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Vortex Binocular Tripod Adapter

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Enjoy longer hours of watching wildlife with the steady support of a tripod for your binocular. Now you can make the connection quick and easy with this tripod adapter from Vortex. The ¼-inch threading at the top of the adapter attaches to most tripod adaptable binoculars, and the standard 1/4" threading on the base fits directly onto most tripods and car window mounts.

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Two benefits over most tripod adapters - 01/12/2016

by WayneChicago from Chicagoland

In particular, I like two things about this tripod adapter that I bought from EO: (1) it has a thin profile, almost like a butterknife in thinness, so it slips neatly between the ocular tubes of most binoculars, and (2) it has a small base footprint so that it can fit nicely on even small tripods, or tripods with a small platform. In my case, I use my binoculars on a DSLR-rated GorillaPod with ball head in my backpack. This popular tripod has a rather small, detachable mounting platform; the Vortex tripod adapter fits on it perfectly. I encourage anyone interested in this device to check out the brief video by Ben, from EO, showing it to get a feel for its size and shape. Hope this review can help someone. :-)

It's OK - 06/26/2013

by tom from joliet, IL

But I returned it because it didn't have a hole for the anti-twist peg on the quick-release plate, just the one hole for the main screw. Like another reviewer mentioned, I had to use needle-nose pliers to get at the tightener. Not a big hassle, and it does attach your Vortex to the tripod.

vortex bino tripod adapter - 04/30/2013

by Jason from oregon

great product if you have never looked through you binos on a tripod give it a try. works great

Good adapter - 02/26/2013

by Michael from Massachusetts

The vortex binocular tripod adapter is well built and attaches easily to both the binocular and tripod. Matches the vortex equipment color scheme.

Vortex Binocular Tripod Adapter - 02/20/2012

by Craig from Stockton, CA

Overall this is a good and inexpensive means to mount your shorter optical tube binoculars to your tripod. However, the issue I experienced is in relation to the longer optical tubes of the Viper HD 10x50 where the small plastic knob that fastens the tripod mount to the binoculars is intended to extend out in front of the objective lenses so you can grasp it with your thumb and forefinger and tighten, but since my Viper HD 10x50 binoculars have longer optical tubes this fastening knob does not extend out in front of the objective lenses and is instead constricted in-between the two tubes that are already very close together and it is very difficult if not impossible to adequately tighten this mount to the binoculars.

Very Functional Adapter - 06/03/2011

by Bob H from Minnesota

Very functional will work with just about any standard camera mount thread binocular.

Great tripod adapter - 03/11/2011

by Michael from Brooklyn NY

I wanted a tripod adapter that was very slim and able to clear the tight squeeze between large objective housings, because I have a somewhat narrow interpupilary spacing. These are nice and slim, made of solid metal and fit the bill perfectly for my Vipers, my Swarovski 10x42SCL and my 8x43 and 10x43 Bushnell Elites. Unlike some others I looked at, the tightening knob is not too big to fit the tight tube spacing that results when I adjust for my eye spacing.

Nice Tripod Adapter - 11/04/2010

by Robert M. from Chico, CA

Solid metal and well engineered. Perfect for small and medium size binoculars. Works great on my Fury binoculars.

Vortex Binocular Tripod Adapter - 05/06/2010

by David Fuseler from Hollywood, SC

The adapter fits nicely between the binoculars and a tripod, steadying the binoculars for viewing. But the knob for tightening is between the lens, making it very difficult to tighten. I had to use a pair of needlenose pliers. Perhaps if the knob had been extended past the lenses it would have been more usable. But, however, it does do as it is intended to.

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