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Vortex Diamondback 42mm Binocular Custom Molded Case

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Vortex brings together rigidness for extra protection and flexibility for easy packing in this deluxe case. Originally designed for the Diamondback, this case will also fit many other 42mm binoculars. Interior measures approximately 6.75 x 6.0 x 3.25 inches.

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Nice, but slightly flimsy - 01/05/2011

by Guy from North Carolina

When I saw the "Molded Case", I thought this is just the thing for taking binoculars on trips. When my old ones were tossed into the luggage, they always seemed to get the alignment, diopter setting, and intra-ocular distance messed up, so I had been looking for a nice hard case to put the bins in before chucking into the luggage or backpack.

This case is less protection than I had hoped, though, primarily because it is much too flexible, both in the material itself, and the zipper closure of the two halves. I was expecting a hard case such as you get for a pair of glasses, that snaps shut with a spring and you hear a loud clack when it hits shut. I would have liked that much better, but this product has a zippered closure that can flex so much that the two halves overlap by almost an inch! It still provides more protection than nothing, but I'll have to watch the weight and tightness in the packing.

Could have been made much better for not much more $.

Different and secure - 12/11/2010

by Glenn from Pacifica, CA

This is a molded semi-solid clam shell-like case that is different from the standard pouch-and-flap models that seem to come with almost all binoculars today.

The case has a molded nub on one side that centers your binoculars when you put them in. There is enough room for a few thin items like a cleaning lens pen/cloth but not for much more.

It would probably serve pretty well to prevent light shocks to the binoculars but it is not really padded for heavy shock. There's enough room for the them to move and shake when the case is closed, so this is not a snug case; but then neither are most others. All in all, pretty nice protection.