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Atlas Optics Radian 10x42 Binocular

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Surrounding you with the radiant details essential for discovery, the Atlas Optics Radian features all the desired optical features needed to deliver impressive light transmission and color resolution. The wide field of view will impress you with edge-to-edge sharpness found in more expensive binoculars. Eagle Optics sweetens this already great value by providing the Eagle Optics Platinum Protection unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty for the Atlas Optics Radian.

Optical Features
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
Phase Correction Enhances resolution and contrast through roof prisms.
BaK-4 Prisms Optimize light transmission.
Construction Features
Roof Prisms Appreciated for a streamlined shape and durability.
Polycarbonate Body Is lightweight.
Rubber Armoring Provides a secure, non-slip grip.
Adjustable Eyecups Twist up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Center Focus Wheel Adjusts both binocular barrels at the same time.
Right Eye Diopter Adjusts for differences in a user's eyes. Located by the right eyepiece.
Tripod Adaptable Can be mounted using standard ¼-inch threading. Adapter sold separately.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.
Fogproof Barrels are filled with nitrogen gas to inhibit internal fogging.
Magnification 10x
Objective Lens Diameter 42 mm
Field of View 305 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 15.5 mm
Close Focus 6.5 feet
Weight 23.0 ounces
Dimensions (HxW) 5.4 x 5.0 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Rainguard
  • Tethered objective lens covers
  • Case
  • Neck strap

Total Reviews: 50

Average Rating:

Happy, Happy, Happy - 07/17/2013

by Cindy from Illinois

Great binoculars for the money. I don't wear glasses and the eye relief is long enough that I don't see those annoying black crescent shapes when I look through them! They can also be adjusted so my son, who does wear glasses, can use them. Very clear and sharp near and far. Great for watching butterflies and for birding. Nice comfortable neck strap and not too heavy.
Very happy with these.

Love these! - 07/11/2013

by Ashley from Texas

I got a chance to bird with the Texas state ornithologist, and he saw my big clunky binoculars and offered to let me use an extra pair of his. The pair I borrowed were the Atlas Radian 10x42, I just loved how light they were and how clearly I could see all the birds! He then mentioned they were only $140, and comparable binoculars were over $300. I bought them the next day and love them!

Perfect for the truck - 06/30/2013

by Jeff B. from Ohio

I needed a backup pair of binoculars for work -- something that I could leave in the truck while I keep my good pair at home. These fit the bill perfectly. Right price, great optics. I would recommend them to other birders.

Up Close and Personal! - 06/10/2013

by Linda G. from Hamilton OH

I love, love, love my new Atlas 10x42 Binoculars! I take them with me almost everywhere. I just returned from Colorado and did NOT take them and boy, was I sorry because we came across a bald eagle nest and watched them hunt and feed their young and I was without my trusty new birdnoculars (what my friend and I dubbed them.) I did a lot of research before I purchased and was concerned about choosing 10x42 over the 8x42 which were often recommended. But I've experienced no trouble holding them still enough to focus on my subjects, probably because they are as light-weight as they are powerful. I'm not in love with the lens covers, however, because they often flip up on their own and cover the lens and I think I've gone blind. Overall, though, these glasses have become my new best friend!

Atlas 10 X 42 - 05/11/2013

by Susan M. from San Antonio, TX

I really enjoy these binoculars. Got to use them for the first time in Port Aransas a couple weeks ago. They are extremely clear, let in a good amount of light, perfect for spotting and viewing the warblers. They are light, easy to adjust and use.

great - 04/09/2013

by morton from felton ca

clarity and magnification are great I love these binoculars

Excellent product, reasonable price - 03/27/2013

by Mrs. B. from Bloomington, IN

We purchased these as a step-up binocular for our teenage girl. The optics are excellent and provide a very crisp, clear, bright view. My daughter is able to focus easily whether she is wearing glasses or contacts. They are also not too heavy for the (<100 lb.) user to carry comfortably or hold steady. I think these are an outstanding value!

nice - 02/13/2013

by tom m. from wisconsin

very nice for the price, lightweight good for birding.also very clear optics like them alot

Atlas - 07/11/2012

by Margaret from Poway, CA

I have used these binoculars for 2 years and am very happy with them. For the price they are very good. Have been able to use other of higher value ones but find these to be great for a new birder.

Great Bargain - 05/15/2012

by Tony from Upper Michigan

These are great binoculars. The optics are crisp and clear. Near focus is less than 12 feet. The only drawback that I can see is that they are a bit heavy. But that is a small price to pay for this quality.

High quality optics - 02/08/2012

by Garrett N. from New Mexico

These binoculars are just great! I was skeptical of their quality judging by the great low price, but after I received them I was hooked! I do a lot of hunting and the binoculars are clear and sharp throughout the entire field of view. Carrying case and neck strap are high quality!

Excellent value - 10/03/2011

by David from Shreveport LA

I am extremely pleased with the binoculars. They focus easily and have great optics. The close focus is marvelous for viewing small butterflies, etc. I think one would be hard pressed to find a better deal. I have recommended them to several friends.

Good Value - 09/30/2011

by Tony from Watersmeet, MI

Money well spent. Great near focus, light weight, clear optics, solid feel. For the money, these are very very good binoculars.

Great litte set - 09/20/2011

by tony Z from Watersmeet, MI

Great price, very good optics, fast focus, great near focus. What a bargain.

Good for Birdwatching - 04/24/2011

by Steve from Illinois

I am pleased with this pair of binoculars. They have a nice case plus rubber caps to protect all lenses from rain and dust. They give me a closer look than my other pair of binocs. With a day of practice I was easily able to locate birds through them. Focusing is easy, and I adjusted one eyepiece so that both my eyes get a clear picture at the same time.

Light, Easy and Clear - 04/23/2011

by Mark P. from Monterey, CA

I'm delighted with the Atlas Optics Radian 10 X 42 glasses. From my first handling they focused easily and quickly. Within a second I was looking at a red hummingbird about 90 feet away that I didn't even know was there!

I find these binoculars easy to carry and easy to adjust. The carrying case is a bit cumbersome to get the binocs out, but I don't keep them there except to stow away.

I use the binoculars for checking out the surf almost a mile away (or more), and to look at birds. Today I was able to check out the surf at Andrew Molera from a mountain two miles away, and I could make out the movements of two surf buddies and even the colors of their boards.

Good buy!

best buy in a long time3 - 03/18/2011

by portia galindez from upstate NY

I love my new binoculars. Focusing them is really easy and they are so crystal clear. The fact that are so light weight really is a factor in keeping a steady hand when viewing wild life. I would certainly recommend them to any one interested in a nice pair of binoculars.

Atlas Optics Radian 10x42 Binocular - 08/11/2010

by polly from sacramento, california

I have binoculars (Eagle Optics Ranger SRT 10x42) that needed the focusing nob repaired. As I worried about being without my binoculars I called Eagle Optics and purchased a pair of Atlas Optics Radian 10x42 Binoculars. The idea was that I would receive the back up pair of binoculars and send mine to Eagle Optics for repair and not be without a pair of binoculars. The new binoculars were delivered quickly but did not fit my face properly ( I have a narrow space between my eyes and the glasses would not close down quite enough). I decided to return the Atlas Optics Radian 10x42 Binoculars, send my Ranger SRT 10x42 for repair, and purchase an Ranger SRT 10x50 as back-up.... I am very happy with two pairs of binoculars and the extraordinary service I received from Eagle Optics.

I have to answer the question regarding the product purchased to have the review recorded. The product is good just did not fit me.

Atlas 10 x 42 Binoculars - 03/31/2010

by ED RISK from Northern Michigan

Great value. Absolutely meets my birding needs at 10x. No flaws or disappointments after 30 days. I have compared my Atlas 10 x 42 with my spouse`s Eagle 8 x 42 optics. I find the performance identical and adequate.


by Paul Douglass from Geneva, New York

Reasonably good optics in the upper powers almost universally mean narrower fields of view, cumbersome weight, darkened images, and that dreaded "shake" - liabilities that kept me favoring my top end 6x to 8.5x pieces for the past 30 years. But every once in awhile someone would loan me a pair of 10x's that had that little bit of extra reach. My wife would immediately hide my wallet, lose Eagle Optics' phone number, and put a block on my credit cards - sometimes for months - until the urge subsided. Years of following the birding and optics forums, looking at, and through every brand I could wrap my hands around, while simultaneously stranding the wife and kids in the car for days on end (all the while drooling gallons of spittle on optics counters) finally climaxed this Thanksgiving. I was actually on line, staring at the $149 price tag on these beauties, when lo and behold - the price fell to a paltry $109! I gaged on the hook as it sank into my large intestine!

That was midnight Tuesday. Black Friday the door bell rang. Three full days later, they're still in my hand. I can't believe it, I just can't believe it! There is no way anybody can make binoculars like this for less than $500! BAK 4 roof prisms; phase coated; Full Multi Coating in that superb emerald green finish, no smell/warm to the touch rubber armoring, three position twist up eye cups, diopter adjustment that stays where you leave it, solid as-a-brick construction - you've already read the particulars or you wouldn't be reading this. What they didn't tell you was how silky smooth and comfortably large the focusing knob is, with that wonderful, no slop, precision fit tactile feel that means it works even with the heaviest of gloves. No - it's not the one revolution close-in to infinity ratio found on some of the newer models - thank goodness! But it will give you absolute perfect focus with great depth of field adjustment every time! IPD hinge tension is perfect as well.

I am, on occasion, a thumber - I turn my binos upside down, pull my elbows in, and use my thumbs to fine tune. It's a position I find immensely satisfying and rock solid stable! The Radians have no bulge or hump on top, and the wheel is set deep enough so that even my extra large nose will slide in nicely without rubbing on a single surface! You can't do that with most of the hardware out there! And the stats EO lists are spot on (NOTE: dimension = 5 1/2" x less than 4 1/2" x 2"). Neoprene bino strap, lined cordura nylon case that allows belt loop or strap mounting (strap included), choice of flap and/or zip enclosure, and extra pockets - everything packaged with blissfully tasteful graphic badging.

The image? No - it's not an alpha. But when you get the IPD where it belongs, set the diopter, and adjust the eye cups to eliminate kidney beans, you will realize the center clarity, image brightness at upper magnification, color saturation, and linear definition will get you from point A to point B in the same way a VW Beetle beat living the heck out of a Rolls Royce. And there's a real good chance it just might save your marriage in the process.

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