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Vortex Binocular Rainguard

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The Vortex Rainguard easily attaches to the strap of your binoculars so it's always ready to protect the ocular lenses. This rainguard is made for binocular eyecups of approximately 39-43mm in diameter. Made of rubber that stretches slightly, the exact fit can vary.

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Great for Canon 12x36 IS - 02/14/2016

by Michael H. from Houston TX

I got this rainguard on the very helpful recommendation of Laura at EO for my Canon IS III 12x36 bins. It fits OK out of the box but can be quickly modified to fit very well with the roll up rubber eyecups up or down. See my review of the Canon 12x36 IS III for suggested modification.
This guard is very stoutly constructed of high quality rubber and obviously works well with numerous other models given all the positive reviews.

fit my Pentax 10X42s well - 01/13/2016

by Brian from Tucson, AZ

These rainguards fit my Pentax WP 10X42 binoculars quite well. They have a pretty deep cup though, so they made the binoculars larger (and thus a tighter fit in the carrying case). I bought a second pair and modified them slightly to use as objective lens covers for a pair of 10X32 binoculars as well.

Monarch 7 Fit - 01/09/2016

by WayneChicago from Chicagoland

My 2015 model Nikon Monarch 7 binoculars, 8x30, come stock with the worst fitting rain guards I've ever experienced. Hard plastic that are grossly oversized and fall off easily. I thought Nikon had packaged the wrong rain guards in error until I read online that others have had similar issues (Nikon, shameful).

EO to the rescue. These Vortex rain-guards are pliable soft rubber and feel premium compared to the Nikon-supplied guards. The Vortex guards are still a touch loose on the 8x30s, but I can turn them upside down and they at least don't fall off. They are deeply cupped and very protective. If someone wants to replace their Nikon Monarch 7 rainguards, and wants them easily on and off without a struggle, these are great. For those that prefer tight-fitting rain-guards, these may be a touch too large. Hope that can help someone. Thanks.

great replacement - 09/19/2013

by Jim from kingwood

Lost original eye lens cover for bushnell 7x35 custom. These fit perfectly and are outstanding quality.

You gotta have this - 05/15/2013

by The Other Jim Hargrove from Oakland, CA

Rain guards, or as they now seem to be known, food guards, are essential accessories for your binoculars. We all know that we don't let a little inclement weather slow us down. We're REAL birders, right? So protection against the rain (and crumbs from Power Bars) is necessary.

Alas, the guards supplied with most binocs have tendency to turn into TWO guards over time as the middle connector wears out. This replacement is much better engineered than the original, and easily worth the cost, for at least two reasons:

First, the cups are larger and better fitting than the ones that came with my binocs. They won't come off when you don't want them to.

Second, the middle hinge, the part that breaks most often, is designed to resist wear.

Now, if some design genius would just figure out how to connect them to the strap of a "bird bra" they would be perfect. Until then, they are the best around.

GREAT replacement - 03/21/2013

by Russ from Washington state

I have a Nikon Monarch ATB 10x42. Nikon's eyepiece cover is a joke. I quickly sought something better and, based in part on other reviews, went with the Vortex Rainguard. Here in the Pacific Northwest (ie rainy) I use my binocs frequently, sometimes for 6-8 hours during weekly scheduled birding walks. The Rainguard stays tethered to binocs as I often need to add/remove them during wetter birding walks. The caps are tapered and the rubber is pliable enough to readily fit on/off SECURELY. These are a huge improvement over the original Nikon eyeguards. I've had these for over a year of heavy use and couldn't be happier.

Must have for Nikon mid-sized binoculars! - 10/21/2012

by B. Dymott from San Luis Obispo

I bought a pair of Nikon 10x36 binoculars and based on reviews here bought the Vortex rainguard. They are ideal for Nikon mid-sized binocs, flexible, grip well and fit perfectly. This is the least expensive site to purchase the Vortex rainguards, service also great. Toss the terrible eyepiece cover that comes with the Nikons and get these, you will be so happy with them.

Good Quality, good fit for 35-43mm - 09/26/2012

by Osage A. from Memphis, TN

These are quality rubber-type rainguards not hard plastic, and they have a taper to them so they will fit from about 43mm down to about 35mm oculars, outside diameter measurement. I only wish both the right and left side attachments were unbroken so you could choose how you want to attach them - as it is you have no choice but to attach them on the left side.

I wish Eagle Optics would include inner diameter measurements for all the rainguards they offer, it would be much easier to decide which to buy...

great fit - 09/09/2012

by Barrington from san luis obispo, ca

After reading other reviews I bought these for a pair of Nikon Monarch 10x36 binoculars I bought on Ebay that did not have lens caps. They fit perfectly and are much better quality than the ones I have on my Nikon Prostaff 10x25 binoculars. By the way, they do not fit the compact binoculars, only my mid sized Monarchs.

unbelievable customer service - 03/21/2012

by Joe from Kingsley, Michigan

I called looking to order a Vortex Rainguard and a pair of Vortex objective lens covers for my Nikon Trailblazer 8 x 42 binoculars. The sales rep looked to see if they had my binos in stock. He then proceeded to tell me he would call me back the next day because he wanted to personally try different covers to find the perfect fit. Wow!!! I was floored. The next day he called and we sealed the deal. Three days later they arrived and fit perfectly and the quality is great. Hunting is a part of life here in northern MI, and I am telling everyone of my great experience. thanks again

Love these! - 01/19/2012

by Marion from Oklahoma

We have two of these -- one that came with my Vortex Viper binocs, the second to fit over an older pair of Nikons. For the Vortex binocs, I absolutely love them -- best thing since sliced bread. No more lost lens caps and resulting frustration. And using a small aluminum carabineer to clip them to the strap's ring attachment to the binocs, they are quickly out of the way when I rip them off to spot a bird or other wildlife.

The second pair on the Nikons is not a great fit, but keeps melting ice cream off the lenses, so worth it.

I would highly recommend these. They have not shown any deterioration in the 9 months I've used them.

Fits Nikon Monarch ATB perfectly - 08/05/2011

by Jefro from California

If you have a Nikon Monarch ATB binocular, this is the one cover that fits perfectly. This should be the rainguard that comes with the Nikons.
Just take the original cover and throw it in the trash where it belongs, then buy this raincover.
Thank you Vortex for a great product.

Excellent for Nikon Monarch - 03/21/2011

by David from Los Angeles

Fits perfectly over my Nikon Monarchs. It's an excellent alternative to the loose rainguard that shipped originally with it.

good service - 12/21/2010

by Kent from Kearney NE

I needed a rainguard for a pair of Scheels binos, I gave them the size of the eyepiece, and they sent me a perfect fit.

Excellent for various sizes of binos - 08/19/2010

by Patrick from San Diego, CA

I got two pairs of these rainguards to replace the lost eyepiece caps on a pair of newer 7x50 marine binoculars and on a 1960s-vintage pair of Nikons. The rubber is soft and sticky, and the cups are tapered, so that they fit both pairs beautifully. If you are worried about sizing, the design of these eyecups makes them able to accommodate different types of binoculars.

Fits and keeps rain off - 06/05/2010

by Jeff Moore from Merrill, WI

I purchased this rainguard to replace the original that came with our Nikon Monarch binoculars. It seems to have done the trick quite nicely. The fit is adequate and it keeps the rain (and dust, crumbs, etc.) off the lenses.

Rainguard works just fine - 03/29/2010

by L LIghty from Placerville

The rainguard fits tighter and more securely than that provided with the purchase. I am very pleased with them.

Rainguards stay on! - 03/29/2010

by Melissa from California

These rainguards actually stay on my vortex binoculars. The ones that came with the binoculars constantly would fall off. These stay snug and don't come off until I want them off!

Stays On - 03/29/2010

by Harry Newell from Rockport, MA

Yup, this one stays on nicely, and I don't even have it threaded to the strap.

Fit Canon 12x36 IS II 5º perfectly - 01/04/2010

by Candace from Connecticut

I love my new Canon 12 x 36 Image Stabilization Generation II binoculars, but they came with individual eyepiece covers that don't even fit properly with the eye cups rolled down for use by a glasses-wearer. I ordered this Vortex Binocular Rainguard and was very pleased to discover that it fit the Canon binocs perfectly — even with eyecups rolled down.

The rainguard threads nicely through the binoc's original strap and looks like it came with them. It's so much easier to keep eyepieces smudge- and detritus-free with a proper rainguard, and the Vortex does the trick beautifully.

Doesn't fit Steiners..... - 11/09/2009

by Stan from South Dakota

This is a well made rainguard but it will not work on Predator 8x32 with the winged eyecups. It does fit my Swarovski binos.

Best I've used - 07/01/2009

by Ken Anderson from Pullman, WA

This is hands-down the best rain guard I've found. It seats firmly over the eyepieces and stays there until you pull it off. The soft rubber conforms to a wide variety of eyepiece shapes and sizes, and best of all it actually does an excellent job of keep rain and other debris off the lens. I like these so much that I replaced ALL 8 of my other rain guards (from various, high-end manufacturers) with the Vortex.

A really good product - 03/22/2009

by Joel Wilcox from South Florida and Downeast Maine

After losing a couple of standard rainguards, I tried this one, and it is definitely the answer. The tapered shape means that it fits snugly enough that there is basically no chance of it coming off accidentally. BTW, removing the lugs (for straps) makes it more compact.

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