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Atlas Optics Intrepid ED 10x42 Binocular

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The Atlas Optics Intrepid ED shows you details you've never discovered before. With the benefits of extra-low dispersion glass and fully multi-coated lenses for bright, high-quality images, the Intrepid ED is sure to please wherever the trail takes you. An exceptionally wide field of view makes you feel like you just stepped into the action, and the ergonomically pleasing open-hinge design allows you to easily follow wildlife for a long time. Backed with the legendary Eagle Optics Platinum Protection unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty and sold at a price you can't pass up, this is one binocular sure to carry its weight for a long time.

Optical Features
Extra-low Dispersion (ED) Glass Enhances resolution, color, and contrast.
Fully Multi-coated Lenses Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
Phase Correction Enhances resolution and contrast through roof prisms.
Silver-coated Prisms Increase efficiency of light transmission.
Construction Features
Roof Prisms Appreciated for a streamlined shape and durability.
Magnesium Alloy Body Is sturdy and resistant to corrosion.
Rubber Armoring Provides a secure, non-slip grip.
Multi-position Eyecups Twist up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.
Center Focus Wheel Adjusts both binocular barrels at the same time.
Right Eye Diopter Adjusts for differences in a user's eyes. Located by the right eyepiece.
Tripod Adaptable Can be mounted using standard ¼-inch threading. Adapter sold separately.
Design Features
Waterproof Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the binocular.
Fogproof Barrels are filled with argon gas to inhibit internal fogging.
SeeClear™ Lens Coating Repels oils on outer glass surfaces.
Magnification 10x
Objective Lens Diameter 42 mm
Field of View 342 feet/1000 yards
Eye Relief 15.0 mm
Close Focus 6.5 feet
Weight 26.6 ounces
Dimensions (HxW) 6.5 x 4.9 inches
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Rainguard
  • Tethered objective lens covers
  • Neck strap
  • Case

Total Reviews: 33

Average Rating:

Amazing! - 04/18/2016

by George D. from Jackson, WY

I only paid $149 for these binos. I feel like I just stole something. I only have one complaint. The objective lenses are in a quite shallow position in the body. Regardless, these things are incredibly sharp. I have tons of binos, scopes, cameras, etc. $149!!! Wow! Simply the best deal ever.

Fantastic Binoculars - 03/05/2016

by Dylan H. from Davis, CA

Great pair of binoculars! Got them on sale for $200 and would say that they surpass all of my friends binoculars that have cost them upwards of $300. The light gets through the lenses fantastically and I am no longer to identify birds as a general shape in the sky but rather can see fantastic details on all but the furthest birds in the sky. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to get a pair of binos for serious birding that don't want to jump up into the thousand dollar range.

Very pleased! - 02/24/2016

by Jane from Clearwater, FL

My husband and I both needed new birding binocs, and the sale on the Atlas Intrepids was too good to pass up. We were uncertain whether we wanted 8x42s or 10x42s, so we purchased one of each. After field testing, we both preferred the 10x42s. The 8x42s did provide a much greater depth of field, but the focus wheel was difficult to turn and stuck in a couple of spots. The larger image provided by the 10x42s was amazingly crisp and bright and the focus wheel turned easily and smoothly. So we returned the 8x42s for a second pair of 10x42s and now we are both happy birders.

Great products, great service, and fast shipping - 02/18/2016

by James G. from Texas

I bought these Atlas Optics Intrepid ED 10X42 for my wife to do birding. Years ago I bought her Vortex Diamondback 8X42 binculars that she just loved and a Vortex spotting scope as well. She wanted more magnification in her binoculars but did not want to add more weight so we bought the Atlas. She is very happy with the Atlas and how sharp and crisp they are. The colors seem true and bright. I bought these sight unseen and am happy I did. I knew that Eagle Optics would stand behind them if she didn't like them. She says that she likes the Atlas Optics very much.
Thank You Eagle Optics

GOOD - 01/13/2016

by Mike from PA


Great Pair of bins...For a great price! - 06/18/2015

by Cynthia A T. from United States

I needed a pair of bins quickly and inexpensively and these fit those needs perfectly! An excellent choice having not seen or touched the product before purchasing. They are crisp and clear. Even a bit better than a more expensive pair I once had, so I was pleasantly surprised. They were shipped overnight and arrived just in time as I was leaving the next day for vacation. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a nice quality item that works well and is very affordable. I use them for birding.

Atlas Optic Intrepid ED 10x42 - 12/24/2014

by Mike W. from United States

Finally replaced by my old bins. Very happy with the purchase. Excellent light gathering ability

4th pair a charm - 11/24/2014

by Larry F. from Florida

Was trying to buy my wife a pair of binoculars for our trip to Africa, she had borrowed a pair $3000 binoculars for another trip, but $3000 was not in our budget. She ordered one pair and was not happy with them, talked to someone at Eagle who suggested 3 more pair, she ordered 2 of them. No she was not happy with them either, she did not think any in the $300 was going to make her happy. I ordered the 3rd suggested pair, the Atlas ED Intrepids, from the time she lifted to her face, she was happy. They are light, clear, sharp and easy to adjust. All the others were easily returned, Eagle Optics was great. A happy wife without buying or borrowing a $3000 pair, makes me very happy. This is the 3rd pair of binoculars I have bought from Eagle Optics, and would not use anyone else.

Terrible build Good optics - 08/18/2013

by Matt J. from Charlotte, NC

I was very excited to see these binoculars on sale in Summer 2013. Needing an upgrade for a birding trip to Delaware, these seemed a sensible solution: good reviews and affordable. However as soon as I opened the box a problem was detected: the wafer protecting the eye side of the bridge in between the eyepieces fell off. However the optics quality is good, so I kept them for my trip thinking I could glue the wafer back on later. Then, at Bombay Hook NWR I was disappointed again. The plastic covering on the other side of the previously mentioned bridge had fallen off as well. Several prominent birders that most would recognize recommended to me that I send them back. However reading the fine print in the return policy I discovered they must be in new condition, and with the pieces fallen off and only 1 in my possession, I was worried that Eagle would not allow me to return the binocs. Thankfully I have heard wonders about the Eagle Optics customer service so I am trusting that they will understand and compensate me justly. P.S. The optics quality is still very good. Hopefully I just got a bad pair because I am considering exchanging mine for the same Intrepid model.

Great value for the Cost - 04/09/2013

by John K. from Florida

These are excellent binoculars. I tried all of the big-name binoculars at a birding festival before I purchased a pair two years ago. The slight differences in performance were not worth the tremendous price difference. Two years of hard use have justified my original opinion. So when I needed a back-up/loaner binocular, while the original binoculars were back at Eagle for warranty service, I bought a second pair. And the Eagle warranty service was outstanding.

Vvveeerryyy sslloooww ffoocccuus wwwhheeelll - 08/23/2012

by KGM from Alaska

This binocular is very comparable to other $300 binos. It might even be a little better optically. The CA is well controlled and I don't remember being bothered by it, but I notice it in other binoculars in this price range.
The field of view is nice and large.
Very great warranty, from Eagle Optics.
The only major flaw???? Slow focus wheel.
You might be thinking to yourself," I don't mind that. This way I could slowly focus on something until it's perfectly in view!"
Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. It's not going to be anymore in focus then if was a faster focus. Focusing slow doesn't make the binocular have more resolution all of a sudden. If you drive a golf cart very slowly, it's not going to all of a sudden become a Ferrari.
If anything, it makes it harder to focus on an object. Sometimes you need to rock something in and out of focus to nail the focus. It's hard to rock these back and forth. Especially, if you're trying to see a bird in the air. I've been trying to spot a Merlin this past year. I had two near sightings. Both ruined by this slow focus. When you have a second or two to see a bird and you have to rock the focus wheel back and forth for a second or two or three,... you're going to miss it.
That being said, Every non-birder and non-binocular person that I've showed them to are wowed by the view. I could see how a hunter would like these binoculars because they wouldn't be trying to focus on every bird they see.

Another complaint I have... the shabby vinyl case...with the velcro clasp. Why? Because they fell out once and landed on the objective lens on a hard wood floor. They work fine, but one eyepiece is jammed. Why? ... the shabby vinyl case...with the velcro clasp.

After having them for a year, and using them heavily in summer and winter, they are holding up good. The glue holding on the eye cups and the badge are starting to fail, but Eagle Optics has a great warranty, so it's OK.

Sum up:
If you want a good quality $300 bino for hunting or looking at stationary objects with a great warranty, it's a good deal.
For a $300 birding bino, I'd get the the New Eagle Optics Rangers. You get more CA and lose some field of view, but you won't lose that bird. Great warranty as well.
If you do buy these.. I'd also shell out some extra $$$ for a decent bino case.

Great Value - 07/04/2012

by sean from nh

I've had these atlas intrepid 10x42 binoculars for over a year now, and I can say that they have held up very well. I carry them in the 10x42 eagle optics case (perfect size). The optics on these are simply the best I've found at the price by a large amount. I've compared the eagle optics ranger ed, bushnell legend ultra hd, zeiss and even swarovskis. For the few hundred you pay you get close to the high end optically. The zeiss and swaros are better in many ways, but not by leaps and bounds. However, if you compare them to a $100 pair of binoculars these are better by leaps and bounds.
The rangers are only very slightly better optically, but also a huge percent of the cost more. The others are much much more expensive. The atlas optics are bright and clear with very little chromatic aberration. There is some if you know what to look for, but I haven't found a pair yet with zero CA. The colors are very true to life. There is a slight (very very slight) lean towards the orange spectrum, which is one area the rangers are more accurate in, but to an untrained eye, they probably wouldn't even know in a side by side comparison, but it is there at maybe a few percent at most. However, compared to lesser pairs this coloring is non existent.
The ergonomics are great. Very comfortable to hold and easy to hold steady. The thumb grooves are nice and the rubber is firm but not hard on the hands. The neck strap has a good amount of width for the neck unlike the common thin straps that come with most. The case is o.k., but I opted for the eagle optics case. It is a bit tougher and a better tighter fit and shape with a pocket for my lens cleaning pen.
The eye relief is very good. I have a problem with most that claim they are 19mm even, but these provide a comfortable range of relief. The twist eye cups work well and can even be twisted halfway if you're careful, but they slightly snap into a few main positions.
The only fault I've seen was the first pair that had a focus knob that failed and literally got stuck in place, but eagle optic's return/warranty is excellent and they didn't hesitate to replace them. A year later my pair sill works perfectly. This was probably more a problem with the chinese, mass produced quality control, but it is what it is. Otherwise, they seem fairly rugged.
Overall, you can't beat this value, truly. Great optics, great comfort, good size for basic stargazing, some hiking, all around viewing. The only problem is that you'll never want to look through cheaper binoculars again (really).

Very nice - 06/19/2012

by Spence from Savannah Missouri

The special you had was to good to pass up. Love the 8x42s so couldn't resist 10x42. They arrived no problem then as luck would have it the next day I got to watch a summer Tanager catch bees and Hornets. very satisfied. My problem is what do I do with so many binos?

10 x 42 Binoculars - 06/05/2012

by Harry from Jacksonville Florida

My photography instructor showed me his Atlas binoculars. The optics and clarity were impressive. I love to watch the shore birds and wildlife on the river flowing past my back yard. I love sharing what I see with my wife who needs glasses. The other day I showed her the Atlas binoculars I had purchased. With our old binoculars she often had trouble with focus and clarity. With the Atlas binoculars she was immediately able to see the birds clearly and quickly. They are lightweight, easy to focus and great for bird watching! Thank you Atlas!

I got exactly what I asked for - 03/18/2012

by Steve from Indianapolis IN

I decided on Thanksgiving weekend to give birdwatching a try and Eagle Optics was recommended to me by a person that I know to be experienced with birding. Money was a major issue and I asked Eagle for the best 10X bins I could get for under $500.00
The Atlas Intrepids were highly recommended and after a lot of research I purchased. They are extremely good binoculars, crisp clear image and much better than my old porro prism Nikons. Since I bought these I have had the chance to compare them against most of the top brands and while you can tell small differences they are much smaller than the difference in price. I am convinced that you would have to spend three or four times the money to be noticeably better. I have two small points to mention one is depth of field which is very shallow but a big part of that is the 10X. Also I wish they showed color better in difficult light but those are the only quibbles. Two tips, Buy the Vortex case when you order, its much better than the one that comes with and second these are big and relatively heavy, the strap they come with is good but get a harness they swing quite a bit when actively walking.

Didn't work - 02/27/2012

by Ed from Minnesota

Bright & clear image.
Comfortable design to hold except strap attachment loops are a bit in the way for my hands.
Excellent price, for ED glass.

Defective build in the unit I tried (alignment and focus shift). Usable for only the briefest needs - returned for a refund and did not try a second unit.

Probably a good deal, maybe a really good deal, if you get a good build. I am sure that I would have kept a unit that had been precisely assembled. I opted for the more costly and better built Vortex Talon instead.

Not Recommended

Great help with product selection - 12/04/2011

by Gregory from San Francisco

I wanted to purchase binoculars as a gift but didn't know how to select the correct pair. The on-line video explanations about binoculars really helped me pick the right ones.

I decided to purchase from Eagle Optics even if the price were lower elsewhere. The video assistance, easy to use website and product guarantee sold me on Eagle.

BTW - the gift was a great success.

Amazing optics. Terrific value. Not quite perfect. - 10/01/2011

by Glenn from Pacifica, California

These binoculars replace a venerable pair of heavy porro-prism Minolta 10x42s that had served me well but were starting to show their age.

I'd been wanting a set of ED glass binoculars but could not see myself paying $500+ for that feature. I believe in the law of diminishing returns that you will get relatively less value the more and more you continue to spend on items like binoculars. So when I heard of this model was on sale and had all the good reviews that they'd gotten on this site, I was very interested.

So I'd already been impressed with a pair of Atlas 8x42 Radian binoculars which I found, much to my amazement, better in optical clarity than Vortexes that cost double. How would their more expensive cousins compare?

The Intrepid EDs are green, clad with a smooth rubber armor, no ridges or anything fancy texture-wise. The only very thoughtful design touch was a pair of thumb indentations that feel very nice when holding them. Also the open bridge design actually allows you to hold this one-handed, if you had to, but more-so allows your fingers to grip the barrels in a nice, comfortable, fashion.

The focus knob is probably my only gripe about these, there is some play (probably 1/8th inch) between when you start focusing and when the mechanism actually catches. Once it does however, the focusing speed is very reasonable and I had no problems focusing near (love the near-focus: 6.5 Feet!) and far without feeling frantic about the slowness of the refocusing.

And the optics on these are so clear! To be able to get additional 25% magnification over the 8x models and still experience all the fine detail, without light loss, is exactly what I was looking for, and these did not disappoint.

As an avid birder, however, I was concerned that the 10X power would be too much (causing shakes) but this is not a problem with these. I think if they were too light or too heavy this would have been problematic but I have so far found this not to be an issue.

There are some minor negative points though that I will note: The objective lens covers (the larger far side lenses) are too loose and will come off when simply pulled from the rather cheap, black, non-logo-ed case. The twist-up/down multi-position eye-cups are comfortable enough for eye-glass wearers like me but do have some play in the mid position and less in the fully up position.

There is no manual really, just a generic single sheet of folded paper, with the requisite Italian, French, Spanish, German and Dutch taking up most of the space. There is also an attempt to provide a lens cloth, but it looks like a cheap piece of felt.

The provided neck strap is wide and comfortable but the weight of these binoculars will cause them to really swing when you are walking; a harness strap will redistribute the weight and make them more stable to use than what was provided.

That said, these are excellent binoculars for the money and if you do the research, these will have few peers that can match them for features, design and that wonderful Eagle Optics Platinum Protection warranty.

Eagle Atlas 10/42 Bino - 06/27/2011

by Nancy from Great Lakes Region

I always wanted a really good pair of optics, but could never find the extra thousands of dollars needed to buy the swarovsky class. I want you to know that since I bought the Atlas pair, I will never have a need to purchase the overpriced
European style optics.

I love these. I not only use them for birding, I use them for hunting. Their light gathering ability at dusk is excellent.
I have also used them now for about 6 months and I feel the quality and durability of the case is great.

I am never without them.

great optics! - 04/22/2011

by Cloe from Maine

The Atlas 10x42s have superb optics! No color distortion. Good for far and near. Sturdy. They are fairly heavy, but that is no problem with a harness rather than a neck strap. I highly recommend them.

good nocs - 04/18/2011

by alex from fresno, california

love them- sharp, bright colors, not heavy, focus is plenty fast, had agonized over 8x versus 10x- either makes an amateur birder like myself very satisfied. have compared in field with eagle ranger and nikon monarch- all are winners. the case and lens covers are ok(i haven't lost them yet!), but then i haven't seen any case or lens covers to rave about- but that's not why i bought binoculars anyway. bottom line- i love to use them!

My second Pair - 04/03/2011

by Thom W. from Harrisburg, PA

Well, what more needs said, The 8x42s were so nice that when I wanted 10x42s, I bought another pair of Intrepids ED. I wish they made a 12x50. If you're fussy about the case and objective lens cover, you'll be disappointed, so buy an Eagle Optics or Vortex case and covers. I love these glasses, and bought another case.

Atlas Optics Interpid Binocular- well made - 02/27/2011

by Scott from Austin Texas

I compared with binoculars that sell for a thousand more (Swarovski) Clarity and focus seems just as good.

Like Night and Day - 02/26/2011

by Tom C from Ocala FL USA

I have been test-driving this item for a month in all lighting conditions and I am as happy with this as I was unhappy with my previous purchase, the Vortex Vixen 8.5 x 50, which I also reviewed. For the first time I am the guy on the field trip showing the beginners what decent optics have to offer. I am unable to detect any chromatic aberration with these EDs and, like the Vortex Viper, all the technical/manufacturing aspects of this bino are top notch, with a couple of differences. First, the carrying case, as you will read elsewhere, is an afterthought at best - I will be shopping for an after-market case. Second, the open design, while not evident from the illustrations here, is far superior to the close-set Viper design and feels as comfortable in the hand as a wide-set porro prism model. If you don't "palm" the barrels but hold your optic in the fingertips, then this will not matter. If you have man hands, it will.

Atlas Optics Intrepid vs Ranger SRT - 01/16/2011

by Edward from Central FL

My wife and I ordered and tested both the Atlas 10X42 and the Ranger 10X42. The Ranger was little shorter, little lighter, and $100 cheaper, but the Atlas felt better, has a better view, and smoother focus control. The Ranger has a much better users manual. The Atlas manual is a joke.

Great So Far - 12/04/2010

by Mike from Utah

I was looking for a new set of binoculars to replace my Nikon Travelite III 10x25 compacts for birding. I did a LOT of research on paper and emailed customer service with a list of questions (which they promptly answered). They indicated that the Atlas' had the best optics among a list of binoculars < $400 I sent them, including the EO Rangers and Nikon Monarchs.

I decided to order two pairs - these and the Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42 to compare them side-by-side and return the one I didn't keep.

Eagle Optics - Smaller, lighter, fairly good resolution; had trouble getting them adjusted to create a clean circle of light (vs. crescents); noticed significant purple/green fringing from chromatic aberrations on high contrast subjects (like the edge of snow drifts), even in the center; some visual blurring around the edges

Atlas - longer, 5 ounces heavier, felt sturdy/solid; noticeably clearer and lighter picture; significantly less purple green fringing; cheaper carrying case though

I've only had them for a day, so we'll see how they work over the next few months...I'm also happy to report that snow is now 'white' with my new binoculars (instead of cream-colored on my old Nikons).

I Returned Them - 04/24/2010

by Ernie Priestley from Seattle

Poor fit and finish, slow focus wheel. Bought Eagle Optics Ranger binos several years ago for about the same price and loved them. Was hoping for the same quality, but was disappointed.

best kept secret - 04/21/2010

by thomas irwin from maryland

i purchased the 10x42 atlas intrepid bionocs at the suggestion of the eagle sales person. some years ago i bought a pair of celestron ultima 10x42 porros. these glasses i loved. the field is 347 ft. and the optics are very adequate. i tried to replace them with nikon 10x42 monarks and was very dissapointed. then i tried celestron 10x42 ultima roof prisms, no go. now i have used the intrepids for a month. optics are exellent, field is just what a birder or any binoc user desires. i was warned of focus slowness, not a problem. these atlas glasses may be the best kept secret i ever encountered. thanks for the tip.

Atlas Optics Intrepid ED 10 X 42 binoculars - 04/13/2010

by Ron Case from Lincoln, NE

I had an inexpensive pair of 8 X 40 binoculars that were so so. I am very impressed with the Atlas Intrepid binoculars for viewing cranes and backyard birds. They are easy to hold. I was afraid of the "jiggle" factor with 10X binoulars. I highly recommend these binoculars. They have met my expectations.

Best birding binocular for the money - 03/29/2010

by Bob Bonestroo from Colorado Springs, CO

This is by far the best binoculars I have ever had, and I have had many over the years. The instrument fits like a glove in the hands, and the ED glass is clear and bright. I highly recommend them!

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