leave home without them, even when I am just going to work I use them on my lunch time, they're the best

Ranger 10x42 - 02/05/2013

by Rory C. from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

The Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 replaced my Nikon Monarch 8x42 that I bought in 2007. I use the Ranger almost every day for birding. The clarity of the optics is excellent, although I would appreciate more depth of field. They require more turns of the focus wheel than I prefer when there is a significant change in distance. The focus wheel itself was a bit stiff, but loosened up with use since I acquired them three weeks ago. These are minor issues. Overall, the Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 are relatively easy to use and have excellent optics.

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