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Vortex Binocular Harness Strap

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When comfort is key, why not lighten your load? The Vortex Binocular Harness Strap spreads the weight of binoculars and cameras across your upper back and shoulders to eliminate neck strain. The harness strap keeps your binoculars from swinging as you stride along. Elastic straps are fully adjustable and let you move your binoculars or camera up and out as needed.

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Comfortable, all elastic straps, sag a bit with heavier binoculars - 06/18/2016

by Brian from AZ

This is a nice binocular harness. When I ordered them I didn't grasp that the entire harness is elastic, so when I'm walking at a fast pace my moderately heavy (27 oz) binoculars stretch the elastic a bit. It's only slightly annoying, and it doesn't happen at a typical birding pace. Even so, they're fine for my wife's much lighter binoculars and I will continue to use my homemade harness. I think a slightly less stretchy strap would make this harness perfect.

Great Product! - 12/26/2014

by Tina S. from Oregon

I purchased these as a gift for my husband. I was very happy with the quality of the straps and they are very easy to adjust.

Very comfortable harness strap for binos. - 11/28/2014

by Marilyn S. from Miamisburg, OH

I had to replace my binocular harness which had been stolen, and this is even better than my previous one. The straps so far have not sagged, which always happened to me in the past (I've been using some type of harness strap for about 10 yrs. now). This set carries the binos higher on my chest which I find helpful for use. Still able to use with a coat or jacket. I would recommend also buying the tab and ring connectors, very secure and looks a bit more classy than cable ties!

Vortex Binocular Harness - 11/12/2013

by Joanna S. from New Jersey

The Vortex harness is really so comfortable and easily adjustable. It really makes the binoculars feel so lightweight, and takes the pressure off of my neck. Best of all, the harness keeps the binoculars from swinging back and forth as I walk! Definitely a worthwhile purchase!

review of the vortex harness strap - 09/06/2013

by gary l. from United States

have just purchased two binoculars - one for my wife and one for me. The Ranger ED 8 x 42 binoculars. We decided to purchase the harness straps to aid in carrying the binoculars.
We're very pleased with the quality of the harness strap. Very comfortable and easy to use.

very comfortable - 06/29/2013

by CAT from Sandpoint, Idaho

These are really nice. They are very comfortable and hold the binoculars close to your chest without any sway, and are easy to lift to the eye. Like a lot of the other reviews, it does seem they could come up with better ways to connect to your binoculars. They do include several different options to use (cloth strip, key rings, or zip ties) but a quality clip would definitely be an improvement.

Best harness I've tried - 10/09/2012

by John from Louisiana

I have tried a couple of other harnesses but the Vortex is the best yet. I use it interchangably between three models of binoculars with no trouble. The construction and materials are all quality and suitable for the purpose. I know from past experience the elastic will eventually give out but I would buy the Vortex again without a second thought.

harness - 08/03/2012

by Ana from Florida

The Vortex harness makes the Atlas binoculars a breeze to carry. It is comfortable and adjustable. Thank you Eagle Optics!

Vortex Binocular Harness - 07/17/2012

by Jim from Naperville, IL

First I was sent an Eagle harness,which I sent back because the good material strap wouldn't fit through the opening on the binocular, Instead they give you a cheap plastic strap to use if the binocular opening is too small for the good one. I thought a harness made by vortex for vortex binoculars would have a good strap that would fit. Guess what, it was the same exact harness as eagle's except for the logo on the leather piece. Except for the cheap plastic connector piece, it works really well and distributes the weight off your neck and onto your back and shoulders. Much more confortable.

Great harness - 01/09/2012

by Jim from Sacramento, CA

We purchased two of these harness straps for my wife and I. I have a fairly heavy Vortex Talon HD 8x42 bino and the harness makes all the difference in the world when birding. No more neck ache. The harness gives me great freedom in moving the binoculars for viewing and is very comfortable. I highly recommend them.

Vortex Binocular Harness Strap - 05/25/2011

by Merilee from Fallbrook, CA

I love my new Vortex Binocular Harness Strap. When I go out
bird-watching, my shoulders and neck used to ache from the single
binocular strap digging into my body. With the new Vortex
Harness my neck and shoulders no longer hurt. The harness
is comfortable and allows you to pick up and put down your
binoculars easily at any time.

Fantastic - 03/18/2011

by Rosemary from Naples, Fl

Incrediblity comfortable for me and my 3X husband. Keeps our Vortex Vipers in the perfect position securely. Very nice looking.

Really glad I got these - 01/15/2011

by Glenn from Pacifica, CA

These straps might add a little bulk to the binoculars when you stow them away for the day, but are they EVER comfortable. They make the binoculars feel so light and stable. Highly recommend them for anyone with a two-attachment-point item (camera/binocular) they need to carry.

Great - 11/15/2010

by Kathy from Manning

Love the strap!!

Very nice harness strap - 10/26/2010

by Dave from Colorado

I used my harness strap during a recent hunting trip in Colorado with great results. The strap was over a heavy hunting jacket and underneath a backpack. This combination worked great. I had easy access to my Vortex Fury's and they never got in the way. It exceeded my expectations.

Vortex Binocular Harness - 04/02/2010

by Jorge from Tucson,Arizona

The harness is very well made and very comfortable to use during the 3D shoots. The branded leather on the strap gives it a very professional look.

Great harness - 03/29/2010

by Robert from Florida

I am a birder and also take video. I have used another harness for many years. This harness is great for using both binoculars and the camera. I am able to keep a steady hold with the slightly elastic straps. They are comfortable to wear and use.

Best Camera Support - 04/10/2009

by Charles Markesbery from Aurora, Colorado

I have purchased two Vortex binocular Harness Straps and use them on mine and my wife's Canon Cameras. They keep the camera steady against your chest when walking and help steady the camera when taking pictures without a tripod. I would recommend this harness to any photographer who is tired o having a camera swing back and forth as you walk. The design of the harness takes the weight of the camera off the neck and transfers it to the shoulders. Very comfortable. I intend to order another one, maybe two, in the near future for my binoculars.

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