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Vortex Lens Pen

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Get rid of smudges, dust, and fingerprints that blur the best of views. The Lens Pen gives you everything you need in a small, lightweight package.

Protect and maintain the brilliance of the lenses in your binoculars, spotting scopes, and cameras in two simple steps:

  1. Remove solid particles from lens surfaces with the retractable, high quality natural hairbrush.
  2. Gently clean the lens with the rounded chamois leather pad – impregnated with a specially formulated non-liquid cleaning compound.

Note: Laboratory testing proves that the Lens Pen outperforms other products in removing the most common lens surface contaminant – oily fingerprints.

For tips on how to use cleaning tools, read Cleaning Your Optics.

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Pros and Cons of the Vortex Lens Pen - 08/19/2015

by Kristy R. from NJ

I just purchased the Vortex lens pen to use on my personal binoculars, but I also currently work for a nature program. I have found that the pen is excellent for removing extreme amounts of sand, fingerprints, and bugspray splatter from optics that get lots of abuse. The price was similar to that of liquid -and-cloth cleaning kits, but I like that it is more compact, better able to reach around the edges of dirty lenses, and has such a gentle brush. I do not like that there is no cap to protect the brush bristles when not in use (they slide in like a click pen, but the end is open. ). I will be traveling with my binoculars so the fact that the pen uses a non liquid cleaning compound is nice because it is one less thing to worry about fitting into a carryon bag.

lens pens are a necessity on the beach - 07/21/2015

by Luanne J. from United States

Our field staff monitor beach nesting birds, and we all carry a lens pen in our backpacks to remove sand and keep our binoculars in good working order. These lens pens are easy to use and affordable. The only downside is that the cap falls off easily.

Convenient, simple, effective - 03/06/2015

by Robert S. from Mukilteo, WA

This is a compact and convenient tool for cleaning your lenses. They seem to work very well and be just as advertised.

Classic lens pen - 01/22/2014

by M Grant from New York State

Nothing beats these lens pens for cleaning binos.

Can't do without - 08/27/2012

by Ray from Olympia, WA

When I first saw these I was concerned about using an unknown gadget to clean my expensive glass so I tried it on my cheap travel binos first and convinced myself that my Swaro Scope and Vortex binos wouldn't be harmed. I keep one of these in my bino case and another with the scope and use nothing else to clean them with. They are sold under various brand names for pretty much the same price. Just be sure you get the authentic LensPen not a cheap knock-off which could be harmful to your optics. The only down side is that there is no cover over the brush side and if you touch it with your fingers you transfer oil to the brush and smear the lens. Of course the cleaner side takes care of it but still it's a pain in the neck they could correct with a proper cap on both ends. Be sure to always use the brush first to get any grit off before you apply the cleaner. When the cleaner compound runs low put the cap on and turn it a half turn to reload. Be gentle. You aren't scrubbing and it's absolutely safe for any optics including your camera and eyeglasses.

Can't do without them. - 08/14/2012

by Curtis from Kentucky

I don't know how I got by before I got these pens. (I bought two, want to make sure I have these handy) The brushes are fabulous and the cleaning end works great. I use them on my eyeglasses sometimes even.

Clean your glass - 07/10/2012

by RotDoc from Central Washington State

I had wanted a lens pen for about 15 years, but never sprung for one until getting a Vortex Lens Pen (actually, I got two). The nice thing about a lens pen is that it has what you need to keep your optics clean in an easily transportable package. The Vortex Lens Pen has a good soft brush on one end and a felt wiper on the other. It does what it is supposed to do. I'm happy with it.

Best Cleaning System - 04/10/2012

by Jack Z. from Berkeley, CA

I first saw this pen being used in the field and it was offered to me to try. One try was all I needed, I immediately bought one at the next opportunity and always have it with me. I've cleaned a lot of lenses with it and it's still going strong. It's the fastest and easiest method, plus it really gets the lenses clean. You first gently blow while you brush off the dust, then turn the pen around, retract the brush and remove the cleaner cap. Then breath on the lens to moisten it, and then just wipe it in a circular motion with the cleaner. Oils and films disappear and the lens sparkles. I keep thinking I'll buy two when this one degrades or gets lost, but it's been a couple of years and it's still going fine. I should get one just for my reading glasses!

Handy and Efficient - 03/04/2011

by Thom from Harrisburg, PA

Why pay all that money for a nice pair of binoculars and not see the optimum possible. This is a great little tool. Easily slides onto your shirt pocket, case, harness or strap. Works well and seems to be well constructed. I'm sure Eagle Optics cleaning pen is just as good quality and is the same price, I just happened to like the blaze orange slide button. I'm going to get another when I make the next order. Much nicer and easier to work with than a cloth square. Highly recommended.

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