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Vortex Binoc-Loc for Roof Prism Binoculars

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When every second counts, the Binoc-Loc keeps binoculars hinged at just the right angle for the best views! Works smoothly with most tripod adaptable binoculars with 1/4 x 20" threading.

*Patent Pending.

Note: This adapter will not work with the Eagle Optics Ranger ED or Vortex Talon HD binoculars.

  • 1/4 – 20 threading to fit any standard tripod-adaptable roof prism binocular
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Binoc-Loc Works Well - 06/05/2013

by David M. from Steamboat Springs, CO

My wife and I each purchased Nikon Edge 8x42 binoculars from Eagle Optics. While the optics are fabulous, the center hinge is a bit loose and we found that the tension from our binocular harnesses was causing the binocs to close up the width every time we lifted the binocs to our eyes.

We bought and installed a Vortex Binoc-Loc on each pair to address this issue. The Binoc-Loc was very easy to install and adjust and completely eliminates the problem we were having. Before installing the Binoc-Loc, I adjusted my binocs to the width that I liked and looked at them to get a rough idea of how wide to set the Binoc-Loc. Then I installed the Binoc-Loc - simply screwing it in snugly, but not tightly, to the binocs. Then I looked through the binocs to check the width and decided that I needed the eyepieces a little closer together. To adjust the Binoc-Loc I simply loosened the screw a bit until I could rotate the two wings one notch inward and tightened the screw again. After one or two iterations of this process, I had the Binoc-Loc adjusted perfectly for my eyes and I simply tightened the screw. Job done.

Now when we lift our binocs to our eyes, the eyepieces are never too close together. If they are are too far apart, we just pull our hands down slightly and the binocs stop at just the right width.

I occasionally check the tightness of the screw, but there is no further adjustment and no other maintenance required.

If multiple people with different interpupillary distances use the binocs, the Binoc-Loc might not be the best bet, but since no-one else uses my binocs, this product provided a simple, inexpensive, and lightweight solution to an annoying problem.

Good idea but difficult to use - 02/26/2013

by Michael from Massachusetts

I found that the binoc-loc was difficult to install and did not really work that well. In the end I thought it added very little value in usefulness.

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